New United Mile Play Offers – See If You’re Targeted


United has released another round of targeted Mile Play offers and, in at least some cases, they’ll be easy challenges to complete.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Only original offer recipients can register for and participate in this promotion.
  • Member must register for this promotion on or prior to March 10, 2023. Only transactions initiated after registration and completed on or prior to March 10, 2023 will qualify toward satisfaction of the offer requirements.
  • Registrant must complete all activity specified in the offer to receive bonus award miles. Partial bonuses for completing only certain activity will not be awarded. Bonus award miles may only be earned once.

Quick Thoughts

Mile Play offers vary from person to person – if you’re even targeted – so there’s not one single offer that’s applicable to everyone who’s targeted.

Having said that, Tim and I received almost identical offers. My offer gives 3,400 bonus miles when taking two trips with United by March 10th. Tim has the same offer, but with 2,800 bonus miles instead. A “trip” is defined as a flight that costs more than $100 and one-way flights count.

There are a couple of important things to be aware of when it comes to United Mile Play offers. The first is that the spending threshold for the flight(s) you need to take relates to the fare itself. There are various taxes and fees added on when booking paid flights, so in our cases the fare + carrier-imposed surcharges portion has to be at least $100, without counting government-imposed taxes and fees. bBut your spending threshold might be higher.

The other key thing to be aware of is that qualifying flights have to be booked after you’ve registered for the promotion. Last year, Nick booked a United flight just a couple of days before being targeted for Mile Play. However, because that was booked before registering for his Mile Play offer, it wasn’t eligible to be a qualifying flight to complete the offer requirements. Thankfully that was easy to remedy; the price hadn’t changed, so he was able to cancel and rebook it in order to earn the bonus miles from the flight.

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Did I hit a bonanza? 3 trips = 14,000 miles!


if i book united flights on Captial One travel, will they be eligible for this promotion?


Husband got “book a trip 1 time and get 3,000 bonus miles.” I got book 2, get 4,500 miles. United has almost no presence where we live, and we haven’t flown them in 5+ years. Doubtful either of us will do this.


Book and fly two trips in premium cabin, minimum $650 each, for 31K points.


Nothing. Guess my one segment with United last year makes this UA million miler someone who doesn’t need to be coaxed and bribed to fly United. I did fly just shy of 100K on their competitors last year.


book 4 trips $150+ and earn 5,000 miles………………pass

Lara S.

Mine was- book and take four trips (at least $250/each) before March 10 and get 31,000 miles. It’s a lot but also no way can I meet that since most of my trips are international work trips that are a week+. To cram four in before March is absurd. They know how I travel and know I won’t meet this. Even if I did two trips, buying one way tickets, it would be hard to cram it into the timeline.


2 trips for 11,000 miles. It doesn’t state round trip as the criteria, just has to cost $175+. I would think I could book 2 one-way flights vs a round trip flight and meet the requirements?

Enjoy Fine Food

From April 26 thru June 6 offer I got:

Book and take a trip* ($125 minimum) Earn 2,200 bonus miles 
Check a bag Earn 300 bonus miles  
Download the United app and sign in Earn 150 bonus miles 
Complete all activities Earn 1,800 more bonus miles 

4450 total opportunity. Yawn.

Billy Bob

That’s one of the better ones.