Now 120K points after $6K spend with no annual fee on the Chase Ink Business Unlimited credit card through Business Relationship Manager


There’s a new offer out on the Chase Ink Business Unlimited card that’s good for 120,000 Ultimate Rewards points after $6,000 in purchases in the first 3 months. That’s an incredible offer on a card with no annual fee (though it’s worth noting that a couple playing the game in two-player mode can do almost as well at any time). The catch is that this offer is primarily available in-branch through a Business Relationship Manager.

The Offer

  • In bank branches, some Chase Business Relationship Managers can provide an offer on the Chase Ink Business Unlimited card that is good for 120,000 points after $6,000 in purchases within the first 3 months.
  • Alternatively, you can try this link, but proceed with caution; if this offer was not intended to be available to you, Chase could potentially take adverse action.

Quick Thoughts

While the bonus here shows up as $1,200 after $6,000 in purchases, the bonus is awarded as 120,000 points. If you have other Chase cards, you can combine points among the cards you own or with one other person in your household or one co-owner of your business (and then on to partners if you combine them to a card that allows transfers).

That makes this bonus incredibly valuable given Chase’s transfer partners, but keep in mind that the Ink Business Unlimited does not feature the ability to transfer to partners. You’ll need a card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve, or Chase Ink Business Preferred in order to move points to partners.

It’s worth a mention that if you’re playing the game in two-player mode, this new offer might not be a huge draw. That’s because the standard offer on this card via a referral link is for 75,000 points after $6,000 in purchases, but the referrer could also get 40,000 points for the successful referral. In a two-player household, that would be a total of 115,000 points — and that would be available any time. When Chase previously featured an offer for 90K points on this card, a two-player household would have actually earned even more points.

Those who have recently applied will likely wonder if Chase will match this 120,000 point offer. I wouldn’t expect that given that the card offer is listed at 75,000 points in other places, but if you ask nicely the worst they will say is no.

Overall, this is certainly an incredibly intriguing offer for a card that features no annual fee and offers a respectable 1.5 points per dollar spent on all qualifying purchases.


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How serious is the risk that they could take adverse action by using the link here? Would they just claw back the SUB or is there a decent risk of all accounts being close?


It doesn’t seem in Chase’s interest to close all of my accounts for using a sign up bonus that was posted on the internet but perhaps wasn’t intended for me. If there’s any fallout, I imagine it’s just that I don’t get the SUB. For a no-fee card with 0% interest for 12 months, it seems like a good risk to take. I just got approved.


Update: I just spoke with my Chase Business representative and she was able to send me the link without going into the branch, but she said I had to apply with the business I had the business banking relationship with, not a sole proprietorship or other business.

My guess is if you apply for the wrong business then they might claw back the SUB


Can you get more than one of these cards?


Think they’d allow three? 🙂


You will be taxed on the 40,000 points referral. also the $6000


You should only be taxed on the 40k pts. You’re spending $6k so idk in what universe you’d be taxed on the MSR.


You’re only taxed on the 40k referral if your annual total exceeds $600/60k in referral bonuses.


Chase sent out 1095s this year even with one referral bonus of 40k.


I’m assuming you meant 1099s. They’re required to send them at $600, but they can *choose* to send them at any amount under that. Chase’s official policy on their site is the following:

“Form 1099-MISC reports services (including parts and materials), prizes and awards, and other miscellaneous income equaling or in excess of $600.”

One referral bonus may have been only 40K/$400, so you’ll get a 1099 for that account separately if you’ve totaled $600 or more in all Chase accounts in your name. You’ll get a separate 1099 for each account that earns a referral bonus (or qualifying “income)”, so some 1099s will show $100 and others might show $400.

I find this whole concept odd. The points have a designated value, but that value isn’t realized until you cash them out. I don’t think it’s right to pay taxes on a referral bonus that is issued in points. If it’s issued in a direct cash payment to your account or a cash-back only account, that’s obviously reasonable. But paying taxes on points seems like a stretch to me.

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Anyone happen to know how long this offer will be around. Wait for my 5/24 to end in a couple of months.


It’s a business card, which don’t count toward 5/24, so you should be good.


Business cards are subject to 5/24, they just don’t contribute to it.


Here’s what Frequent Miler says:

“Do Chase Business Cards Count?

“This is a confusing one. When applying for a Chase Business card, the 5/24 rule is absolutely in effect. This means that if your credit report shows that you’ve opened 5 or more cards in the past 24 months, Chase won’t approve your new business card application. That said, if you do get approved for a Chase business card, it won’t add to your count. For example, if your current count is 4/24 and you successfully sign up for a new Chase Ink Business card, your count will remain at 4/24 because Chase won’t report this card to the credit bureaus.“


Exactly. This person is over 5/24 right now so is ineligible to apply. In a couple of months they’re going under 5/24 and want to know if the offer will still be around.


Ah ha! I believe that even though the original post is only like 15 words, I managed to misunderstand it! Anyway, I learned more about 5/24 from this!

[…] More:Now 120K points after $6K spend with no annual fee on the Chase Ink Business Unlimited credit card t… 2024-04-08 […]


I wonder if messaging Chase for points match can have unintended consequences on our accounts. P2 and I have been referring each other for multiple CIUs in the past year. Are there any data points that people got into trouble when Chase put eyes on their accounts and found churning activity?


Churning in and of itself doesn’t violate the terms, so why would there be an issue? If you spent the entire 6k MSR at staples and then had eyes on your account for other suspect stuff, maybe.


Well, just secure messaged them and asked to see if they’ll match it. Will report back in a few days when they respond. Opened the card on just 2 weeks ago.


Please do. I just opened two weeks ago as well.


any updates?


Chase stated they would match if a unique invitation number and offer code was provided, and that this would be available from a branch manager or mailer. Don’t have it, so no match.


The deal seems no longer available through the link.