Last Chance Deals:, easy alchemy, and more


Welcome to our weekly list of what’s ending this week as well as a collection of some of the best ongoing deals around.

This week, we have some nice offers ending for spending at that provide either extra Membership Rewards points or a statement credit – don’t forget to use those by Wednesday. Also, Greg posted about some fairly easy loyalty currency alchemy — if you’re interested in the Choice-to-United bonus and you need to purchase the choice points, you’ll need to do so this week. Additionally, a number of new deals were added to the list this week, so you’ll want to skim through and make sure you plan out your attack for taking advantage of each one.

Without further ado, here are this week’s Last Chance Deals. Those are followed by deals that Won’t Last Long and our Other Limited-time Offers. Deals in bold were posted this week.

Last Chance Deals

Expires Wednesday, November 8th

Expires Sunday, November 12th

Won’t Last Long
Other Limited-Time Offers

Sign-up Bonuses / Credit Cards


Shopping/Spending Deals

Bank Account Bonuses

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