(EXPIRED) Possibly get $75 back on Blue Apron ($25 back on $50 Amex Offer + $50 back via Ibotta)

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There is a new targeted Amex Offer out today that is good for $25 back on $50 or more at meal delivery service Blue Apron (enrollment required). Additionally, shopping app Ibotta is offering $50 back for new Blue Apron customers. As an alternative to Ibotta, Rakuten is offering $30 back / 3,000 Membership Rewards points. In the past, it has been possible to stack both for free food and some profit with a portal and an Amex Offer. Note that the Amex Offer terms this time indicate that the offer isn’t valid on orders placed through third-party websites and retailers, though I think that is meant to exclude purchasing through some other site rather than clicking through a portal and purchasing directly from Blue Apron.

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The Deal

  • A new targeted Amex Offer is out that’s good for $25 back on $50 or more at Blue Apron. This should stack nicely with an Ibotta offer available today-only (through 2:59am Eastern on 8/17) for $50 back on your first Ibotta offer.
  • If you’re new to Ibotta, you can get $10 the first time you upload a receipt (and we’ll get $10, too). Feel free to sign up with one of our referral links with our thanks:

Key Terms

  • Amex Offer excludes gift card purchases, corporate purchases and purchases made through third-party websites and retailers (I expect a shopping portal will still work, but YMMV)
  • Blue Apron cash back pending period of up to 60 days
  • Blue Apron cash back says it is not valid “in combination with coupons, promo codes, or discounts unless provided by Blue Apron”. Again, this hasn’t preventing stacking with an Amex Offer in the past.
  • Ibotta offer is only valid for new subscribers
  • Amex Offer expires 9/30/21
  • Ibotta offer expires 8/17/21 at 2:59am

Quick Thoughts

Blue Apron is not my favorite meal delivery service. We find the meals to be fine but not interesting and rarely have we gone to the effort to make one of them again. At the same time, we haven’t had trouble finishing any of the meals — they’ve been a solid “fine” each time we’ve ordered. (By contrast, we have really liked many of the meals from Hello Fresh’s budget-friendly line “Every Plate” and some of the pre-made Indian and Thai meals from Sunbasket). However, when there is a decent promo running, we’re always happy to give Blue Apron another shot.

Today’s deal is good if you’re new to Blue Apron: A new Amex Offer will give you $25 back on $50 or more and you can indeed tweak an order to come out pretty close to $50. Shopping app Ibotta is offering $50 back on your first order — so you’re looking at a total of $75 back on your first order when you spend $50 or more. Looking at past order information, it looks like the undiscounted price for 2 meals per week that each feed 4 people was about $72 (it will obviously be less for 2 meals for 2 people or 3 meals for 2 people, etc, so you can come closer to threading the needle even at regular prices and for the first order the prices are usually cheaper. You should be able to get pretty close to a $50 order and get $75 back plus the free food. It’s tough to beat getting paid twenty five-ish bucks to eat.


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Using $110 off 4 delivery link from Rakuten, selecting 4×2 meals comes out to about $54, which is about as close as I could get to $50 with minimal effort. 3000MR + 8 meals for $29 is pretty damn good.

ce le

Based on the fact that they give an actual link for sign up vs before I think they didn’t? that’s probably the only way. Maybe someone who’s adventures can try and see if amex’s credit posts in a few days?


Nick, did you by chance take advantage of the last Blue Apron offer a few months ago? I did on all cards/AUs and now don’t see the offer on any card. Wondering if they are only targeting people who never used them.

Beth B

I just used this offer back in June/July and I do not see it on my cards this go around.