Necker Island no longer bookable with miles.


So long, Sir Richard Branson. Reports on Twitter indicate that Necker Island is no longer bookable with Virgin Atlantic miles. Greg spent a week on Necker Island in 2016 and loved it (See: Is Necker Island really worth 1.2 million miles?). I think Greg intended to get back there again eventually, but Branson says that’s a no-go.

First a report came in on Twitter saying that Necker Island would no longer be bookable with miles in 2022.

Then Vinh from Miles Per Day apparently reached out to inquire about booking a trip this year. Eligible “celebration weeks” typically occur in October, which one would think would be enough lead time for the island to take reservations for this year. And they are in fact taking reservations this year — at the published rates (mileage redemptions are suspended).

This news is obviously a bummer for anyone who was hoping to make this redemption but had been prevented from getting there due to the pandemic. The island had previously been badly damaged by storms, so I’m sure that some folks have already been holding off for a couple of years. Unfortunately, it looks like there won’t be any further opportunity to visit with miles soon if ever again.

Update: The Virgin Atlantic website indicates that redemptions are currently suspended as they work through a backlog of trips cancelled due to COVID-19. It is therefore possible that this redemption will come back again eventually, though it looks like not before 2023 based on the data points above.

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[…] He finally did it you guys, he killed that deal! Necker Island no longer bookable with miles. […]

[…] Richard Branson’s Necker Island is no longer bookable with miles it was a crazy splurge at over a million Virgin Atlantic miles, but cool for those that did it. […]


Maybe next you can use your extraordinary wealth to fly on Virgin Galactic, using 2 million BIS miles to get 10 pct off the $250,000 price tag. I remember when you could get the full seat for 2 million miles. Talk about devaluation… that has to set the record!!


Be Nice he needs money too.


Is the cave back on AirBNB or did Covid not reach the hinterlands?


Took out my brothers family (6) so been laying low since 2/19/2020 Hawaii trip. Booked HNL and ATH same day, may make ATH 9/1 . But have to figure out how to get a test to get back into USA on Mykonos ..Meanwhile dealing with BC workers to get Cave ready to Sell, then a Waikiki Cave ..Them people are crooks only Trust DayTraders..

Hope ur doing well!!


By “took out” should I assume it was in Hawaii?
As far as Mykonos I have SWU’s but flights are not cheap. I could certainly clear out the tourists for you just by removing my shirt


Took Out means Virus. My rt AA non-stop was $50 at that time cash was $1250….We will see..

Parts Unknown

A strange feeling to not be able to go to a place you were never going to go anyway.


This has been on the VS website for a while. In fact I had an article on it which I’ve been sitting on for a few days waiting for a spot but which you’ve now blown the surprise on 🙂


U can’t catch everything or they would be Rich. OOP,s they are..