New Chase Offers for hotels & AirBnB


Chase is out with some new targeted Chase Offers. As these are targeted, the offers vary from person to person. So far, we’ve seen offers for Staybridge Suites, Hampton Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Loews and AirBnB, but it’s likely there are more. Share the details of any you’ve found in the comments below.

Loews Chicago

The Deal

  • New Chase Offers are out for various hotel brands and AirBnB including:
    • Staybridge Suites: 15% back up to a max of $61 back when you spend $100 or more (expires 5/7/19)
    • AirBnB: 5% back up to a max of $28 back (expires 5/15/19)
    • Hampton Inn / Hilton Garden Inn: 10% back (up to a max of $40 back) when you spend between $150 and $400. (Expires 5/31/19) (Note: Terms state you must be a Hilton Honors member. Not sure why or whether they’ll verify, but neither am I sure why you wouldn’t be a Hilton Honors member if you’re reading this blog :-))
    • Best Western: 10% back up to a max of $29 back when you spend $100 or more (Expires 6/1/19)
    • Loews: 10% back up to $37 max (Expires 5/9/19)

Key Terms

  • Chase Offers are valid one-time only per card
  • Payment for your stay must be completed by the expiration date
  • Not valid on third-party purchases (i.e. if you book through Expedia and pay Expedia, you won’t get money back for your stay with these offers)
  • See individual offer for any additional terms

Quick Thoughts

The nice thing about these offers is that they should be stackable with other rewards, including shopping portals, airline partnerships, current hotel promotions, etc. Keep in mind that unlike Amex Offers, these offers are not cumulative and will work only one time. In other words, if you use the 15% offer on a $100 Staybridge stay and then have a second $100 Staybridge stay the next week, you’ll only receive $15 one time (even though the offer is good for a max of $61 back). You’ll have to spend $406.67 in one shot to maximize the $61 back on that particular offer.

A couple of these offers showed up on Chase Sapphire Reserve cards, which is typically a card I’d want to use when making these kind of bookings anyway — so earning a bit more back is icing on the cake. Furthermore, you might be able to stack the Loews offer with Chase Luxury hotels for FHR-like benefits in addition to getting some back. The picture above is from the Loews Chicago, which I booked cheaply through FHR last year. I did not check to see if that hotel is available via Chase Luxury Hotels, but I suspect there are many Loews properties that may be. See Chase Luxury Hotel Collection vs Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts for more info on the Chase program and how it stacks up.

The unfortunate thing is that all of these have relatively short periods of validity, expiring anywhere from a week to a month from now, so keep those dates in mind.

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