(EXPIRED) 25K Membership Rewards points w/ $1K+ Microsoft Store purchase [Targeted]

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There’s a new Amex Offer out today for purchases at The Microsoft Store (both in-store and online): spend $1,000+, get 25,000 Membership Rewards points. That’s a great offer that might make for some good resale opportunities and a nice way to rack up some quick and easy points.

a screenshot of a cardThe Deal

  • A new targeted Amex Offer is out good for the Microsoft Store: Spend $1,000 or more, get 25,000 Membership Rewards points

Key Details

  • Valid in-store or online at the Microsoft Store
  • Expires 6/20/19
  • Valid at any participating location in the US.
  • Not valid on purchases shipped outside of the US. Excludes B2B services, Bing ads, Skype, Microsoft Living Well (health center),Microsoft Production Studio and Microsoft Theater.

Quick Thoughts

This looks like a great deal. Whether you’re in the market for a new computer or you’re interested in Microsoft / Xbox gift cards, getting back 25,000 Membership Rewards points in a $1K purchase is terrific. Our Reasonable Redemption Values peg Membership Rewards at a value of 1.82c each, which would put this offer at around $455 in value, but you could certainly get more value than that with strategic redemption.

Don’t forget that you should also be able to stack this with a shopping portal (check CashBackMonitor.com for best rates). Remember that some portals offer variable rewards — for example, TopCashBack offers 8% back on Xbox and Surface devices, but only 5% back on software, etc.

I’d recommend syncing this one sooner rather than later if you have it available as I could see this one filling up. Note that it’s also possible that there is a $250 statement credit version floating around, though I’d personally rather have the 25K points version.

H/T: GC Galore

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[…] to your qualifying American Express card. Nick at Frequent Miler shared details about the offer: 25K Membership Rewards points w/ $1K+ Microsoft Store purchase [Targeted]. Whether you are looking for Surface, XBox, PC & Tablets, or even a new phone, this offer can […]

TJ Park

Has anyone confirm that purchasing microsoft e-gift card online triggers the amex offer email? I am afraid if I should just go to the store but purchase them.

Donna G

I bought a $50 Microsoft e-gift card last night and have yet to receive an email. I’m not sure how long it takes though.


It’s typically instant – you’ll need to spend the other $950 tough… so however long that takes .

Donna G

I thought i would at least get some notification that it went toward the rebate. Maybe not though.

Donna G

Ok thanks. I appreciate the response.

TJ Park

yea there are two types of amex offer… one that gives you like 10% of spending up to certain amount like 10% off Lowes offer. you get an email as soon as you spend first $1 or more. But this one, you don’t get anything unless you spend $1000 minimum all purchases combined.

Donna G

I don’t know that I can buy $1000 in GC without knowing I’ll get the rebate. I know I can resell the cards but it wouldn’t be worth with the $250.


Trying to figure out the best way to stack two of these offers together and also combine with an xbox/microsoft gift card that I got from the annual Dell credit on the biz plat… Stacking those 3 along with portal cash back would result in a pretty sweet discount on a new surface laptop. But from what I can see, it looks like it gift cards must first be loaded to your Xbox account, and you can apparently only load $1000 maximum into your account at any given time, and as far as I can tell you can’t pay with more than one credit card. So in theory, if you have 2 of these offers you could load $1000 in gift cards and then pay the other $1000 on the other credit card, but it doesn’t seem like there would be any way to add any further gift cards or get any additional discount beyond the $2000 total. Does anyone know of any way around the $1000 max gift card limit or the one credit card per order limit? Or does anyone have any alternative stacking suggestions in order to maximize the discounts on a $2300+ order? Thanks!

TJ Park

if you can only redeem max $1000 worth of gift card on a order I don’t see how you can stack all three or get a discount over $2000 total.


Hence why I am asking for ideas on here. If I have learned nothing else from this hobby over the years, it’s that there is always a loophole or a way around something, you just need to find it. I guarantee someone out there has figured out a way to bypass these limits, just trying to come up with some ideas.


bummer I got the $250 not the 25,000 MR


My wife and i each have 4 MR earning biz cards and they all only have the $250 offer.


I have a $250 version on my Blue for Business card

TJ Park

I am not sure if I can come out ahead on this deal. I looked at several devices… an Xbox One X 1TB is sold for $449 plus tax… that’s like $490 for me after tax. Same thing is being sold for just $349 free shipping on ebay. a sale like that will net me less than $300 after ebay, paypal and shipping fees are deducted. That’s like getting $612 on $1000 spend or buying 25K MR points for $388 or 1.55 cent a point. I didn’t factor in any portal cashback but even at 8% cash back, not sure how to make this deal work. I looked at the Surface Pro 6 too… but selling price on ebay is far less.


I notice that the offer provides a funky online address for the microsoft store…”surface.com…”. Do we need to click through that specific address for the credit to qualify? Going through a portal takes you to the usual “microsoft.com” address. Of course that “surface.com…” address takes you to the usual “microsoft.com” anyway so I’m assuming there won’t be a problem clicking through the portal. Just paranoid about not getting the credit and having to return whatever I order. But thanks for the heads up on the offer!


Just placed an order via the portal link and got the AMEX Congrats email so you’re right. (As usual.)


My wife got it on her personal Everday card.


“Microsoft / Xbox gift cards” – eligible?

TJ Park

Looks like it’s only targeted on business MR earning cards only. out of 4 user accounts I manage only Business Platinum, Gold and Business PLUS got targeted and none of personal ones got it. Out of 4 I got targeted, 3 are for 25k miles and 1 is for $250. what’s should we buy for resale? what are hot items that I can sell easily sell on ebay? I won’t touch the $250 offer but if I can buy $1000 worth of items and sell them for $750 or close to it, that’s like buying 1 MR points for a cent each which I would jump on it any day.


Thanks for the heads up. Just added this offer to my Business Platinum card.

R. Huerta

Ugh. targeted.


Do you see this as a money maker? If so, how? I have the $250 offer, but not sure how to make use of it.


I also only have the $250 offers on my Blue Biz+ and my wife’s AU version of the same (also saw the same $250 offer on a Delta Gold Biz card). The 25K MR version would have been much preferred.


How are you planning to use it?


No idea yet, I am supposed to be working right now rather than optimizing CC spend :-). I just know I would value the return of 25K MR higher than $250 and thus would have a better upside in my approach.


Not targeted for this unfortunately.