(EXPIRED) Chase & Amex Marriott Cards: Spend $7,000, Earn 10,000 Bonus Points

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Marriott cardholders have a new, non-targeted spending offer available on their cards that gives10,000 bonus points when spending $7,000 on a Marriott card by September 30th. This offer won’t be appealing for most folks, but it could make sense to try hitting the spending threshold in some circumstances.

The Deal

  • Spend $7,000 on Marriott credit cards and earn 10,000 bonus points.
    • Register by 8/10/23
    • Complete spending requirement by 9/30/23

Direct Link to Offer and Registration

Terms and Conditions

  • Registration is between July 27th and August 10th, 2023
  • Spending must be completed by September 30yj, 2023
  • Those with multiple, eligible Marriott Bonvoy cards can register each card individually
  • Offer can only be used once per card
  • Each card must have been opened prior to June 21, 2023 to be eligible for promotion

Quick Thoughts

It looks like this spending offer is open to all Marriott cardholders. Spending $7,000 in two months will be tricky for some people and. even if you have no issues generating that much spend, it probably doesn’t make sense to put it on a Marriott card.

Marriott cards ordinarily earn 2x points per dollar. If you spent exactly $7,000, the bonus would add 1.43 points per dollar, for a total return of 3.43x. We value Marriott points at ~0.8 cents each, so 3.43x would net you ~2.74% back. Not terrible, but there’s better value to be had.

If you can stack most of the spend in a bonused category, it could make a little more sense. For instance, both the Chase and Amex Marriott business cards give 4x at U.S. restaurants and gas stations while the Chase Marriott Bountiful card earns 4x at restaurants and grocery stores. If all $7,000 of the required spend was done in those categories, you’d be earning an effective 5.43x Marriott points. While there are other cards that can offer more generous returns, it depends on whether you have any of those, how easy it is for you to otherwise generate Marriott Bonvoy points and how badly you need them.

All that said, unless you need to generate Marriott points or are working through the minimum spending requirement on a card opened before 6/21, this offer is a bit of a snoozer. For most folks, there will be better places to put $3,500/month in spend.

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Does anyone happen to know if the 10,000 gets deposited: (1) as soon as you hit the spending requirement, (2) at statement cycle close after hitting spend, or (3) end of promotion period 9/30?


What’s the start date? I registered, but when does the addition begin?


I believe 7/27


I will not register my Boundful card either. I have called twice now and got the same answer. “We understand there is a problem with card registration and we are working on it” They have “escalated” my case but 10 days later still nothing. She told me I had to track the expenses myself and call back in after September 30th and ask for the 10k points. I love my Marriott card but this is ABSURD.


Annoyingly, I’m in Popup Jail on the Brilliant. Got my Vanilla Platinum in December, and use it fairly regularly, so I’m surprised. Will try again later, I suppose, probably on the next SUB.


Was this on a referral? I just saw that P2 landed in pop-up jail for my referral to a Brilliant card even though she’s 4/24, hasn’t opened a new AMEX card in 4 years, and spends over $5K each year on the card that has been open. I’ve seen other data points of pop-up coming up specifically on referrals for the Brilliant so she is going to try directly applying next.

Last edited 2 months ago by Andrew

No dice, P2 directly applied from her account and was pre-approved for the Brilliant but still got pop-up jail on the SUB offer. Very surprised given the spend annually on her other AMEX card and lack of gaming (never closed a card, only 4/24). Maybe AMEX doesn’t like that we hit the 5X referral offer in Q2 hard?


I was pre-approved too, which is odd. I’m wondering if I should just ditch the SUB and go for it.

Terry K

The offered would not work (register) on my Chase Boundless only on my AMEX Brilliant and Biz.


Besides SUBs and Marriott hotel spend, what other ways can you generate decent amounts of Marriott points?


Exactly. I need Marriott points. Once I finish current SUBs on other cards this offer is better than nothing.


Not that it makes the offer more appealing, but the terms seem to include the “issued prior to June 21, 2023” requirement only for the Chase cards, not the Amex cards. If that’s true, then one could theoretically open a new Amex Bonvoy card and activate the offer by August 10, and then stack the SUB spend to also count towards this offer.


Working on getting a Brilliant card for P2 so I’ll report back if that works. AMEX may just prevent this offer from showing up on new accounts.


Huh, got not available for my Ritz