Last Chance Deals: Great airfare to Europe, Discounted Cash & Points, and more!



In life, we can assure you of three things: death, taxes — and a good deal doesn’t last forever. In an effort to help you take advantage of the best deals before they are gone, we are switching up the format of our previously-dubbed Deals Still Alive and bringing you Last Chance Deals to help you take advantage of the best deals before they are gone.  Following Last Chance deals will be any short-term deals we think Won’t Last Long and then our Other Limited-Time Deals separated into category-specific deals set to end soon.  As before, deals in bold were added this week.  Without further ado:


Expiring February 08

  • Transfer Bonus from Citi ThankYou to Hilton HHonors — Get 2 Hilton points for 1 Citi point, which is a pretty terrible deal unless you’re topping off an account for a specific award stay. As Hilton points generally only get 0.4 to 0.5 cents per point in value, transferring may get you less value than you would by booking through the Citi ThankYou travel portal for 1 cent per Citi point. Neither situation represents particularly good value out of Citi ThankYou points — again, unless perhaps you’re just a couple thousand points shy of a high-value award stay or — you want to book an AXON award before they disappear. Which, considering the opaque changes coming to Hilton Honors this month, might not be such a bad idea.

Expiring February 12

  • IHG Cardmembers: 15% Discount on IHG Points + Cash — My IHG account has gotten a bit low, so I may take them up on a few speculative reservations to pad my balance a bit.  Every now and then I take a last-minute trip to New York City, and points can be useful at the last minute when cash rates are high.

Won’t Last Long


Other Limited-Time Deals

Sign-up Bonuses


Shopping Portal Bonuses

Other Shopping Deals

Bank Account Bonuses


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