Newburgh, NY to Dublin for $69 one-way or $209 RT (carry-on only on Norwegian)


Norwegian is running a great deal on flights from Newburgh, NY to Dublin, Ireland with prices as low as $69 one-way to Ireland or just $209 round trip for direct flights in May. This sale was emailed to Norwegian Rewards members and requires a coupon code (1817REWFLIGHT) – it is possible that you have to create a free Norwegian Reward account to use the discount. There are also cheap flights round trip to Norway or one-way to the UK (though returns from the UK aren’t as good of a deal), and Providence has some $99 one-way deals as well.

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The Deal

  • Flights on Norwegian Air from Newburgh, NY (SWF) to Dublin, Ireland (DUB) from $69 one-way or $209 round trip during May 2018 with coupon code 1817REWFLIGHT
  • Search and use their low fare calendar to find the best prices

Key Terms

  • This is the LowFare price, so it includes a carry-on (up to 10kg / 22lbs) and a personal item, but no checked baggage and no seat selection (LowFare+, which includes a checked bag and seat selection, is available from $70 more each way)

Quick Thoughts

I know that some will be turned off by the lack of checked baggage and seat selection, but at this price it might be worth traveling light and enjoying a long weekend in Dublin. The coupon code actually just reduces the price of the outbound, dropping the price from Newburgh to Dublin down to $69. Returns are $140 for a total of $209 if you want to fly round trip – though it is also possible to book the one-way for $69 and get home using miles/from another destination/etc.

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If you must check baggage and select a seat, you are better off booking LowFare+ tickets, which were running $70 more each way on the dates I checked. LowFare+ includes 1 checked bag ($90 if purchased separately) and seat selection ($45 if purchased separately). At a total of $349 round trip, LowFare+ certainly isn’t bad if you need those extras.

For those traveling with a little one, the infant fare adds $52.50 to a round trip, which doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

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Though the coupon code above only applies to Newburgh->Dublin flights, other destinations are available for great prices as well. For example, you can fly round trip from Newburgh to Bergen, Norway for $240.30 round trip.

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There are also a number of other destinations with $99 one-ways from Newburgh in May and June (see all cities/deals from Newburgh here):

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Similar destinations are available for $99 out of Providence as well.

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While Norwegian is a low-cost-carrier that often offers a significant discount over competitors by not bundling extras like checked baggage and seat selection, we’re seeing more and more carriers add basic economy on long-haul routes, which might make these options even more competitive. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law flew the Newburgh-to-Dublin route last fall and reported that everything was as they would expect in economy class these days, though of course you’ll have to pay for snacks and drinks.

While it won’t be a flat bed seat and won’t include any frills, at these prices it probably makes sense to save your miles for a more valuable redemption — or plan a trip for a couple of weeks and use your miles to visit Dublin and also take advantage of a sweet spot round trip from there to see a second destination.

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Ok, folks… for those of us far away from NY state in general…. what is the easiest and CHEAPEST way to get to Newburgh from either of NYC’s main airports??