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Which bank offers the best transfer partners? On Greg’s mind…

Last week Capital One made massive improvements to their transferable points program.  Previously, many of their transfer partners were not one-to-one.  Unlike the transferable...

How to use your Chase Ultimate Rewards fortune

Following my posts detailing how to use your Amex point fortune and how to use your Citi point fortune, it's clearly time to turn...

“World’s Best” Round the World Trip w/ Points

Sometimes an idea gets stuck in my head and I can't shake it until I've fleshed it out.  A week ago, I published "The...

Chase “Pay Yourself Back”

In May 2020, Chase introduced a fantastic new benefit for select cardholders: "Pay Yourself Back".  The basic idea is that you can exchange your...

$10 off $30 or more at Amazon with 1 Ultimate Rewards point [Targeted]

If you weren't targeted for the deal we posted earlier when using 1 Citi Thank You point, take comfort in the fact that you...

How long does it take to transfer points to airline and hotel programs?

I love transferable points.  The ability to transfer points to multiple airline and hotel programs makes it possible to get far outsized value from...

United vs. Air Canada: Which is the better Chase transfer partner?

I was wrong.  In my recent post announcing that Chase has added Air Canada Aeroplan as a new transfer partner, I wrote "Often you’ll...

Air Canada Aeroplan now an Ultimate Rewards transfer partner

We knew it was coming this year, but we didn't know exactly when.  Now it's here: those with premium Chase Ultimate Rewards cards such...

(EXPIRED) 50% transfer bonus to Marriott from Ultimate Rewards

We frequently see transfer bonuses from Amex Membership Rewards and occasionally from Citi ThankYou points and Capital One rewards, but we rarely ever see...
Amex Transfer Partners

Transferable Points Programs: Amex vs Chase vs Citi vs Capital One vs Brex

This Report Card for Transferable Points Programs post has been updated to account for Capital One adding a new 1 to 1 transfer tier...

A new transferable currency hierarchy (on Nick’s mind)

Before this week, I think that most points and miles enthusiasts would have easily placed Amex Membership Rewards points and Chase Ultimate Rewards points...
Amex Transfer Partners

Transfer Partner Master List

Updates: This post now includes indirect transfer partners (transfer to one program in order to then transfer to another) Added Brex transfer partners In my...

Chase Transfer Partners: Which are best? Which are worst?

Chase Ultimate Rewards points are transferable to many airline and hotel partners. Below you'll find a complete list of Chase transfer partners (direct and...

Chase’s Secret Transfer Partners

Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred 1 to 1 to a number of airline and hotel loyalty programs.  At the time of this...

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