$15 Instant Rebate on $300 in Visa Gift Cards Returns at OfficeMax/Office Depot



Starting today Officemax/Office Depot are bringing back their Visa instant rebate promotion.

The Offer

Save $15 instantly when you buy $300 or more in Visa gift cards.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid in store only 12/18/16 – 12/24/16.
  • Discount applied at register.

I have been told be a reliable source that this deal will be running in-store this week, however I do not know what the limit will be. During the most recent Visa promotion, the deal limit was 1, however that isn’t always enforced.

Which Cards?

Generally the best cards to purchase during promotions like these are variable or fixed load $200 Visa cards. Variable load cards with a denomination of up to $500 are generally hard-coded as cash only, but the lower $200 denomination cards should be purchasable with a credit card.


Visa gift cards sold by Officemax/Office Depot are issued by Metabank. For more info on setting the pin on these cards and liquidating them, see: Beginner’s guide to buying & liquidating Visa & Mastercard gift cards

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[…] year, Ebates introduced in store cashback, which was particular huge with some of the Office Depot / Office Max Visa Gift Card Rebate promotions. I’d love to see this kind of opportunity be introduced. The closest thing we have now is […]


Is buying 3x$200 taking off $30?


Heard that it was plugged as of BF time.


no i tried it.


Bought 3×200 variable Visas today and it only applied once. Total came to 605 but I still come out ahead since i used Ink.


Variable amount ($20-$200) Visa cards are included in this promotion.


Fraud is usually worse around the holidays. At least the 1 offer per person limit keeps most from having a chance to hoard these which leads to not being able to drain them all quickly. Trying to see the limit in a positive way. 🙂

Rob P

Thank you for the heads up!


I purchase my cards from Staples.com and they send the cards and auth codes separately. I don’t use the cards right away. Do I need to be concerned that my cards could be drained? I thought that this would be the safe way not to get scammed.

Rob P

I haven’t had problems.


Ive purchased over 25K of these, and never had one drained. Ive held some for over a month, though most I do get rid of within a week or two. I dont know how that guy had his amex, mcs, and visas drained. Either he purchases from a scandalous store, or something else is going on.


Hi there. Just curious, what’s the “something else” you are referring to?

All purchased through Staples/Office Max or Depot using Chase Ink. Prob purchased $100k worth over last few years. Some did sit in my drawer for a few months, and that might have contributed.

With that said, out of 100 AMEX $200 GC, maybe 1-2 stolen (1-2%).
Out of 200 MC, prob 10 stolen (5%). Out of 300 Visa, around 8-9 stolen (3%).

625k (with sign up bonuese) UR points went to 5RT business class tix on Korean Air from US to Korean. $25k if I had to buy the tix. $6 for each for activation fee means $3600 (plus gas money) for $25k worth of tickets.

Separately, I did read somewhere that ones purchased online, with pin mailed separately, are much more secure than ones purchased in store.

Use these FAST! I’ve had cards drained by a scammer within days of purchase. Refunds are possible, but what a pain. I don’t know what it is about Office Depot VGCs.


Are you sure it was Visa and not Mastercard GCs that got scammed?


Gotten scammed on Visa, AMEX, and MC gift cards. MC seems to occur most frequently and AMEX the least. AMEX has fastest response response/resolution. MC/Visa both slow. After filing complaint/report card stolen, formal letters for MC says 20 days and Visa says 45-90 days. But MC often forgets and have to call repeatedly.