(EXPIRED) Lowe’s Amex Offer: 10% back up to $100 [Targeted]

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There is a new targeted Amex Offer out today on some business cards for Lowe’s that is good for 10% back up to $100 back. You’ll want to sync this one ASAP.

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The Deal

  • A new Amex Offer is out today that is good for 10% back as a statement credit for purchases in-store at Lowe’s or online at Lowes.com or LowesforPros.com.
  • Log in to your Amex account to add this offer

Key Terms

  • Expires 6/30/20
  • Valid at participating locations in the US
  • Excludes Lowe’s websites operated buy third-parties on behalf of Lowe’s
  • Excludes the sale of electronic or corporate gift cards

Quick Thoughts

Interestingly, this one only excludes electronic or corporate gift cards but does not say that it excludes gift cards purchased in-store. This offer is valid on cumulative purchases up to $1K in purchases (which would yield $100 back). If you’re planning to buy Visa Gift Cards at Lowe’s, keep in mind that some stores may have velocity limits. In the past, attempting to purchase $1K in one transaction led to some of the cards failing to activate (and a headache at customer service). I’d recommend splitting your purchases over at least two trips in case Lowe’s still has velocity limits in place.

This offer is targeted and we’ve only seen it on business cards, but I still wouldn’t be surprised if the offer fills up and gets pulled, so I’d log in and sync it sooner rather than later if you think you can use it. Stack this offer with a shopping portal and coupon or rebate if you’re buying merchandise from Lowe’s or use it in-store to save 10% on a wide range of gift cards. It’s worth noting that even though the offer doesn’t expressly exclude gift card purchases, Amex has been a bit more aggressive over the past year in terms of clawing back credits. I feel like that would be a stretch here since the offer doesn’t appear to exclude physical gift cards by any measure, but it’s worth noting that Amex’s reach has gone deep in recent months in terms of taking things back. I’m not personally concerned about it here, but it’s worth giving that some thought.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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[…] business card as this doesn’t appear to be available on personal cards. Having said that, the recent Lowe’s offer was seemingly only available on business cards as well, although there were reports that some […]

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Just to be clear…did the multi card sign up for Amex offers die completely in late 2018, or is there still a workaround

Al f

Died and it’s now only one per user across all cards, even w multiple logins, etc.


One of my favorite Amex offers. Buy Amazon or eBay gift cards. The Amazon GCs can be stacked with their 20% promos to buy … Lowe’s gift cards (and of course many other things, too). Too bad you can’t use Lowe’s gift cards to buy Amazon gift cards, otherwise that would be quite the GC perpetual motion machine!! 🙂


The Amex Offer only works if you put the spend on the Amex CC you save the offer on. Buying Amazon Gift Cards in a Lowe’s store using Lowe’s Gift Cards wouldn’t trigger any Amex Offer…


Nick, I have the AMEX Hilton biz card. The T&C state that the card does not offer points on gift card purchases, although I do believe AMEX will offer the 10 percent back on the purchase. This was the case the last time I used this offer to buy GCs with an offer. Something to keep in mind for others who may get this offer on their AMEX Hilton biz card.


i had it on my new green card so not only limited to business cards it seems


Saw the same on mine.