125K Marriott Bonvoy points with new business card offer


The Marriott Bonvoy Business card is well worth having and holding for Marriott aficionados for its annual elite night credits. Now there’s another reason to consider it: an increased welcome offer.

Interested in more about Marriott Bonvoy? See our Marriott Bonvoy Complete Guide for full program details, including how to earn points, shortcuts to elite status, key program policies and more.

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The Offer & Key Card Details

Card Offer and Details
Limited Time Offer: Earn 5 Free Night Awards - Valued at up to 50K points each, up to 250K points total. ⓘ Affiliate
Earn five 50k free night certificates after $8K spend in the first 6 months. Redemption level up to 50,000 Marriott Bonvoy(R) points for each bonus Free Night Award, at hotels participating in Marriott Bonvoy(R). Certain hotels have resort fees. Terms apply. (Rates & Fees)
(Offer Expires 7/10/2024)
$125 Annual Fee
Recent better offer: 5x50K free night certificates after $8K in spend (expired 3/20/24)
Earning rate: 6x at Marriott Bonvoy properties ✦ 4x at restaurants worldwide, U.S. gas stations, wireless telephone services purchased from U.S. suppliers and on U.S. purchases for shipping ✦ 2x on all other eligible purchases. Terms Apply. (Rates & Fees)
Base: 2X (1.6%)
Dine: 4X (3.2%)
Gas: 4X (3.2%)
Phone: 4X (3.2%)
Biz: 4X (3.2%)
Brand: 6X (4.8%)
Card Info: Amex Credit Card issued by Amex. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Big spend bonus: Earn an additional 35k free night certificate (can be topped-up with up to 15k additional points, subject to resort fees) after you spend $60K on purchases in a calendar year
Noteworthy perks: Complimentary Marriott Gold elite status ✦ 15 Elite Night Credits each calendar year ✦ 35k Free Night Award every year after card renewal (subject to resort fees) ✦ Complimentary premium Internet access at Marriott properties ✦ Terms Apply (Rates & Fees)

Quick Thoughts

While this new offer isn’t as strong as some we have seen on the consumer Marriott cards, it is about as good as it typically gets on the Amex Marriott business card. The business card is appealing because since it comes with 15 elite night credits each year and those can stack with elite nights from having one (or more) Marriott consumer cards. For instance, I have both the Amex Marriott Bonvoy Business card and the Chase Ritz-Carlton consumer card, so I began the year with 30 elite night credits — just 20 nights short of Marriott Platinum status (otherwise known as “free breakfast” status…albeit a confusing benefit).

This 125k offer replaces the previous version of 3 free night certificates worth up to 50k each. While the ceiling on this one is technically lower, receiving flexible points that don’t expire in a year is probably a net win.

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This post shows the new offer, not the offer referenced in the post.


Can you hold multiple ritz carlton cards at the same time? Couldn’t find any datapoints on it, so I guess I’ll be that datapoint. My current strategy: get the amex marriot bevy & brilliant, then get the chase boundless & bountiful without a bonus, then get the amex marriott biz. This way I can get 3 bonuses and have all 5 marriott cards in the shortest period of time. Also, I wanna upgrade the chase marriott cards to 2 ritz cards in year two. Do you think this is doable?


I applied for marriott bevy and got approved, 5 days later applied for the brilliant and got a denial letter saying I applied for the “same type of card within the last few month”. Recon failed at first saying it was a duplicate application, after I telling the rep it was a different Marriott card, he put me on hold for a few minute and came back and told me I have to wait 90 days to apply for the brilliant. I searched the internet but couldn’t find any data points on this. I only see people being rejected for applying for the same card in 90 days and denied for the same reason. My question is should I apply for the marriott biz card? And will I get the same denial? It has been less than 90 days since my marriott bevy approval. Is this also the case when you apply for two hilton cards in 90 days?


Interesting. Did you actually apply on Day 5 or Day 6 following the Bevy app (given the 1/5 rule)? There was also a strange DP recently reported by Miles per Day although that was related to charge cards / Platinum variants: https://milesperday.com/2023/08/has-amex-moved-to-a-1-per-90-day-rule/.


Applied for bevy 08/04 and applied for brilliant 08/09, 08/09 was the last day for the elevated offer, that’s why. Looks like Amex have a 1/90 for a card family now? I’m gonna try and apply for the Marriott biz to see if that’s the case.


P2 previously had the SPG biz card – she got it 7 years ago, next week. I’ll have to confirm close date, i think 6 yrs ago. The chart doesn’t say that you’re ineligible for Bonvoy Biz due to SPG biz, but I have a recollection that they were treated as one card… is that right?


I really wish Chase still offered a business card! This would really complement the Boundless 5×50 offer by providing points to “top up” the free night certs. As it is, the only option seems to be Bevy, but getting both is rough on your 5/24 status.


FYI: when I click through to the Marriott complete guide, I noticed that the pane for this card still shows the 3×50 offer.


My P2 was in popup jail for amex gold in June and she was approved for this using my referral link from my amex Marriott biz (my plat and gold are not showing links, so I chose 20k Marriott referral)


I am trying to make the switch from AMEX to Chase Bonvoy cards – canceled my personal Bonvoy AMEX… my AF just hit on my Biz Bonvoy Amex… hoping to see some good SUBs on Chase Bonvoy early next year…


Just to free up Amex slots due to the 5-card max or for some other reason?


Ultimately, i want the Ritz card and also more SUBs! We have had the AMEX cards a long time. Between P2 and myself we had 5, down to 3 – probably will be down to one soon. Will likely drop the Brilliant – not fond of the new “perks” for the increased AF.


I was in popup jail for the personal green, but I just got approved for this one. Go figure.

Tina boswell

I had chase boundless and got a SUB. If i apply for business card should i setup a new Marriot account to be safe and then merge them later?


interesting…. let us know if this works!


I think it should work but I have no data to give you a steer. There can only be two possible ways duplicates are validated- – by Bonvoy account number (in which your method would work), or SSN (in which this method theoretically may fail). I doubt Amex and Chase are allowed to share SSN so it’s likely the first option. I also think because it’s a business to consumer combo, in which we introduce DBA, Business Names, EIN, etc seems even harder to think Marrot can validate dupes other than Bonvoy #.


Is it still the case I can’t get this if I got the chase personal card in the last 2 yrs?


Yes. I waited 25 months to be sure for both myself & P2 apps and no issues with approval.