(EXPIRED) Kroger Family Of Brands Amex Offers Giving $20 Or $25 Back On Online Orders

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There are loads of targeted Amex Offers out today that are giving $20 or $25 back when spending $40 or $50 respectively at Kroger or several of its affiliate stores. This is only valid on online orders, but represents a great way to save up to $60 on groceries.

Kroger online Amex Offer

The Deals

  • Spend $40 online at Kroger or one of its affiliate stores for pickup or delivery & get $20 back, or
  • Spend $50 online at Kroger or one of its affiliate stores for pickup or delivery & get $25 back.

Key Terms

  • Expires December 31, 2022.
  • Offer valid online only at US website kroger.com (or whichever chain your offer is for).
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside of the US.
  • Excludes third party pickup/delivery services.
  • Excludes physical gift cards and electronic gift card purchases.
  • Excludes gas stations, Fred Meyer Jewelry Stores, restaurants inside of Kroger, clinics and pharmacies, florists, and any third party services such as Redbox and Coin star.
  • Excludes picking up from Walgreens.
  • Excludes Little Clinic site and Kroger Wireless.
  • $50/$25 offer has a limit of one.
  • $40/$20 offer has a limit of three.

Quick Thoughts

These are fantastic offers if you’re targeted as they can save you up to 50% on your groceries when placing your order online for pickup or delivery. Note that this isn’t valid for regular in-store purchases.

There are loads of different deals that you might be targeted for. For starters, there are two types of offers based on spend, one giving $25 back on $50 and another giving $20 back on $40. That latter offer is potentially better because even though the statement credit is less, that particular deal can be used up to three times for a total of $60 in statement credits. I don’t know if spending $120 in one transaction will trigger all three $20 statement credits or if you can only receive one of those per order.

The other variation is based on grocery chains. There’s an offer good at Kroger, but also different offers good at many of their other affiliate stores like Ralphs, Fred Meyer, QFC, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Smith’s and possibly more.

I’m just speculating here, but these Amex Offers might be targeted based on your past in-store spending. Over the last couple of years we’ve driven from the west coast to the east coast back to the west coast and back to the east coast; we’ve shopped at all the chains I’ve listed above and have been targeted for these Amex Offers at all those chains. Kroger owns many other chains like Baker’s, Mariono’s, Pick ‘N Save and more – none of which we’ve shopped at and none of which we’ve been targeted for with these Amex Offers. It’s therefore worth checking your cards for offers for those other brands if they’re local to you in case there are even more variations of the offer.

There’s also a digital coupon giving $15 off your first $75 online purchase. That means you could save $35 or $40 on a $75 order depending on which Amex Offer version you have.

Be aware that buying gift cards from Kroger’s online gift card site won’t trigger the statement credit for the Kroger-specific Amex Offer because payment for those is processed by Blackhawk Network. There’s a chance that a different gift card-buying option might work, but I’m far from sure about that. Kroger allows you to order some gift card brands online for in-store pickup which you then pay for and activate later. I’ve never done this before, so I don’t know if the payment codes as a Kroger order for pickup or delivery or something else entirely. You can find the list of pickup-eligible gift card brands here; if you do happen to test this out, please let us know in the comments below if it triggers the statement credits.

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Jennifer Chang

Do orders via ship trigger the offer?


I see I cannot buy gift cards, but I assume alcohol in the order will be ok to trigger the amex offer?


I got the promotion spend $40 or more, get $20 back, redeemed 3x. Since I am a new customer I had $15 off first 3 orders totalling of $45. Every order the delivery fee was $6.95. It was fun to get $144.15 worth of grocery which I paid $120 for it and waiting to get back $60.

Edit : You could do pick up or delivery order, It’s just that for me unfortunately, I didn’t have any Kroger near me.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mey

I used this but it never posted on my Gold card.


Did anyone try to buy gift cards online?

Jan W

0/15 for me and P2…


I got this inferior offer

Get 20% back on purchases, up to a total of $10


DP: I’ve never shopped at either Kroger or Fred Meyer (I’m west coast based so we don’t have them here) but was targeted for offers at both.


Hey, maybe you got my targeted offer. ; ) My regular store is Kroger and I got no love on any of 8 cards. : ( Or maybe they are only targeting people with no access to a Kroger.


FYI, Fred Meyer is a west coast chain. It’s in the pacific NW.


I should’ve said California based 🙂