Marriott and IHG card upgrade offers


If you have an IHG Traveler card or perhaps an old Marriott Rewards Premier card and you’re interested in upgrading your card, keep an eye on your email. We’ve seen some recent reports of cardholders being targeted with an email offer to upgrade to a higher level card and earn some points for doing so.

We’ve had a report of an IHG Traveler cardholder getting a 5,000-point offer to upgrade to the Premier and I received a 10,000-point offer to upgrade my old $85 Marriott Bonvoy Premier Rewards card (no longer available to new applicants) to the Marriott Bonvoy Bountiful card.

There is also apparently an offer to upgrade to a United Quest card, presumably for either United Gateway or Explorer cardholders (I’m not sure which). Here are links to see if you’re eligible for an offer:

You can also try other cards here:

Frankly, none of these bonuses would be enough to make me want to upgrade, but if I were already considering upgrading, it would probably be worth seeing if I can get an incentive to do so.

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