Podcast: Our favorite big spend bonuses | Frequent Miler on the Air Ep254


If you have the capacity for a lot of credit card spend, you can unlock additional perks or progress toward elite status by focusing spend on a specific card or cards. On this week’s episode, we discuss which of those bonuses might be worth your effort. Before we get into that, this episode is chock full of news you can use and tips to keep in mind in regular segments like Card Talk and Mattress Running the Numbers.

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(01:26) A tip we neglected to mention regarding positioning flights 

Card Talk

(05:33) Card Talk starts

(05:46) Venture X Business card losing Priority Pass restaurant access for new Visa cards 

(08:57) Qatar Airways Cardless Cards

What crazy thing . . . ?

(15:16) What crazy thing . . . did Cardless do this week?

Mattress Running the Numbers

(19:32) Mattress running the numbers: Is it worth spending to Qatar Airways elite status?

Note: The Qatar Club Infinite card also comes with bonus Qpoints in the first year, which reduce the path to renewing status for your second year. The spend we discussed regarding renewal of status really applies to status for year 3 and beyond.

Award Talk

(28:20) Flying by the Seat of our Points: Frequent Miler’s 2024 challenge

(31:33) You can now use JetBlue points to book Etihad and vice versa

(35:30) Bilt adds a new transfer partner….Hilton Honors

(37:32) Use Finnair Avios to book Nordic & Scandinavian hotels for great value

(40:30) Amex Travel positive experience honoring a fare

Main Event: Our Favorite Big Spend Bonuses

(46:04) Our favorite big spend bonuses

(46:45) Alaska Airlines companion certificates

(48:16) Hilton Surpass card free night certificate  

(49:14) Hyatt consumer & business cards  

(57:39) IHG Premier & Premier Business cards

(1:01:47) Barclays Aviator Silver Loyalty Point bonuses & companion certificate

(1:06:20) Aeroplan

Question of the Week

(1:09:25) Question of the Week: How did Greg build up capacity for his player 3?

Music Credit – Annie Yoder

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Reyes @Greg the frequent miler What happened to the articles about the info Citi posted on their website about the strata premier? I can’t seem to find the articles on your site? Citi put it on their own website and your post used that PUBLIC info as the basis of thd post? Can yall link to the post? Thanks guys. I know yall would never delete an accurate and factual post because of affiliate pressure. You’re not TheShillGuy, OneShillAtATime or View from my Bank Account When I Hawk the CSP.

Last edited 2 months ago by Scott

As Nick said, I’ve have Southwest cancel a couple of my flights because they were on the same day. Not overlapping, just same day, same route.

Last edited 2 months ago by Brian

I am guessing #2 was Citi. So weird Citi not wanting the extra publicity

Last edited 2 months ago by Nick Reyes

Perhaps the discussion expanded beyond what is publicly known? 😉

I guess we will find out soon enough.


I guess that will be part of what crazy thing did Citi do in next week podcast