(EXPIRED) New Staples offers for $17-34 back from Chase

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A new round of Chase Offers for Staples began appearing for many people today on both business and personal cards. There are several different offers you may see and these would stack quite nicely with fee-free Visa Gift Cards from 2/23-2/29/20.

The Deal

  • Chase is out with targeted offers for Staples purchases. These offers have been found on both personal and business cards, so it’s worth checking all of your accounts to see your offer. Some of which we are aware include:
    • $10 back when you spend $100 or more
    • 10% back (up to a max of $17 back)
    • $20 back when you spend $100 or more
    • $30 back when you spend $100 or more
    • 20% back (up to a max of $34 back)

Key Terms

  • Offer valid one time only
  • Expires 3/23/20
  • See your offer for full details

Quick Thoughts

A key note on Chase Offers is that these offers are one-time-only. They only trigger on your first qualifying purchase, not cumulative purchases.

That is to say that if you have the offer for 10% back and your first purchase if for a $2 pen, you are only getting $0.20 back even if you buy another $168 worth of stuff in a subsequent transaction. Make sure that your big purchase is the first one.

Still, with fee-free Visa Gift Cards starting tomorrow, I imagine that most readers won’t have much trouble maxing out these offers in a single purchase. These will make for a nice stack.

Note that while Doctor of Credit reports that the 10% offer is on personal cards and set amounts are showing on business credit cards, my experience is that this just varies. For example, my wife received the 10% offers on two Chase business cards, whereas my Chase Ink Plus got the offer for $20 back on $100. Neither of us found a Staples offer on any of our personal cards. YMMV.

Overall, this is a great deal so you’ll want to sync it up before heading out to Staples.

H/T: Reader jeph36 via email

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[…] is offering $25 off $100 with coupon code 91787. You could stack this with the current Chase Offer if you have it available (these offers vary — mine is $20 back on $100+, some people had $30 […]


Wow – Some rare Chase love $124 CB spread over all our Chase biz cards –

Thanks for the split-tender DP – it worked like a dream

21% pure profit as well as miles and UR. – Rare to get a decent offer – rarer still to get it across all business cards

Captain Greg

It should work at staples.com too, correct?


Can I use this Chase offer to buy the Visa Gift Card from Staples stores? Thanks in advance!


Thanks much Nick!


I have staple offer on my CIP card and add it on my account. I have an employee card. If my employee uses his CIP to make the purchase in staples. Will I get the cash back on my account?


Probably to soon to tell if online purchase will trigger the bonus. DOC seems to think that it will not.


My husband got different offers on each of his 4 business cards. Neither of us got anything on personal cards.

Points For Four

got them on several chase business cards today. I’m wondering if I can split the $200 Staples gift card transaction into 2 * $100 charges, using 2 offers in one fell swoop


You can, just depends if cashier kno how to “split” – i think also aka “split tender”. Normally i say “can I make partial payments? Do you know how to do it?” A lot of times they say “i know” and they don’t and they run it all on one card cuz they were trying to be cool. But it’s possible, I do it all the time. Most of the time, I do $199.99 on CIC and then $0.01 on samsung pay to earn samsung points.


Do you earn 200 SP points this way?

It only adds another $1 if your using it on Samsung dot com website – Almost not worth the hassle now a days


But the Split pay might be interesting play if POS isn’t hard coded against GC purchase with MCGC/VGC


If I got different offers on 3 different chase cards can I buy a gift card with each credit card from different stores?


why not. I have 4 ink cards with various types of offer. on top of that I have several amex cards with 10% amax offers as well. I will be hitting the staples stores hard this coming week with my wife since my stores enforce 1 per person rule.