Chase expands family referrals to Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred


Over the last couple of years, Chase has been adding “family” referrals to many of its card brands. This means that any card in a given “family” can refer to any other card within that family and get a referral bonus, even if it’s not the same exact card. For instance, Marriott Boundless cardholders can refer to both the Boundless and the Marriott Bountiful card (and vice-versa). The same program exists for the Chase Freedom/Freedom Flex/Freedom Unlimited cardholders, as well as those who have any of the Ink Business or IHG cards.

Now, Chase has expanded “family” referrals to the Sapphire Preferred and Sapphire Reserve as well. Currently, the bonus sits at 15,000 Ultimate Rewards points for cardholders to refer to either card.

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The Deal

Quick Thoughts

“Family” referrals have become so common with Chase cards that I honestly had forgotten that the ability to do it didn’t already exist between both Sapphire cards until I saw several posts about it in our Frequent Miler Insiders group.

More flexibility is almost always a good thing and I’m glad to see these continuing to spread through Chase’s portfolio…and, for those in 2-player mode, it creates even more opportunities for blingy household referrals.

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Chip Dwg

I have no idea what this article said


Yeah, Tim is one of the weaker writers on the team. Should really have this edited by someone else before publishing.


Chase now allows Sapphire Preferred cardholders to refer to the Sapphire Reserve and vice versa (and get the referral bonus for it)

Chip Dwg

I think what is being said now is I can refer “Myself.” That’s the piece that is missing in the article/explanation if it just said cardholders can refer “themselves” to the next card it would be much clearer. To just say anyone can refer to the next card is vague. Thanks


The confusion is the word “family”. No, it does NOT mean YOUR family members. It means the PRODUCT FAMILY, i.e. “Sapphire” (Preferred, Reserve), “Freedom” (Unlimited, Flex), “Ink” (Cash, Unlimited).


can you now refer from the Ritz card?




Sadly, my Ritz card refer link for the boundless is just the standard 3 50k certs rather than the 5 50k certs on best offers page. P2 is going for the 5 50k certs. This is good to know for the future though.


That’s not unique to the Ritz though – unless I’ve missed it somewhere the referral bonus to the Boundless card (from any Chase Marriott card) is always three 50K certs. The alternative Boundless offers like five 50K certs or 100K points aren’t available via referral.