[Expired] Possible almost-free wine via Last Bottle

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Update 3/27/21: This deal is still going and can be maximized in 2-player mode even better than originally written Update: This deal has expired. For next time, this is how to maximize:

  1. Player 1 signs up via referral link and gets a $10 credit.
  2. Before buying anything, Player 1 refers Player 2. Player 2 gets a $10 credit.
  3. Player 2 scouts out the cheapest bottle they want to buy (I’ve seen as cheap as $8, but at least once an hour there is something in the $12-15 range). After the $10 discount, out of pocket cost should be somewhere between $0.66 and $6 (you still pay tax even if your credit covers the price of the bottle).
  4. Player 1 receives a $30 referral credit after Player 2’s purchase and now has $40 in credit. Now Player 1 can use the entire $40 credit on a single bottle or split it up and buy a couple/few less expensive bottles. Out of pocket in taxes if you don’t go over your credit should be less than $4.
  5. Total out of pocket cost for 2 or more bottles of wine should be less than $10 shipped. There have been some decent options to pick up with a $40 credit. See more detail in the original post below.

No Mas Coash reports on a “Marathon Madness” wine sale at Last Bottle Wines. I’ve ignored these sales in the past, but today I clicked on the No Mas Coach post and read it and realized I may have been missing out: when you sign up through someone’s referral, you get a $10 credit. Apparently, they sell some wines in the $9-$12 range and shipping is free, so you can potentially pick up a nearly-free bottle of wine. On top of that, if you refer Player 2, you’ll get a $30 credit when he or she buys their first bottle (ordering with their $10 credit counts!). That could be a nice deal for some cheap wine.

With a $10 credit, this would have been like three bucks with tax, shipped.

The Deal

  • Last Bottle Wins is offering “Marathon Madness” today, which is a sale where they quickly rotate various bottles / price points of wine (the bottle on offer can sell out and change every few minutes). Here’s a link to the sale.
  • If you’re new to Last Bottle, you can feel free to sign up via my referral link with my thanks and you’ll get a $10 credit. Then, refer your Player 2 and you’ll get a $30 credit when they buy their first bottle.

Key Terms

  • First come, first served!
  • You must complete your purchase on each wine (no saved cart).
  • No $50 credit for buying the Last Bottle.
  • All orders placed during this marathon will be combined. Shipping begins on March 29th, going state by state, and will require several weeks to get to all states (~2-8 weeks).

Quick Thoughts

If you shopped at Woot.com back in the days of the Woot-Off, Last Bottle Wines is the same idea. They sell what is purportedly the “last bottles” of a small lot of wine until sold out and then switch to a different bottle (which can have an entirely different price point) every few minutes. The cheapest bottles sell very quickly and the more expensive bottles might hang around for a bit.

As noted at the top, this deal caught my eye because it works out well for a couple playing in 2-player mode if you’re willing to be quick on the trigger and try a bottle of wine without knowing much about it (the cheaper bottles likely sell out too fast to do much research).

In my case, I signed up through No Mas Coach today and I pounced on a $14 bottle without any idea as to quality.

After tax and with free shipping, it cost me a grand total of $5.29. At that price, if I hate it and pour it out I won’t feel too badly about the gamble. Note that you do pay tax, but no shipping.

The cheapest thing I’ve seen so far was $8. While I wouldn’t have high hopes here, the tax would come to $0.66. If you’re following the instructions at the top of this post and Player 2 were to pick up something like this, you would spend $0.66 and trigger the $30 referral credit for Player 1.


As soon as my wife bought a bottle, the $30 referral credit posted in my account.

Again, if you followed the directions a the top, Player 1 would have $40 in credit. That credit can be used all on one ~$40 bottle or on several cheaper bottles. Keep in mind that the wine is often discounted somewhere below retail to begin with, so a $40 bottle can be pretty nice.

I grabbed this last night and figured it sounded interesting enough for $43.

My expectations for my cheap bottle are low and I don’t expect to see the wine soon. I see a comment at No Mas Coach saying that shipping from the last marathon sale was very slow (like two months). At potentially five bucks or less for a bottle of wine shipped, I’ll just be happy if and when the wine arrives. It’s like buying a lottery ticket where I’ll at least win a bad bottle of wine and might win a decent bottle (and really, I’ll be happy to have it arrive in two months when I’m hopefully ready to celebrate summer with visitors for the first time in a while!).

It’s definitely not all cheap bottles on offer. If you have a more refined pallet, you may appreciate a deal I just saw on Yount Ridge Cabernet Epic Reserve 2016. Last Bottle had it for $99.

They claimed a retail price of $240. I have no idea whether this wine is worth it, but sure enough Total Wine has it for $240.

I’ll admit to having been curious, but not curious enough.

Personally, I’m not a big drinker, but I do enjoy a glass of wine a few times a year (usually in business or first class on a flight or in a lounge), so this seemed like an easy win to me, particularly if it does work for P2’s purchase with their $10 credit to trigger the $30 referral bonus for P1.


  • After you sign up, set up your account with a preferred shipping / billing address and payment info. That $12 bottle of Shiraz sold out because we hadn’t done this.
  • If you’re logged in at Last Bottle, you’ll find a link to your referral info right at the bottom of the home page as seen here:


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