(Update: Get $55+ Back on a $98 membership) Walmart+ Savings: Subscribe for Less

Update 5/22/21: Swagbucks is back down to 5,500 (i.e. $55)

Update 5/15/21: Swagbucks is now offering $110 in Swagbucks with a Walmart+ annual membership (which costs $98). The Chase or Bank Of America Offer referenced below is also still active, so you may be able to get up to 20% back when paying with a linked card (an additional $19.60). It is also possible that Dosh will stack with its 15% back card-linked offer if you link your card to the Dosh app before purchasing your membership. If it all stacks correctly, this will be a $45+ money-maker. Note that Swagbucks says that trial memberships are not eligible for Swagbucks. I still recommend taking plenty of screen shots of everything in case you need to follow up. (H/T: Frequent Miler Insiders)

Update 5/4/21: The Chase Offer and Bank of America offer is back and should likely stack. Note that I see 10% back on most Chase cards and Bank of America, but 20% back on our Chase Freedom card. If this stacks properly, you’ll get a total of $99.30 back on a $98 one-year membership (turning a $1.30 profit). Note that there have been some previous issues with stacking as noted below, but it’s probably worth a shot with so many potentially-stacking discounts if you would have otherwise considered a membership.

Update 5/1/21: Walmart+ is now at $50-$55 cash back on shopping portals (including up to $55 via Swagbucks, $50 via TopCashBack, or $50 via ShopAtHome). You may also be able to stack 15% back via the Dosh app since it looks like that is still a card-linked offer, but YMMV. Many people had difficulty with portals tracking Walmart+ subscriptions around the holidays. The problem seemed to be on Walmart’s end and ShopAtHome eventually made good on their $100 deal for those who made the most noise (Greg and I both got our $100 payouts eventually after filing tickets). I’ve heard reports of Swagbucks eventually making good on their offer for some folks as well (though perhaps not everyone). My guess is that the issues have likely been resolved by now, but I highly recommend taking screen shots of the process in case you need to follow up later. While I haven’t made a ton of use of Walmart+, I do find it convenient to be able to scan items with my phone while shopping in-store and then check out via QR code at the register (which is convenient enough for me since my state no longer has plastic bags at checkout anyway, so this way I can check out without scanning everything at the checkout line). YMMV as to whether that convenience and free shipping is worth forty or fifty bucks.

Walmart+ is Walmart’s answer to Amazon Prime.  A Walmart+ membership offers free next-day and 2-day shipping from Walmart.com, free delivery from your local Walmart store ($35 minimum), and Walmart & Sam’s Club gas station savings.  Walmart+ costs $12.95/month or $98/year.  See below for tips for saving money on that membership.


Swagbucks is currently offering 11,000 Swagbucks when taking out an annual Walmart+ plan. 11,000 Swagbucks are worth $110.00 and can be cashed out via PayPal, so Swagbucks are as good as cash. (Quick note: if you use a VPN, you have to turn that off when redeeming Swagbucks as they’ll lock your account otherwise.)

Here are all the current Swagbucks rebates for Walmart+:

  • Paid annual subscription – 11,000 Swagbucks ($110)
  • Paid monthly subscription – 1,300 Swagbucks ($13)
  • Free trial – 500 Swagbucks ($5)
  • Walmart+ First Purchase Bonus – 250 Swagbucks ($2.50) Purchase must be made with in 21 days of starting your Walmart+ Trial. Cash Back will post within 60 days.

Here’s how to play it:

  1. Sign up for Swagbucks (Greg’s referral link) to qualify for a 1,000 Swagbucks ($10) new member bonus when spending $25+.
  2. Find Swagbucks’s Walmart+ page (click here) and click “Join Now” to go to the Walmart+ signup page.
  3. Sign up for Walmart+ (note that it says there is no payout for the free trial)
  4. Since there are no Swagbucks for a trial, this may work more smoothly if you immediately cancel the 15-day trial and pay the $98. Alternatively, maybe there is a way to sign up without the trial.
  5. Total Cost: $98 for 12 months.  Total rebate: $120 (or $110.00 if you are a current Swagbucks user).

Double Dip with Chase Offer

There is a Chase Offer and Bank of America Offer out on Walmart+. Many cards show 10% back, but I found 20% back on a Chase Freedom card (up to $20 back). This should stack with everything else for $19.60 back on an annual subscription.

Triple Dip with the Dosh App

The Dosh App offers additional cash back for an annual Walmart+ subscriptionIt’s a long-shot, but possible that if you follow the steps shown above for Swagbucks, you might earn cash back from Dosh as well (as long as you use a card linked to Dosh when paying for your annual subscription).  Even though Dosh’s terms say to click through from the app, Dosh often pays out even when browsing from another portal.  The key is to make sure that the credit card you use to pay for Walmart+ is linked with Dosh. Update: Dosh has paid out for a Walmart+ membership in the past even when not clicking through from their app, so it presumably will again. My Dosh cash back got clawed back, but it held up for others. Currently, Dosh is offering 15% back on an annual subscription ($14.70).

Since Walmart+ won’t charge your credit card for 15 days, it seems unlikely that you’ll earn cash back by using a card linked to Dosh if you didn’t click through from Dosh, but it’s possible that it will somehow work.  If you do this and it’s successful, consider it a nice little bonus, but don’t be mad at me if it doesn’t work!

If you’re new to Dosh, feel free to sign up using one of our referral links. We’ll earn $10 when you sign up, verify your first card, and make a purchase. Unfortunately, it’s unclear what you’ll get, if anything, for using a referral:

They’re currently offering 15% cashback on an annual membership. Seeing as that costs $98, you’ll earn $14.70 cashback.

Google Pay

Google Pay has in the past offered cash back for a Walmart+ subscription, but this does not appear to be available currently.

Cashback Earned

If you take advantage of all these stacking opportunities, here’s what you may earn by buying a $98 annual membership for Walmart+:

  • $110 – Swagbucks (for buying the membership)
  • $10 – Swagbucks (if this is a new Swagbucks account)
  • $14.70 – Dosh (if you pay with a card linked to Dosh)
  • $19.60 – Chase Offer
  • Total cash back = $154.30

That makes a one-year membership profitable by $56.30 if it all stacks properly. Again, it is worth noting that some parts of the stack have required follow-up previously, so I recommend taking screen shots and being aware that getting the cash back may not be effortless.

My Take

If you shop often at Walmart and/or you get gas at Walmart or Sam’s Club locations, then Walmart+ seems like a good value, even without the above savings.  With the rebates described above, the deal gets even better.

Note that after using the Walmart+ Scan & Go feature in the Walmart app, I can further attest to the time-savings if you shop in-store. You simply scan items as you put them in your cart, then scan a QR code at the self-checkout and pay in the app without needing to scan the contents of your cart again. Checkout is a breeze!

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