Moneymaking T-Mobile Home Internet deal: Get $150 Mastercard gift card + portal earnings


While perusing the American Airlines shopping portal last night, I came across a great deal for anyone after some relatively easy AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points. Even if you’re not interested in those, alternative portal options include the opportunity to earn $80 cashback or 7,500 Membership Rewards, on top of this break even – or possibly moneymaking – T-Mobile 5G Home Internet offer.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

The Deal

  • Stack two offers with T-Mobile 5G Home Internet:
    • Get T-Mobile 5G Home Internet service & get a $150 virtual prepaid Mastercard gift card.
    • Earn through a shopping portal

Key Terms

  • Terms for $150 deal:
    • Limited-time offer; subject to change.
    • Register code within 30 days of activating new unlimited Home Internet line.
    • If you have cancelled Internet lines in the past 90 days, you may need to reactivate them first.
    • $150 via virtual prepaid Mastercard; requires 60 days service before validation; use online or in-store via accepted mobile payment apps; no cash access & expires in 6 months.
    • The Virtual Prepaid Mastercard is issued by Sunrise Banks N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated.
    • This card may be used everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted.
    • Allow 1 week from fulfilment of offer requirements.
    • Lines must be active and in good standing when card is issued.
    • Max 1/account.
    • May not be combined with some offers or discounts.

Quick Thoughts

There are two separate deals here, so let’s cover them separately. The first is that T-Mobile is offering a $150 prepaid virtual Mastercard when getting their 5G home internet service and maintaining it for at least 60 days. There are three pricing options for this services:

  • $50 per month – internet only
  • $45 per month – internet when bundled with a Go5G, Magenta, or Essentials phone plan
  • $30 per month – internet when bundled with a Go5G Next, Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX phone plan

If you don’t currently have T-Mobile phone service, you’d be looking at paying $50 per month. You have to keep service for 60 days, but given the timelines involved I’d be wary of cancelling right at 60 days. I’d therefore be inclined to keep the service for three months worth of payments which comes to $150 – the full value of the Mastercard gift card, thereby making this a break even deal which, in isolation, wouldn’t be worth the hassle unless you were interested in switching to T-Mobile 5G home internet anyway.

This deal gets much better though if you have phone service with T-Mobile, especially a Go5G Next, Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX phone plan. If you do have one of those plans, you’d only be paying $30 per month for the home internet service. The $150 Mastercard would therefore cover five months of those payments which isn’t too shabby.

It’s the stacking opportunity that makes this deal even better. While T-Mobile Home Internet isn’t available on all shopping portals right now, the ones that it is on are offering some generous payouts. You can compare the current rates here, but at the time of publishing this you could earn $75 or 7,500 Membership Rewards from Rakuten or $80 cashback from the Citi Bonus Cash Center or USAA MemberShop portals.

For anyone looking to earn American Airlines AAdvantage miles and/or earning status with AA, their portal might be of most interest. That’s because their portal is offering both 7,400 bonus AAdvantage miles and 7,400 Loyalty Points. That’s a nice chunk of both miles and Loyalty Points, particularly for those after a quick Loyalty Points boost before February 29 – the end of the elite qualifying year. The American Airlines portal states that miles from T-Mobile Home Internet typically post within 1 to 2 days, so you should earn the Loyalty Points well before the end of February. The quick posting of the miles and Loyalty Points could also be useful for those currently doing a status challenge which runs on a different timeline.

Important note: Rob has pointed out in the comments that portals have wording stating that portal earnings are only eligible to new customers without an existing T-Mobile account. That would mean those with existing T-Mobile service wouldn’t – in theory – be eligible for earning additional cashback or miles. There might be a workaround, but I don’t know if this would definitely work. You could set up the internet service under a new email address, then after you’ve received the portal rewards and $150 Mastercard, you could ask them to link that account with your account which has phone service in order to get the additional discount. This carries the risk though that using a different email address might not be sufficient to qualify as someone without T-Mobile service. If that’s the case, you’re paying more for the internet service for 2-3 months versus the $5-$20 monthly discount you’d receive for having a cellphone plan with them already.

Nick has used T-Mobile home internet service in upstate New York for a few years and has had a very good experience, even more so since upgrading from 4G to 5G. There are no data caps and no cancellation fees. They also have a Test Drive feature which lets you try out the service for 15 days; if it doesn’t work for you, you can cancel and get a full refund.

n.b I haven’t linked directly to the $150 Mastercard gift card deal above because I don’t want it to have any chance of interfering with your portal earnings. When clicking through from a portal, it should show that offer regardless; it certainly did when clicking through from the American Airlines portal anyway.

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