(EXPIRED) New Chase Offer: 15% back at Holiday Inn (also check for slow-rolled offers)

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There’s a new Chase Offer out for Holiday Inn hotels that’s good for 15% back up to $36 in cash back (i.e. max spend of $240). I didn’t actually have this offer on my cards, but it prompted me to log in and see that I had a Hyatt offer, which we had previously reported in April but I had not previously been targeted for — so it’s worth periodically logging in to check for these offers.

The Deal

  • Get 15% back at Holiday Inn when you spend at least $100 with a max of $36 back via a new targeted Chase Offer

Key Details

  • Expires 6/13/19 (payment for completed stay must be made on or before offer expiration date)
  • Offer valid only at domestic Holiday Inn properties.
  • Offer not valid at Holiday Inn Express

Quick Thoughts

While the savings here isn’t huge, it’s certainly nice if you have plans to stay at a Holiday Inn during the offer period (and even better if you have the offer on a card you intended to use to pay for the stay anyway). Keep in mind that this is valid for domestic (presumably US) properties only and only at the Holiday Inn brand (i.e. not Holiday Inn Express or other IHG properties). You will earn 15% back on spend of $100-$240. This offer would make for a particularly good stack with portal rewards, especially since we’ve seen Ebates hit 10% / 10x several times in recent months.

As noted at the top, logging in to check for this offer prompted me to notice an offer for 15% back at Hyatt properties. We had previously reported that offer in early April with an expiration date of April 30th, 2019. Interesting, I did not have the Hyatt offer available at that time, nor was it available on my cards when I reported some new Chase Offers for lodging on May 1, 2019. However, it appears Chase may slow-roll the offers a bit as 16today I saw an offer for 15% back at Hyatt hotels that expires in just 3 days on 5/17/19. Had I seen the offer sooner, I’d have probably been able to take advantage of it. However, with just a few days left, I don’t think I’ll be able to use it. However, it was a good reminder to log in and check Chase Offers more regularly for opportunities like this to save.

The Holiday Inn offer is valid for about a month, so that gives a much wider window of opportunity if you have any stays planned. Just remember that Chase Offers only pay out on the first use, not on cumulative purchases — so you’ll want to make sure to use your linked card for the largest purchase you have planned during the offer period.

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These offers can be so confusing and frustrating, much more so than Amex offers. They brag “Over 1,000 hotels worldwide”… but “offer only valid at domestic Holiday Inn properties– which means it is not valid in the majority of those 1,000 hotels (and is therefore largely useless to people like me who travel mostly internationally.” Also it advises you to “Select the Book Early and Save/Advance Purchase rate” but “Payment for your completed stay must be made on or before offer expiration date”– so what does that mean? Payment must be made or stay must be completed by that date??

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Points For Four

Didn’t get but could use it next month 🙁