(EXPIRED) Martha Stewart wine sale, but it might not stack with Amex Offer

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Martha Stewart Wines is offering a “Black Friday in July” sale with all bottles $8.99 today only. This sale caught my eye when I momentarily hoped that it might stack with an Amex Offer for $25 back on $30, which would possibly make for some cheap wine. However, based on the terms of the offer, I think this probably won’t stack. That is to say that I think you can not get the $8.99 per bottle price and also trigger the Amex Offer, though I’m not 100% sure.

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The Deal

  • Martha Stewart Wine is offering a sale price of $8.99 on all bottles of wine today. There is also an Amex Offer for $25 back on $30, but I don’t think these deals stack based on the terms.

Key Terms

  • The Amex Offer terms clearly state that you must order through marthastewartwines.com/amex and that orders will not qualify if placed from marthastewartwines.com
  • Offer terms indicate that the Amex Offer can not be combined with any other offer, voucher, or promo code and that if you enter any sort of code at checkout you will not get the Amex Offer

Quick Thoughts

The Amex Offer for Martha Stewart Wines is oddly specific in what is excluded. They make it clear that going to marthastewartwines.com won’t work, only marthastewartwines.com/amex. While a lot of Amex Offers say that but still work in practice when starting at the merchant home page (or clicking through a portal), in this case I think you may actually have to start at marthastewartwines.com/amex in order to trigger the offer (which isn’t a good deal).

Let me stop for a second to say that I assume the wines offered by Martha Stewart Wines are low quality. The question for those interested in whether they can be purchased cheaply enough to make the price match the quality (because I very much doubt it does at $20 or $25 a bottle). I got a bunch of wine in that Last Bottle Wines deal a couple of months ago (big thanks to those who used my referral link!), some of which has been spectacular, so I’m not personally in the market for wine. Thus I will not be trying this one out for science.

I received an email this morning from Martha Stewart Wines advertising all wines for $8.99 per bottle. Since there is free shipping with 6 bottles, that comes to about $54, which would theoretically come down to $29 for 6 bottles after Amex Offer. At less than $5 per bottle, that might not be awful if it worked.

That said, that deal isn’t as good as it sounds even if it does work. I’d previously started writing a Quick Deal around Father’s Day when they were offering 35% off. At 35% off, a $14.99 bottle comes down to $9.74, so the discount here isn’t much on bottles that are ordinarily $14.99 or less given that they do run other promos (and the cheapest bottles are even cheaper with a 35% off sale than with today’s sale). Before I decided not to publish that earlier post, I had written this (again, I don’t think this will actually work and note that the promo code is long expired):

  1. You can buy wine by the bottle. Code DAD35 would take 35% off wine ordered a la carte like this (and you could get as much as 8% cash back through a portal). Shipping on less than 6 bottles is $14.99 but is free for at least 6 bottles. The cheapest bottle they sell is $10.99. Six of those comes to $65.94. Code DAD35 takes off $23.08 for a subtotal of $42.86. 8% cash back through TopCashBack drops the net cost to $39.43. After $25 back from the Amex Offer, your total cost is $14.43 for 6 bottles ($2.40 per bottle).

In a “dream” scenario, the wine would be significantly cheaper in a sale like that if you buy the cheapest bottles.

However, I don’t think the “dream” is going to work. I eventually decided not to publish that previous post because the terms were so oddly specific and I noticed that prices were different when clicking through MarthaStewartWines.com than MarthaStewartWines.com/Amex. That is also true today. When I clicked through the link in the email from MarthaStewartWines.com, bottles of wine automatically came down to $8.99 each after adding them to my cart. However, when I went to MarthaStewartWines.com/Amex or when I clicked through a shopping portal and added bottles of wine to my cart, they did not apply any promotional pricing. That makes me think that going through the link in the email or a portal probably won’t trigger the Amex Offer.

I decided to write this up as a small warning because I figured that maybe some readers are on the Martha Stewart Wine email list also and might try placing an order without realizing that the stack probably won’t work. If you decide to give it a go anyway and place the order at $8.99 per bottle through the email link, keep us posted as to whether or not the Amex Offer applies.

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Its showing as $9.99 per bottle for me using promo code BFSALE…