Mandarin Oriental Launches New Loyalty Program


Mandarin Oriental has recently launched a new loyalty program called Fans Of MO. It’s free to join and potentially offers some great benefits to enhance your stay.

Fans of Mandarin Oriental

You can sign up for Fans Of MO here. There aren’t any points to earn or status levels to achieve, so it looks like all registered Fans Of MO would – in theory – receive the same benefits.

Some benefits are included with each stay, regardless of the property. These include free Wi-Fi, a welcome amenity and more.

Fans Of Mandarin Oriental benefits

In addition to those benefits, members can select two additional benefits (which they call Privileges) each time they stay. The benefits vary by property and include free breakfast, late check-out, a room upgrade and more.

Mandarin Oriental Fans Of MO additional benefits

For example, when booking a room at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, here are the additional Privileges you can choose from.

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Complimentary Privileges

Here are more specific details about each of the Privileges:

  • Pressing Services – includes complimentary pressing of two items
  • Daily Breakfast For One Guest – American Breakfast Buffet in MOzen Bistro
  • Daily Breakfast For Second Guest – American Breakfast Buffet in MOzen Bistro
  • Dining Or Spa Credit – $25 credit once per stay towards a spa treatment or dinner in Twist  by Pierre Gagnaire or MOzen Bistro
  • Celebratory Treat – You select the date and time when it’ll be delivered, but it doesn’t state what the treat would be.

The American Breakfast Buffet usually costs $30 per person, so if you chose that benefit for two people, your free membership of Fans Of Mandarin Oriental would save you $60 per day.

A Better Way To Get These Benefits & More

It’s great that you can get these benefits for simply signing up to Fans Of MO, but you might be able to do better. If you have either the business or personal American Express Platinum credit card, you have access to Fine Hotels & Resorts.

Several Mandarin Oriental properties can be booked through this program which offers similar – and more – guaranteed benefits, such as:

  • Room upgrade
  • Daily breakfast for two people
  • Guaranteed 4pm late check-out
  • Noon check-in
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Unique property amenity

Rates at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas appear to be exactly the same when booked via Fine Hotels & Resorts as they are when booked directly. A reservation through FHR would therefore ensure you get all those benefits, as well as a $125 credit for spa services.

Fine Hotels & Resorts Mandarin Oriental

You might be able to stack benefits with FHR and Fans Of MO, although I’m not convinced it would work. To gain your Fans Of MO benefits, you’re supposed to book your stay directly on Mandarin Oriental’s website. However, their FAQs state that if you weren’t logged in when booking your stay, you can contact the hotel and ask them to update the reservation with your membership ID.

If you can add your membership ID to a Fine Hotels & Resorts booking, a stay at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas might therefore offer the following:

  • Room upgrade (FHR)
  • Daily breakfast for two people (FHR)
  • Guaranteed 4pm late check-out (FHR)
  • Noon check-in (FHR)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi (FHR)
  • $125 spa credit (FHR)
  • Welcome amenity (Fans Of MO)
  • Pressing services (Fans Of MO)
  • Celebratory treat (Fans Of MO)

Edit: Kevin’s mentioned in the comments below that when adding his membership ID to an FHR reservation, he was advised that he’d receive the welcome amenity and complimentary Wi-Fi, but that he wouldn’t receive the additional Privileges.

h/t One Mile At A Time

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kevin xie

I had a reservation at mo singapore through fhr, emailed them to add the reservation, they stated that only welcome amenity and the free wifi would be honored and the complimentary privileges are only available when you book on their site.


HTing OMAAT? Seriously? That was the fourth of fifth blog I saw these news at. Just fyi.