Over 17,000 Singapore Krisflyer miles for less than $10, and more…


UPDATE: As a reader pointed out, the calculator next to these deals shows payouts 1/10th of what is quoted.  So, this is clearly a mistake.  Will it be honored?  I would guess not, but we’ll see.

Via Mighty Travels:

Singapore Airlines’ online shopping portal is currently offering a couple of awesome deals (if they are honored as described):

17,077 KF Miles for purchasing LifeLock Basic (which costs less than $10 per month):


23,077 KF Miles for purchasing a Premium Domain Name from Network Solutions:


Singapore miles are actually quite valuable for domestic flights on Star Alliance partners (e.g. United) and for ultimate luxury via Singapore Suites class flights.  They also have extremely reasonable change and cancellation fees on awards.

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Eric Maur

can anyone clarify the network solutions one? What exactly is a “premium domain” and the cost???

Caesar Angus-tus

These are errors. Questionable whether they will honor or not. I’m in for 2 Lifelock memberships regardless. If you use the calculator, you can tell the intended amount was 1708 for Lifelock and 2308 for Network Solutions.

Frequent Miler

Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, I agree that this is clearly an error and probably won’t be honored. I updated the post with a note on top.


Just confirmed the purchase of the domain I sold to myself. Network Solutions sent me a email with the offer to buy the website. I accepted and supposedly they will be mailing me a check for $101 (the minimum offer to buy a site). Hopefully this works and they points post quickly, I could easily do this for a few old domains under my wife’s name too 🙂


so the network solutions one, it says it’s only for a premium domain name? At first glance, it seems like the lowest premium domain is $300


What is a premium domain?


Thinks for the tip. Buying an old Domain from myself – for a total of $39+ 5% commission on $101 offer ($44) and doing the lifelock. If it all works thats 50k KF miles without leaving my desk. Thanks for the Tip.


I think the same thing RG. And there is always the risk that they may not post at all. I don’t have any experience buying services thru KF for bonuses, but I am always wary. I think I will pass. To much uncertainty for my risk tolerance.

Kenneth Deneau

So theoretically I could sign up another family member for lifelock through the portal and it would credit 17,077 for each sign up?


Does anyone else think that LifeLock will only post for 17k miles if you elect to pay the annual membership at $99? Is it still worth it if that’s the case? Also, no matter what value you put in the calculator on the Krisflyer page it comes back as “1708” miles earned.


@FM – hard credit check?

Love Counting

This may be a rookie question, but do I have to have their credit card (or anything for that matter as I would literally be signing up for an account today to access this deal) in order to access the portal?

Frequent Miler

No, you don’t need to have or use their credit card. Its fine to signup for a KrisFlyer account today and use the portal immediately. Pay with any credit card.

Love Counting

Awesome – thanks!


what do you think the chances are they honor this? also you think they will honor if we cancel after just one month?

Frequent Miler

I think chances are pretty good, but I’ve never used this portal before so I don’t know. Personally, I plan to wait until I have the miles in my account (which could take a few months) before cancelling. Even at $30 or so, this is a steal.