Is Greg applying for the new Wyndham card? | Frequent Miler Live | Ep 17


Every other week Greg and Nick help readers learn about earning miles without flying by answering their questions about miles and points live on Youtube. With Nick handling a brand new baby, Stephen filled in a bit to help until Nick arrived. Midnight the cat attempted to make an appearance too, so it was a full cast this week.


Here are the miles and points questions addressed this week.

Click the timestamp links to open up the Youtube video and see our responses.

3:57 – ​Any tips on how to lose the Amex popup? I’ve opened three Amex biz cards in the last five months and now am getting it. Started receiving the popup when I applied for the Amex Gold 60k offer

5:30 – ​I want chase IHG, Hyatt and Marriott cards. At 4/24, then I will be waiting until the summer for the other 2. Get the 100k Marriott card or wait to see if IHG or Hyatt have better offers this fall?

9:05 – ​Hi Greg & Nick (and Stephen), love the YouTube live videos. Would you rather use your CSR to earn 3x at restaurants and use PYB to get 4.5% back or earn 4x on AMEX Gold?

13:14 – Approved for Discover It Miles card on 1/3/20. My 12th billing statement on the DIM ends on 1/16/21 and Disco Match available on 02/17/21. When would be the earliest date I could apply for my second DIM?

13:53 – ​Hi guys does Chase process multiple applications as 1 if I’m at 4/24 and apply for multiple cards (personal and personal or personal and business) on the same day? Thanks! 16:24 – ​So, are you going to apply for the new Wyndham business card? Are there really any decent Wyndham’s out there?

20:10 – ​Do you think Hyatt *should* have multiple CCs (no annual fee, biz card, etc.)? Seems like most other hotel chains have several CC options, but not Hyatt 😞

22:37 – ​Hi Greg, how long do you think one should wait to apply for World of Hyatt credit card after closing the older Hyatt card? A couple of days, more?

23:17 – ​I am reaching 17 Hyatt elite nights by the end of 2020. Since I will be close to the 20 night milestone, I have been looking into the Club Access award. Any gotchas if I want to use it in Hawaii?

25:35 – ​My wife recently got the Freedom Unlimited. Does the 5x on $12,000 grocery spend have any monthly spend restrictions, or is it just $12,000 in the first year?  

26:29 – ​Do you see value in Hyatt Cub Access awards right now? I’ve had stays in places I’ld normally use them and find value at but no clubs have been open. Will these be extended or given alternate value?

28:53 – ​Hyatt, category 4 stay. Hotel voucher or points minus 25% return.

33:28 – ​I’m sitting on a ton of AMEX MR points and am having trouble finding value in them. Any thoughts on value for domestic travel or non-travel redemptions?

37:00 – ​In regards to a mattress run ending on 1/4/2021: If going to qualify for globalist for 2021 before the year ends, how many nights would you do on the current promo/leave room for promos in 2021?

40:36 – Can I book a hotel on behalf of my parents and somehow receive points for this? (They do not care about points at all). We have Marriott and Hyatt elite status and credit cards.

43:41 – ​Hey Greg and Stephen! With Barclays recent moves (Choice and Wyndham cards), they seem to be taking travel serious again. do you think a Arrival+ return is in the near future??

48:35 – Continuing on that COVID bonus, any words on if any new ones or extension any of the current ones?

49:52 – ​We are family of 4 spouse and 2 adult kids 18 and 21. Difficult to find hyatt suites for 4 most properties have a limit if 3 adultsWhich hyatt properties have a connecting basic room to a suite?

52:20 – ​My wife and I have CSPs both about to hit renewal. Can she PC to a no fee and then still transfer the points as UR to my sapphire? 

53:50 – ​Have Citi Premiere. Going to downgrade Citi Prestige to Rewards+. Read from you guys recently that need to “pool” points rather than transfer to keep points alive. Is that still right way to do it?

55:27 – ​Do you know if Americans can open Canadian cards. Thinking of Amex Canadian biz plat

56:24 – ​We’ve seen lots of airlines promos with Alaska and SWA. Have you taken advantage of any of these promos? Is there an airline you wish would offer a similar promo?

59:35 – Your thoughts on Hyatt Prive 3rd night promo and, if you are able to, could you disclose your favorite Hyatt Prive travel agent(s) you have used for such bookings?

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