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If you are an Amex cardholder who previously lost the ability to refer others, it may be worth logging in to your Amex account as some are once again seeing the ability to refer new cardholders. In my household, my wife and I had lost the ability to refer others to consumer Platinum cards for some reason, but we both see referrals for those cards once again.

a screenshot of a credit card

When you log in to your Amex account and click “Refer a Fried” as seen in the screen shot above, it brings you to a page where you should be able to toggle through your referral offers on the cards from which you can generate a referral link.

a screenshot of a credit card

At some point, my wife and I had both lost the ability to generate referrals from our consumer Platinum cards. I have no idea why we lost it as we never engaged in self-referrals, but for some reason they disappeared. Others have had similar experiences with certain cards disappearing from the referral page.

The good new is that there have been data points of some cardholders who previously lost referrals regaining the ability to refer from at least some cards. Again, my wife and I got back the referral links on our consumer Platinum cards. Our own Stephen Pepper reports getting back the ability to refer from Platinum cards but not getting back Gold card referrals.

I am therefore unsure how widespread the change is in this case, but at the very least it’s worth checking if you’d previously lost referrals since you might have regained some if not all of them. Given Amex’s ability to cross-refer to almost any other card, having the ability to generate referrals from any of your cards is obviously highly desirable since it enables you to check for the best of your referral offers and there are also sometimes special additional bonuses like extra points in a specific category that you may want to trigger on a specific card.

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