(EXPIRED) Marriott Bonvoy Chase Offer: Get 10% back on $100-$800 of spend

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There’s a new, targeted Marriott Chase Offer out that’s giving 10% back as a statement credit. While that’s only half as good percentage-wise as some of the Marriott Amex Offers that are currently available, there’s a couple of reasons why this Chase Offer could be better.

Marriott Chase Offer $100-$800 spend 10% back

The Deal

  • Get 10% back as a statement credit when spending $100+ at Marriott Bonvoy properties with a targeted Chase Offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires March 11, 2024.
  • Maximum $80 back.
  • Offer valid one time only.
  • Offer only valid on purchases made directly with the merchant.
  • Offer not valid on purchases made using third-party services, delivery services, or a third-party payment account (e.g., buy now pay later).
  • Offer valid at all Marriott Bonvoy brands.

Quick Thoughts

There are a few Marriott Amex Offers out at the moment which give up to $60 back, or a flat $100 or $120 statement credit, depending on which version(s) you’re targeted for.

This new Chase Offer only gives 10% back and maxes out at $80 back as a statement credit, so it would be better than the Amex Offer giving 20% back on up to $300 spend if your stay costs more than $600.

Despite being capped at $80 cashback, this Chase Offer could be better than the Amex Offers giving $100 or $120 back too. That’s because the Amex Offers are only valid at Marriott Bonvoy properties in the U.S. and U.S. territories, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. The Chase Offer on the other hand doesn’t have any regional restrictions listed, so if you’re planning on staying somewhere else like Europe, Africa or Asia, the Chase Offer can save you money on your Marriott stay where the Amex Offer wouldn’t.

For stays in the U.S. and U.S. territories, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, it could be a both/and situation though rather than an either/or if you have both a Marriott Amex Offer and Chase Offer at your disposal. Let’s say you were targeted for the Amex Offer giving $100 back on $300 of spend and also have this new 10% Chase Offer. If your stay costs $400+, you could ask the hotel to split the cost of the stay on two cards – $300 on your Amex card to get the $100 back and the remaining $100+ on your Chase card to get 10% back on up to $800 additional spend.

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How does this work with purchasing Marriott gift cards online? Would the chase offer kick in if we were to buy the gift card online through its website?


Anyone tried making a cancellable booking, getting the credit, and then canceling?


10% back at Westin & Fairfield on my CSP, P2 had Aloft and Element on her Marriott Bountiful. No generic Marriott offers for all brands. Lower cap as well of $57 back maximum.


Quite a few additional Marriott brands have showed up on the same cards in the past couple days but no generic offer still.

Mary Jane

DP no offers yet on anything