Marriott Bonvoy offers elite status soft landing for 2024


Marriott Bonvoy previously announced its soft landing policy for the 2024 membership year and is now sending out e-mails confirming that policy to members. As in years past, Marriott will offer elite members a soft landing, meaning that if they do not requalify for status, they will not drop more than one level in the Elite status hierarchy.

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The Deal

Here’s the official release from Marriott:
In January 2024, all Members will have their 2023 loyalty activity evaluated as follows:
  • Members who achieved their existing Elite status again in 2023 will have their current status renewed through February 2025.
  • Members who did not re-achieve their existing Elite status in 2023 will be offered one tier below their current status through February 2025. Members will see their new status in March 2024 and can enjoy their existing status through February 2024. 
  • Members who achieved a higher Elite status during 2023 already have a status expiration date of February 2025.

Quick Thoughts

This policy announcement applies to those who currently hold elite status but fail to requalify for it. For instance, I currently have Platinum status but I did not earn the 50 elite qualifying nights for 2023. Given that, my status will only drop to Gold in 2024 (this would be the case, even if I had earned 0 elite qualifying nights in 2023).

This soft landing is probably most appealing for a current Titanium member who will not earn at least 50 nights this year since they will drop to Platinum status (maintaining free breakfast or lounge access at many brands) even without earning the normally-required 50 nights.

Keep in mind that Marriott choice benefits, like the ability to choose 5 suite night awards, are based on elite night earnings — so a Titanium member receiving a soft landing to Platinum will not get suite night awards (they would need to earn 50 elite nights in 2023 to get those).

This soft landing policy has been in place for years and it is great to see it continue so that someone whose travel in 2023 didn’t quite hit their typical levels won’t lose status altogether in 2024.

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I’ve been Platinum, Titanium and Ambassador over the past 3 years and honestly, I didn’t see ANY difference in upgrades. As an ambassador level member (with 375 nights in one year – thanks to double night promotion) I didn’t see any difference in the ability to get a room upgrade. That was the most disappointing part. Since I am a lifetime Platinum member now, I won’t make the extra effort to get to Titanium or even Ambassador.


I have 9 years of Platinum and 700 nights. The last credited year came from the Amex Brilliant. If I drop the card at renewal later this year, will I get the 10th year and lifetime Platinum as part of the “soft Landing?”


What bothers me about this is why Marriott is doing this. To understate things vastly, Marriott does not exactly view loyalty members as valued assets.


They removed the text about soft landings from the page linked… interesting


Did the author forget that Titanium status exists?


(Specially referring to this section of the article…
The Deal

Marriott Bonvoy has announced elite member soft landings in 2024 whereby if a member does not requalify during 2023 for their current level of elite status, they will drop at most one level in 2024. If a member does not requalify for status:
Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador members will drop to Platinum status
Marriott Bonvoy Platinum members will drop to Gold status
Marriott Bonvoy Gold members will drop to Silver status)


I’d rather see them carry over nights to requalify for status the following year, or give people within 5 nights of the next level an extra 3 months the following year to maintain current level, then teach the next level.

It’s too easy to game the system this way. It’s frustrating when people who are actually staying the required nights are losing it upgrades to those who are holding onto higher legacy status. It’s been like this for the last 4 years with COVID and Marriott still hasn’t reopened many lounges completely.

I’d rather have the full benefits of what I earned, than inflated statuses with inconsistent benefits.

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If you have lifetime Platinum status, it does not affect your status, correct? Lifetime means lifetime?




The straight soft landing allows someone with no ENCs to have status for years. It’s handing out status like candy. Marriott should focus on customers who have stayed with the brand. Here’s an alternative. If a person has fully qualified for a given tier level for three consecutive years via ENCs (let’s say Platinum) and in the current year only qualifies for one tier lower via ECNs (in this example, Gold), the person keeps Platinum for one year. After that, it reverts to pure earned status until the person hits three consecutive years again at whatever tier level.


Fair enough.


Will this help me if my Gold status was from the Amex Plat I canceled? Does Silver status even matter?