This is a final boarding call: Get on these deals before they take off


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Welcome to this week’s Last Chance Deals — our list of what is still alive and expiring soon as well as a collection of some of the best ongoing deals we’ve purchased. Be sure to get on board before these take off for good — deals in bold were posted this week.

Last Chance Deals

Expiring Tuesday, April 11th

Expiring Wednesday, April 12th

Expiring Friday, April 14th

Expiring Saturday, April 15th

Expires Sunday, April 16th

  • Get $300 Bonus with Chase Premier Checking: Not the highest-ever bonus on opening a Chase account, but the fact that this one can be done online will appeal to those who do not live near a brand. (Expires 4/16/17)
 Won’t Last Long
Other Limited-Time Offers
Sign-up Bonuses
Shopping/Spending Deals
Bank Account Bonuses
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