(EXPIRED) Office Depot/OfficeMax: Buy $300+ Visa Gift Cards & Save $15

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Office Depot and OfficeMax stores are back with a profitable way to earn an easy 5x with their semi-regular sale on Visa Gift Cards. Note that there is currently a Chase Offer good for 10% back up to $8-$11 available on some cards.

The Deal

  • Buy $300+ Visa gift cards at Office Depot/OfficeMax & get $15 off instantly.

Key Terms

  • Valid November 13th to November 19th, 2022.
  • Limit 1 per household/business (YMMV)

Quick Thoughts

The best option points-wise is to buy two $200 Visa gift cards. Although you’ll pay an additional $1 in purchase fees (compared to buying a $100 and a $200 card), you’ll also generate $101 worth of spend which can be worth far more than $1 if paying with a card that earns more at office supply stores such as the Chase Ink Cash or Ink Plus cards.

With two $6.95 fees (note that some Metabank Visa’s are now $7.95), you’ll make $1.10 profit in addition to 1,995 Ultimate Rewards points for every two $200 Visa gift cards that you buy.

In addition, there are two versions of an Office Depot/OfficeMax Chase Offer giving 10% back on up to $80 or $110 of spend. You’ll come out even further ahead by linking your payment card in the Dosh app. Dosh offers 2% cashback at Office Depot/OfficeMax with a limit of $10 cashback per day. Gift card purchases are officially excluded, but enforcement has varied. Adding a small purchases like a pen seems to help it go through, although some have had cash back clawed back abd others haven’t. YMMV.

See the full list of Visa and Mastercard gift card deals here

Past Office Max/Office Depot $15 off $300 deals

  • October 9th to October 15th, 2022.
  • August 28th to September 3rd, 2022.
  • July 4th to August 6th 2022.
  • May 21st to May 28th 2022.


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Mike Chicago

The limit this time is 2 offers. Confirmed that buying 4 x 200 in one transaction triggers $30 off.


OD/OM just charged $7.95 per Grocery Everywhere card (even with the expiration in 2031. Fees is still reflecting the $5.95 activation fee).

A pair of $200 Grocery Everywhere Visa cards now rings up as $400.90.

Brant Stookey

Not in my world. They are still ringing up 2 for $394.90. If you liquidating at WM for MO’s Style Everywhere still works there. Try finding those with a lower activation fee of $4.95.


Did you buy the Grocery Everywhere card at OM/OD? If so, I am curious why one store would raise the fee and not another store.


Have you ever purchased wallpaper for your house? If you do, you need to make sure each roll is from the same dye lot. If not, the color won’t match exactly and it will be very noticeable when it’s on the wall. I believe that the fee on newer batches of these cards has increased. Until the older cards work their way out of the system, there will be overlap of higher and lower fees in cards that are otherwise identical. The many ODOM stores I frequent have yet to receive any of the higher priced cards. However, armed with the information you have provided here, it’s time to remerchandise as many of the older inactivated cards as possible to an undisclosed location for future use. I have noticed, during this recent run, that the Grocery Everywhere variety is non existent on the many racks in my area. However, Style Everywhere, with the lower fee are still plentiful, which is fine for me because they work at WM for MO’s here. Just to be clear, the fee is not increased at the store level. The fee amount printed on the card package is the amount which must be changed at the cash register. To do otherwise would be illegal false advertising.


The packaging shows $5.95 and I was charged $7.95. I questioned the young clerk and he had no idea why the fee was charged differently than the packaging.


That is very strange. If you still have the card and the receipt, I’d contact ODOM corporate about it. Not because of a couple of dollars, but to find out if that particular store is fleecing people.


It’s not the individual store fleecing people. it happened a month ago on the everywhere cards, dining and grocery for me. a month later and the majority of the $4.95 cards have been purchased and replaced by the $5.95 cards. I am sure you have experienced that by now.


Had same issue with the new grocery everywhere cards…register scanning $7.95 fee despite pack stating $5.95. Seems more of a programming issue at corp level as that is the new fee for the regular visas. Old ones still ring $4.95

[…] Update 8/28/22: Deal is back for 8/28 – 9/3 (ht FM) […]


What is the OD offer? I don’t understand, sorry if someone could explain I would truly appreciate.


Will chase shut you down or claw back subs if I purchase this on my ink business cash card while working on the sub?

Last edited 3 months ago by Kayexalate

Thanks nick. I’ve never done any MS but trying juggle 2 cards Min spend for the SUB (Amex biz platinum and Chase biz ink cash). I dare not try with the Amex as I know they’re very sensitive to GC purchases (especially during the Soend to qualify for your SUB, plus only 1x) But I’ll give it a try on the chase since I do have the OD offer and of course get 5x

Last edited 3 months ago by kayexalate

Thanks Nick. It was all for not anyways because I went to my local Office Depot and could not find those Visa gift cards with a $6.95 activation fee and up to $200 all I could find were 25, 50, and $100 visa gift cards with activation fees That range from $4.95 to $5.95. But none that were $6.95. I asked the employee and they didn’t seem to know anything about the promotion. Can you please specify which specific visa gift card qualifies for this offer? Or is it any visa gift card ?


I went yesterday and asked for the $200 denominations. They looked in the back and all they had were variable load cards, marked as $20-$200 for a $6.95 fee. I wasn’t sure if they would work… but they did. Triggered Office Depot’s discount just fine.


Not to step on Nick’s answer at all, because he gave you prudent advice, especially if you’re new to the game. However, I’ve been manufacturing spend for many years in large volume. Of course, I’m confident that your personal track record with Chase plays an important role, but that said, I purchase $10K of VGC’s each time they are on sale at OfficeMax/Office Depot. This is more of a data point rather than a suggestion or encouragement to anyone considering MS. I also cycle my Ink card to do this, which means that my limit is only half of my spend, so I prepay the card during the sales in order to achieve my desired goal. In other words, in my experience, Chase is very MS friendly in this particular environment.


Thanks Brant. I wanted to dip my toes into the MS process but couldn’t even find the specific Visa cards that would work for this promo at OD. Do you know which ones work? The employees knew nothing and i could not find it online except on blogs which don’t reference which specific Visa cards work. Thanks


You need to Google these terms. “Grocery Everywhere Visa” and “Style Everywhere Visa”. These cards continue to work for purchases of money orders at Walmart. I would ignore all other cards because they are more difficult to liquidate.


All great points!! See what I did there?


I wasn’t even thinking about MS to that degree but just doing the $400 on the OD offer since I had it on my chase card. But I couldn’t even find which visa gc worked at OD. (Still trying to find the answer to that one )


Thanks for clarifying! I guess I was confused because in your post you referenced  $6.95 fees per card, but every Visa card I saw at my local OD had $4.95 or $5.95 activation fees so I thought maybe there was a specific one. Of course since the $15 off was not advertised on OD’s website, they could not look anything up and none of them employees seemed to know anything about any promotion. I’ll give it a try again since I have until 9/3. Thank you


Man, I just received my Ink Cash card last week and was excited to go for my first gift cards when I saw this offer – then realized that OfficeMax/Depot apparently closed EVERY store on Long Island at some point. And I’ve got those 10% off offers on some other cards too – Bummer. 🙁


It didn’t ring up on sale today for me. Might want to wait a day for more data points.


Worked for me about two hours ago


Didn’t ring up for me either at about noon today. I used the variable VISA cards (you choose the amount, $25-$200); tried to purchase 2x$200 and no discount. Maybe I tried to buy the wrong thing? They didn’t have the $200 VISA cards.

Last edited 3 months ago by Frank

I tried variable visa metabank cards for $200 each at 5pm. They have worked in the past.


2x$200 variable visas worked for me just fine.


I bought 2 of the variable VISA gift cards @200 each, it worked for me. Discount was automatically applied at check out. Total paid was $398.90

Big Jeff

Wow this community is obsessed with gift cards.I don’t have any business cards, so I never get the 5x earn rate at office stores.

How do you keep track of them all? What do you do when the balance drops below $1.00 and stores refuse to accept them for such a small purchase?


One can buy Amazon digital gift cards in any denomination. This what I do when I have less than $20 left on any VGC or MCGC.

Last edited 3 months ago by Deb
Big Jeff

Thanks Nick and Deb! The Amazon hack might make me a believer…


Hi Big Jeff. If you shop at Costco, they’ll auto drain your VGCs. I frequently drain 3 or 4 in one trip.


Yes, Costco works great. Just scan one card after another until you’re all paid up or out of cards (and pay the balance with a 2x Visa).


Unable to buy money orders using these cards at my local Albertsons/Safeway any longer. Never had problems until the last 2 weeks.
Anyone have similar or know what’s going on?


Have you noticed OD is no longer available at Dosh? I can’t find it this morning.


I saw that, too, but then I later got an email saying it tracked anyway!


I bought VGC this morning and I haven’t received anything from Dosh yet. I could not locate OD on my Dosh app either.


Just struck out. The cashier saw my credit card and told me gift cards had to be purchased with cash. I said, “Oh?” And she said ‘Yeah, it’s like that at ALL stores.” Oh well, just like my local Staples. A wild goose chase.


No problems with me using a credit card, either, but now the stores say “Corporate” is requiring Manager approval for all purchases at every store? Had been only over $500. Hassle waiting on a manager.


ODs seem to make up rules as they go along. One OD came up with the cash only rule; another would not let me buy another gift card on the same day with a separate txn (two offers)


seems publix stop money order using VGC

richard WILLIAM hirchert

Chase offer for10% off says no gift cards.

manoa rain

Sad Im on the Big Island and unlike last time.
The promo was only $2.50 per card.
Bought $1000 worth cards still cost $41.70
At least its 5X points

Another Jeff

Anyone know if “anywhere” visas are still working? Think the fee is 4.95/200 on those.

Another Jeff

Sweet, looks like it’s still working this go around too 🙂


Yes, the “anywhere” cards will load to Go2Bank. I have not attempted to purchase a MO with a “anywhere” Visa GC.


I tried loading to go2bank card and it didn’t work, what do I need to do? Do I click “debit card transfer?”


Have you set a pin to the “anywhere” Visa GC? You will be asked to enter a Pin#-4 digit Pin at the terminal. I go to the Money Center or where you return merchandise at Walmart to load to the Go2Bank card.


Setting a pin worked thank you so much I really appreciate you!


Great to hear. You can use the website address on the back of the card or call into the toll free number on the back of the card. the website address route is usually faster.


Is this at a person or is there like an automated kiosk to load the go2card.


you load at the Walmart money center with a person.


Can you buy a variable GC with this promo? The ad doesn’t specify. Thanks


How to know if any Office Depot store has this promo for VGC? On Wednesday day, I went to a Office Depot store in 98133, they say they don’t run such promotion for MCGC

Last edited 6 months ago by Kevin

Yeah. I asked the cashier but didn’t really try to check out. I will
Try check out this time


Is this instore only?

Dr. Bob

Office Depot does sell VGCs online but it’s not an official Office Depot purchase (sends you to Gift Card Mall) thus no 5X points on Chase and the $15 off promo does not apply.

[…] Update 5/21/22: Deal is back from 5/22 – 5/28. Hat tip to FM […]


Awesome tip about the offer showing up on the Chase Ink Cash card! A while back, when the offer showed up on personal cards, I checked my ink, but it was not there. Happy even though mine maxes out at $8.

Reno Joe

Tim, wouldn’t you say that it is a disservice to the community if you don’t caution individuals about the liquidation issues associated with VGCs? I see the questions on this and other posts. And, I see newbies running into trouble.


Tim I have only done these deals in-store. Remind me, can you get this deal online?

Tim Steinke

Unfortunately, no. In-store only.


Any ideas on where to cash out (ie Money order) in SE Michigan (we are in Bloomfield Hills)? Trying to help my Mom meet a min spend. Thank you.

Dylan Rogers

Could you explain how it’s $101 of spend after buying 2x $200 VGC?

Tim Steinke

Sure, I just added a note to make that clearer in the post. If you buy a $100 card and a $200 (to be right at $300 spend), you’ll pay activation fees of $6.95 for the $200 card and $5.95 for the $100 card. So, swap that $100 out for another $200 card, you pay an additonal $1 in activation fees ($6.95 instead of $5.95) + $100 in additional gift card for a total of $101 more.