Kohls: Extreme Stacking coupons, gift cards, portals, and more

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Kohl’s is a great option for extreme stacking because it’s possible to stack:

  • Multiple coupon codes (at once)
  • Discount gift cards
  • Earn Portal rewards
  • Earn Kohl’s Cash
  • Earn Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards

Even better, Kohl’s allows you to apply many of these discounts to almost all items, even those on extreme clearance.

Kohls Extreme Stacking

Coupon Codes

This SlickDeals Wiki is a great place to look for Kohl’s coupon codes.  Kohl’s coupons usually come in two forms: percentage discount, and fixed dollar discount.  For example, you may find coupon codes that look like this:

  • $10 off $30 or more (fixed dollar discount)
  • $15 off $50 or more (fixed dollar discount)
  • 15% off
  • 20% off

You can stack percentage discounts with dollar off discounts, but you can’t stack two of the same type.  For example, you can apply both $15 off $50 and 20% off to a single order, but you can’t apply both 15% off and 20% off.

Every few weeks Kohl’s runs a sale with new coupon codes offering up to 40% off (but 15% to 20% is more typical) and the ability to earn Kohl’s Cash.  The largest discounts are reserved for Kohl’s charge card members, but they have to pay with their charge card to get the discount.  Sometimes, new dollar off coupons become available at the same time.  That’s the perfect time to stack deals!

Gift Cards

Kohl’s gift cards are almost always available at a discount through re-sellers.  Plus, they’re often on sale via eBay and other sites that offer gift cards.  Please see: Merchant gift cards, best options for stacking deals.

Note that it used to be possible to select a Kohl’s Charge Card as your method of payment in order to qualify for the best coupon codes and pay entirely with gift cards.  Now, it is necessary to pay at least a penny with your Kohl’s charge card in order to use those coupons.

Portal Rewards

You can find the best current portal offers here.  It’s usually possible to earn 5% to 10% cash back.  Also watch for occasional mileage portal deals offering 5X to 10X rewards.

Kohl’s Cash

Every few weeks, Kohl’s runs a sale with coupon code discounts and $10 to $15 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent.  It’s a good idea to wait for these sales before placing orders.

Earning Kohl’s Cash: The amount of Kohl’s Cash you earn is based upon your order total after coupons are applied, but before taxes and shipping.  If you start with a $50 item and apply a 20% off coupon code, you will not earn any Kohl’s Cash because you won’t have spent $50 after coupons.  This is true even if taxes and shipping charges pushed your total bill to over $50.

Redeeming Kohl’s Cash: Kohl’s Cash is treated more like a discount than like a gift card.  You do not pay sales tax on the portion of an order paid for with Kohl’s Cash.  Also, any portion paid for with Kohl’s Cash reduces the calculated total order amount.  So, for example, if you were hoping to get free shipping for an order over $75, you need to pay $75 or more after Kohl’s Cash is applied.  For more details about Kohl’s Cash, please see: The strange economics of Kohl’s Cash.

Yes2You Rewards

Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards program is pretty straightforward: earn 1 point per dollar spent.  Get a $5 reward for every 100 points.  Each reward has a near-term expiration date (generally 30 days from issue).

Note that payments made with merchandise credit or with Kohls Cash do not earn Yes2You Rewards.

Free Shipping

There are a few ways to get free shipping from Kohl’s:

  • Pick up in store: If the items you want are available for pickup in-store, you can avoid shipping fees while still earning portal rewards.
  • Spend $75 or more (after discounts): Kohl’s provides free standard shipping for orders totaling $75 or more, after discounts, but before taxes.
  • Use coupon code: Coupon codes for free shipping are occasionally available.
  • Order from in-store kiosk: When ordering from an in-store kiosk, shipping (to your home, for example) is free.  Unfortunately, this eliminates the option of shopping through a portal for additional rewards.


  • Kohl’s does not like people to use them for reselling.  One reader reports that Kohls shut down his Yes2You rewards account due to reselling.
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