$15 Instant Rebate on $300 in Mastercard Gift Cards at Officemax/Office Depot


office depot mastercard deal

Following their recent Visa gift card deal, Office Depot & Officemax are running a similar Mastercard deal this week.

The Offer

Save $15 instantly when you buy $300 or more in Mastercard gift cards.

Key Terms

  • In-store only.
  • Limit two offers per household/business.
  • Discount is taken at the register.
  • Valid 9/04/16-9/10/16

Amex Offer

This deal should stack with the recent targeted Office Depot/Officemax Amex Offer.


Mastercard gift cards sold by Officemax/Office Depot are issued by US Bank. For more info on setting the pin on these cards and liquidating them, see: Beginner’s guide to buying & liquidating Visa & Mastercard gift cards

For more info about this deal including a photo of the in-store sign, see: this The Travel Sisters post.

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Just tried this at walmart and it was a no go. The card is reading as credit. Can someone confirm this works at Krogers? How much is the fee?


I did use these for money orders at Krogers and it worked fine


Our local Kroger Store (called Fred Meyer) was so much easier than Walmart. Fewer people and the process was much smoother too; cards were automatically recognized as debit. I made four separate transactions for a total MO of $799.21 + $.79 MO fee. Haven’t tried to more than four yet. Won’t ever go back to Walmart, unless they lower their MO fee back to $.25.


Here in SoCal all the Kroger/Fred Meyer are called Ralphs and unfortunately, it’s a cash only for MO.


If anyone is in SoCAL, I was able to buy MO using my Mastercard giftcard. I used two to buy $399 worth with the $1.00 fee.
Now I can liquidate my Mastercard gift cards. I almost forgot. This was at Stator Bros.

Colby Patchin

They don’t work at the post office either.


Buyer beware, I tried my gift cards at Walmart again after a few days, to let them activate, and they have not worked. All funds are in tact and the expiration dates are well in the future. I tried four separate locations in my hometown. Another friend tried two others. None of them accept the MasterCard debit cards. I have used them as recently as five or six months ago and knew all the tricks and they work fine. But now the machines don’t even have a cancel button to push. It automatically rings up as credit and there is no way to change it. I also tried at the local post office and after entering the pin each card said funds Were unavailable. I also had this happen at the one Walmart that had a cancel button appear on the screen. This may be a total YMMV situation. Good thing I only have three cards to get rid of.


Yep…confirming the same experience. Unfortunately, I have a lot of cards. Thankfully, Im traveling where Kroger Stores are prevalent and I’ve been liquidating via $.69 Money Orders burning 5 cards per $1,000 MO.


JD. See my notes above on the Walmart swipe machines and sequence of first swiping before the csr keys in $x00 debit. It should work – but only on the old swiping machines. At least it works well here in Houston area where they have the old machines, which is only a few stores now – as many have been replaced with the newer ‘square’ swiping machines.

Sam Dunnaby

My walmart doesnt have any of the old machines. No go here for walmart MO.

Colby Patchin

What is the brand of the old machine? All my WMs Boise area have the ingenico isc250 and none work.


Yes same issue in L.A.

Jeff Deatherage

I have been unable to get the MasterCards to work at Walmart registers to do a money order it rings up as a credit card with no option for a pin can you want to help me here


$600 is the max you should do, as its max $30 per transaction. I did more once – big mistake!


I’m on the edge of my chair …. So what happened?


Have anyone try to buy more than 600$ per transaction ? Is the extra discount works on it .?


Nope.. You use to be able to do $1800 and get 90 back. You can still buy $1800 but only get 30 back.


thanks for the concise reply.


How do you liquidate the card at walmart at the counter? After KATE , I have not used Master Cards at Walmat.


PC see my comments to Frank above.


Lol, here we go again. Anyone know the likelihood chase bans you for overdoing this? Like how much would I have to spend to get banned? I already did 16k last time over two ink cards. Any ideas?


I can’t believe this deal has been going for 2 days and there are still plenty of gift cards left at my local OfficeMAX. I bet a lot of the local competition is away on the long weekend.


Does anyone know if these MasterCard gift cards take a few hours to start working? I just bought a couple at Office Depot and went immediately to WM to get a MO and transaction screen kept saying debit unavailable after the pin was entered.


All MCGCs I bought at today at OD loaded fine and I already got rid of them (2.4K).


Guess I will have to try again later.


Double-check the expiration date on the gift cards. Once I bought a bunch of gift cards that were expired. It wasn’t an easy take to get my money refunded when that happened.


As far as I know, the possible “delay” in the gift cards is a function of the
individual store. Some have a one hour delay, some, more. Some have no delay; they work immediately.


Give it a few hours, or maybe even overnight. The same thing happened to me. Naturally, I panicked. Then the next day, it worked fine. Most likely, your new gift card just needs a few hours to become active.


OMG.. Not again.. Is the start of the school year the new “Black Friday” / Small business Saturday. Love it…


Frank, Liquidate into mo’s at walmart is the best way, but has to be walmarts with the old ’round cornered’ swipe machines and you have to swipe BEFORE the csr enters the amount of the swipe. Also you need to click on the yellow button to select debit card. Its a little tricky, but not impossible when you get into the swing and if you have a friendly csr.

Also make sure you take note of the pin thats now inside the packaging of mcgc’s. Or of course you can call the # on back of the card and set up your own pin. I’m lazy and prefer the former!


Hi Ken, I was trying the new machine in Walmart with Master card. But every time I swipe the screen shows signature required without pin entering. Could you specifically detail the process of liquidating Master card in Walmart? Thanks so much.


whats best way to liquidate nowadays? no bb, no serve.


As I’m a bit leery of too many money order deposits into my bank account, there’s also billpay at WMT…. (and elsewhere) esp. using checkfreepay. Beyond that, there’s debit cards that you can load and use for spend and bill pay (like accountnow). Greg (FM) had a long helpful post on this earlier this year — topic though hasn’t been much revisited since that I recall. (as a lot of it is YMMV and your local outlets/merchants may vary on policies for using debit cards to load…. In my area, for example, CVS is hostile; Kroger is welcoming.)


I have been using Greendot for loads (cash & GCs). For Accountnow have you been able to load them at Rite Aid or the Dollar Store by chance. I know both of these work in my area. Thanks. Joe


You can use Greendot to load mastercard gift cards?