(EXPIRED) Lowe’s: Buy $200 Mastercard Gift Card, get a $15 Lowe’s Gift Card

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Lowe’s is back with one of its more popular promotions on Mastercard Gift Cards. Through April 5, 2023, when you buy a $200 MC Gift Card, you’ll also get a Lowe’s eGift Card. We assume that this will be a $15 Lowe’s Gift Card as it has been in the past, through the website doesn’t yet specify the denomination.

If you can use the Lowe’s gift card, this an excellent return as you can get effectively get Lowe’s credit for ~50% off (because you pay $6.95 or $7.95 to activate the $200 MC but get a $15 eGift card) while also getting credit card spend.

Unfortunately, Lowe’s no longer appears to be an option for card-linked offers.

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The Deal

  • Lowe’s is offering a free $15 Lowe’s Gift Card when you buy a $200 Mastercard Gift Card in-store (you must redeem the offer online after purchasing your MC Gift Card)
  • Direct link to redeem after purchase

Key Terms

  • Offer Valid until 4/5/23.
  • eGift card code must be claimed by 4/19/23
  • Must have the MC gift card to get the bonus code (you need the bar code number off the back).
  • Subject to availability.
  • No Rain Checks.
  • Limit 2 per email address.
  • See gift cards for details, terms, and conditions.
  • Product offer may not be available in all states.
  • Visit www.lowesgiftcardbonus.com to claim your bonus and see full terms and conditions.

Quick Thoughts

Note that you need to submit for the Lowe’s eGift Cards online via this redemption link and that a max of 2 Mastercard gift cards can be redeemed per email address (you can use multiple e-mail adresses though). You’ll then receive the Lowe’s eGift cards via the submitted e-mail.

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Anyone else having problems trying to register the $200 mastercard gift card at Lowes gift card bonus website? It’s not excepting the dollar amount. I tried $200 and $207.95. Also, I did not find a mastercard gift card for $200. I used the gift card where you set the amount at the register. Would this be a problem?


I struggled too. You have to enter the number on the back of the card not the 16 digit on the front. The variable mc works. The purchase price i entered was $200.


Thanks for your help Beth! I had to try several numbers that were on the back of the card and Lowes never explicitly defines which number they expect. It’s the 19 digit number under the Security Code number that works.

Last edited 1 year ago by Randy

Q2 5X Freedom categories include Lowe’s. Will the $200 MC purchase register for that?

Or does this sentence mean it will not:
‘Unfortunately, Lowe’s no longer appears to be an option for card-linked offers.’


Card-linked offers is a different thing, where you register the credit card number in advance, and then get miles at various stores. For example, here is the list from Jetblue: https://trueblueshopping.jetblue.com/instore/offers


Lowe’s is on the Freedom Q2 5x list., so wait until April 1 if you plan to do this.


Thanks, I did mention Q2. Also, DOC clarified in his article that this would qualify for the Q2 5X at Lowe’s.


Jeez – those MCs are now $7.95 for the $20-$200 cards (Visas remain $6.95).


Yes $7.95 was printed on the packaging. I didn’t attempt to have it rung up.


Here’s an image of the cards I saw at my store: https://ibb.co/s56cz66


Fyi on the last Lowes Visa deal I was somehow able to use my email address for more than the 2 card limit. Ymmv.


I just can’t follow this post.

+ You can get Lowe’s credit for ~50% off ?

+ and Jetblue rewards How?

+ a profit of ~$5-6 per card — How? On a $15 card?

+ what code?

+ it’s a great discount on the Lowe’s card. On the $15 card?


helpful. thanks for the added information.


It’s $7.95 activation fee now, at least at my store.


BETTER Lowes deal, Amex Offer Happy Cards w.Lowes $15 of $100, they show up often.
Have you ever seen Mick Dodge up there in the Peninsula?