Podcast: American Airlines vs. Alaska Miles – Which are Better? | Coffee Break Ep04


Bilt is gaining Alaska as a transfer partner…but it’s losing American Airlines as a partner in June. This has Greg and Nick asking…which miles are better?

We love talking about points and miles all day, every day. That’s why we’ve decided – in addition to our full-length Frequent Miler on the Air podcast episodes, we’re going to share a little something to enjoy during your Tuesday coffee break too. Not a full hour of discussion and analysis like you’ll find on the full episodes, but a mini version with a single topic of focus.

Watch the full episode here, or click the timestamps below to navigate directly to a specific part of the episode in YouTube.

Coffee Break: AA vs. Alaska Miles. Which are Better?

(00:33) – Bilt has gained Alaska Airlines as a transfer partner, but will lose AA as a transfer partner in June

Read more about Bilt gaining Alaska Airlines here.

Read more about Bilt losing AA here.

(01:42) – AA and Alaska have a few things in common…

(03:34) – Greg argues why American Airline miles are better

(06:07) – Nick argues why Alaska Airlines are better

(10:10) – Final Answer…

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Music Credit – Beach Walk by Unicorn Heads

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I am new to Alaska’s mileage program and cannot wait to book my first trip. However, when I use multi-city to search for an itinerary with a stopover, I cannot see any availability, although the two flights both have a lot of seats when I use one-way for searching. Is this a known issue? Is there a way to solve it? (I am searching for ORD to HND and NRT to TPE.) Thank you for any help!


Is there a way to read the transcript of the podcast?

Mary Jane

I second that!


Well, guess I will be adding my Alaska airlines number on a cash flight I booked on Qatar coming up. You guys always have a way of covering topics directly relevant to me. Now I just need to find out how to add my Alaska airlines to my Qatar flight. Not able to do it at first glance on Qatar website.