(EXPIRED) Office Depot/OfficeMax: Buy $300+ Visa Gift Cards & Save $15 (5/22 to 5/28/22)


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A reader has tipped us off that tomorrow Office Depot and OfficeMax stores will return with a profitable way to earn an easy 5x on Visa gift cards. Note that there is also currently a Chase Offer good for 10% back up to $11 available on some cards (my wife found it on her Ink Cash card, which makes for a nice stack).

The Deal

  • Buy $300+ Visa gift cards at Office Depot/OfficeMax & get $15 off instantly.

Key Terms

  • Valid 5/22/22 to 5/28/22
  • Limit 1 per household/business (YMMV)

Quick Thoughts

The best option points-wise is to buy two $200 Visa gift cards. Although you’ll pay an additional $1 in purchase fees (compared to buying a $100 and a $200 card), you’ll also generate $101 worth of spend which can be worth far more than $1 if paying with a card that earns more at office supply stores such as the Chase Ink Cash or Ink Plus cards.

With two $6.95 fees, you’ll make $1.10 profit in addition to 1,995 Ultimate Rewards points for every two $200 Visa gift cards that you buy.

Note that my wife noticed a Chase Offer this morning on her Chase Ink Cash card that’s good for 10% back up to $11 back, which makes for a nice stack to add some extra profit here.

It’s worth linking your payment card in the Dosh app. Dosh offers 2% cashback at Office Depot/OfficeMax with a limit of $10 cashback per day. Gift card purchases are excluded, but enforcement has varied (some have had cash back clawed back, others haven’t. YMMV).

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seems publix stop money order using VGC

richard WILLIAM hirchert

Chase offer for10% off says no gift cards.

manoa rain

Sad Im on the Big Island and unlike last time.
The promo was only $2.50 per card.
Bought $1000 worth cards still cost $41.70
At least its 5X points

Another Jeff

Anyone know if “anywhere” visas are still working? Think the fee is 4.95/200 on those.

Another Jeff

Sweet, looks like it’s still working this go around too 🙂


Yes, the “anywhere” cards will load to Go2Bank. I have not attempted to purchase a MO with a “anywhere” Visa GC.


Can you buy a variable GC with this promo? The ad doesn’t specify. Thanks


How to know if any Office Depot store has this promo for VGC? On Wednesday day, I went to a Office Depot store in 98133, they say they don’t run such promotion for MCGC

Last edited 1 month ago by Kevin

Yeah. I asked the cashier but didn’t really try to check out. I will
Try check out this time


Is this instore only?

Dr. Bob

Office Depot does sell VGCs online but it’s not an official Office Depot purchase (sends you to Gift Card Mall) thus no 5X points on Chase and the $15 off promo does not apply.

[…] Update 5/21/22: Deal is back from 5/22 – 5/28. Hat tip to FM […]


Awesome tip about the offer showing up on the Chase Ink Cash card! A while back, when the offer showed up on personal cards, I checked my ink, but it was not there. Happy even though mine maxes out at $8.

Reno Joe

Tim, wouldn’t you say that it is a disservice to the community if you don’t caution individuals about the liquidation issues associated with VGCs? I see the questions on this and other posts. And, I see newbies running into trouble.


Tim I have only done these deals in-store. Remind me, can you get this deal online?

Tim Steinke

Unfortunately, no. In-store only.


Any ideas on where to cash out (ie Money order) in SE Michigan (we are in Bloomfield Hills)? Trying to help my Mom meet a min spend. Thank you.

Dylan Rogers

Could you explain how it’s $101 of spend after buying 2x $200 VGC?

Tim Steinke

Sure, I just added a note to make that clearer in the post. If you buy a $100 card and a $200 (to be right at $300 spend), you’ll pay activation fees of $6.95 for the $200 card and $5.95 for the $100 card. So, swap that $100 out for another $200 card, you pay an additonal $1 in activation fees ($6.95 instead of $5.95) + $100 in additional gift card for a total of $101 more.