[Expired] Possible unlimited WiFi for 3 months for ~$35

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God Save the Points posted a deal earlier today that might be interesting for those readers who often fly on flights covered by Gogo, Panasonic or Deutsch Telekom wifi as it looks like you can lock in unlimited Wi-Fi for three months for about $30. I’m not familiar with the site through which it’s being offered, so I encourage readers to do their own research — this just seemed like a potential money-saver that might interest those willing to dig a little deeper to be sure it’ll work properly.

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The Deal

  • Get unlimited Wi-Fi with a 3-month subscription to AirlineCheckins.com, which includes a subscription to iPass for 9 Euros per month (about $10) with code earlybird10 (sign up for a 3-month subscription for the iPass deal)
  • Direct link to this offer

Quick Thoughts

As noted at the top, I’m not personally familiar with AirlineCheckins.com nor iPass, but it looked like a deal that might benefit some readers. I don’t take a ton of flights where I would need these Wifi services, and when I do I am often using Gogo passes from Amex business cards (or T-Mobile as Gogo is included with the package I have). However, for those who fly often enough, the savings could certainly add up here, especially on longer international flights where Wi-Fi may be more expensive.

God Save the Points notes that this should probably work on domestic Delta and United flights. Interestingly, AirlineCheckins.com has a “list of airlines” for WiFi that does not include either, but does include American. The iPass network does list a wide range of possibilities (and it includes Gogo on the site), so I imagine it should work on flights equipped with the services listed.

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AirlineCheckins.com shows a price of 10 Euros per month, but the coupon code (earlybird10) takes a Euro off.

See the God Save the Points for more detail if this deal is of interest.

H/T: God Save the Points

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[…] Possible unlimited WiFi for 3 months for ~$35 […]

[…] Possible unlimited WiFi for 3 months for ~$35 […]

[…] Possible unlimited WiFi for 3 months for ~$35 […]

[…] Possible unlimited WiFi for 3 months for ~$35 […]


[…] Possible unlimited WiFi for 3 months for ~$35 […]

[…] Possible unlimited WiFi for 3 months for ~$35 […]

Brian Allen

btw, I was only charged 22.68 Euros with that code, so, what, 7.56 per month ($25.76 or $8.59). Wow, what a deal!

Brian Allen

DUDE!!! Currently in process of flying SEA-LAX-ICN-SIN-DEL (am here now) then AMD-SIN-EWR-SIN-AMD-BOM-SIN-FRA-JFK, all on SQ and this will VASTLY improve things for me!!!

NICK! I owe you a day of beers! Or night of beers. Or day and night of beers. Or more. Pretty much whatever you want.

Next time you’re in Seattle (was nice meeting you at FTU btw), I pay for your beer, or you can drink all of ours that you want. We make good beer, I’m a beer judge, you’ll be taken care of. Seriously, come back to Seattle.



not worked for me – Eva Air BR65 (Taipei – Vienna)


anyone know if this iPass account can be shared with another app/user? Meaning, if my wife is flying (and Im not) can she login and use the app or is it tied to an IP address?


Last time this deal was around (iPass), you had to “register” it to one product so no sharing unfortunately


I asked and was told that I could simultanously use iPass on 3 different devices.


AirlineCheckins is owned by Lufthansa. This appears to be a totally legit deal.