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Have you heard the recent buzz about Google purging inactive accounts? If you’re anything like me, this threw you into a bit of a panic when it was announced in late Spring that, by the end of the year, Google would be addressing all the un-used, inactive email accounts people like me set up for a myriad of reasons. Furthermore, once Google announced this plan of action, other email providers followed suit.

December 1st Google started its purge and newsletters like ours saw the impact in the form of steep upticks in, not unsubscribes, but removals. 

In other words, some of you may have gotten removed from our newsletters not by us and not by yourselves, but by your email provider cleaning house. 

If Google (and other email providers) are doing their job as intended, most of these removed email addresses will go unnoticed, because the accounts weren’t being checked anyway. But nothing ever really goes that smoothly, and we already know that at least a few of your active email accounts were removed in tandem with the inactive accounts. (And I noticed at least one of my gmail accounts received the pre-purge email notice, even though I’d made sure to generate some activity in the account to try and keep it in active status.)

If you think this unintended removal may have happened to you, you can resubscribe to our newsletters here.

And if you’d like to learn more about Google’s purge of inactive accounts, this Google resource should help.

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Randy B

Have not been able to get your emails for months despite resubscribing 🙁


I get your daily email twice so hopefilly I am safe!


I do too!