More than 18X Alaska Miles or 18X Southwest Points (and a companion pass!) at Sears


Sears is offering 9 points per dollar through the Southwest Rapid Rewards Shopping Portal and the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Shopping Portal.  By buying and using gift cards it is possible to increase your total to over 18 points per dollar.

Things you need to know:

  • Points earned through the Southwest portal DO count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.
  • After clicking through either portal to Sears, any item with an “Add to Cart” option (while still on the URL) should qualify for portal bonus points, including marketplace items.
  • Buying Sears or Kmart gift cards does count.
  • Buying other gift cards (via GiftCardMall within does not count.
  • Reload existing gift cards for fastest turnaround (reloads count for points too).
  • Gift cards by mail count for points but your credit card will show the charge coming from K-Mart, but will still earn portal points.  Other gift cards (e-gift cards, reloads, print gift cards) are charged by Sears.
  • After ordering a gift card, if your purchase isn’t automatically approved, call 1-888-396-5299 for approval.
  • Double points earned by buying (or reloading) gift cards and then go through the portal again to buy merchandise with those gift cards.

Very important — For more details please read the following posts from a similar deal:

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arkansas traveler

If I purchase Visa GCs through the the rapid rewards portal, will I get the portal points?

Great deal. I put this together and wonder if it will work. Trying it out a bit at a time so I dont get royally screwed, but if this works it would be an amazing deal:


I placed 10 orders yesterday thru sears to ship merchandise to different locations, and all of them are stuck in processing. Anybody been in this situation before? Most orders were full price items with just the standard 1% back in points. Keeping fingers crossed hoping that they don’t cancel all those orders.

Frequent Miler

Yes that’s fairly typical. I can’t promise the orders won’t be canceled, but that’s not the norm.

Anthony Seleno

Are the portals run the same as far as double dipping and miles on syw point redemptions? I’ve had good luck on southwest never used alaskas mall

Frequent Miler

Yes, almost all of the mile portals are run by Cartera commerce and therefore should work the same. That includes: Southwest, Alaska, Delta, United, AA, Barclays, Chase, etc.


Any data points on what happens if we ask for a price match once the points have started showing up as pending on the account? Do they claw them all back (and then we have to follow up with Cartera) or do they just adjust them for the new value? With my luck so far in Cartera tracking my purchases, I am thinking it is the former.

Frequent Miler

I don’t have data of my own, but I think there’s a good chance of keeping the points based on the original purchase amount


Does this count for gift cards sold through the Sears link to Gift Card Mall? Visa GC excluded, of course!

Frequent Miler

Unfortunately, no.