PSA: You Can Redeem Albertsons/Safeway Just For U Rewards For Alaska Mileage Plan Miles


Well, here’s something interesting if you live near Albertsons, Safeway or other stores that use the Just For U program – you can redeem Rewards for Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles.

What makes this even more interesting is that the redemption rate is surprisingly good. While the value isn’t necessarily as good as redeeming for savings on gas (depending on how you value Mileage Plan miles), it does provide better value than redeeming Rewards for savings on groceries.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Safeway Just For U Rewards

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Limit 1 redemption per Rewards level per week (limit resets on Wednesdays).

Quick Thoughts

Safeway and Carrs are both grocery store chains owned by Albertsons. They use the Just For U program along with most of Albertsons’ other chains which includes Jewel-Osco and Tom Thumb.

You earn 1 point per dollar spent on your grocery shopping and 2 points per dollar spent on third party gift cards. They also frequently offer digital coupons offering bonus points when buying certain gift card brands (e.g. 8x or 10x points on Apple gift cards).

On the redemption side, you can redeem Rewards for savings on gas or groceries. If you have a large enough gas tank – or have more than one vehicle you can fill at the same time – redeeming Rewards for gas savings provides better value than redeeming for grocery savings. There’s only so much gas a family needs though for the most part, so if you earn a ton of points through gift card buying you’ll almost inevitably have to redeem for grocery savings too.

It turns out there’s an additional option that’s hidden away – you can redeem Just For U Rewards for Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles. To do that, you need to link your Mileage Plan account number to your Safeway and/or Carrs account using the link(s) above.

Now, something to be aware of is that this partnership is meant to be for Safeway and Carrs shoppers in Alaska, so if your local store is set outside of Alaska you won’t see the Alaska Airlines redemption options. There’s an easy fix for that though – just change the local store address on your account to one of their stores in Alaska. Some zip codes you can use include:

  • 99801
  • 99709
  • 99901
  • 99603
  • 99664

Once you’ve done that, go to the Rewards redemption page and you should see options to redeem for Mileage Plan miles. The various thresholds are as follows:

  • 7 Rewards = 1,300 miles (186 miles per Reward)
  • 5 Rewards = 850 miles (170 miles per Reward)
  • 4 Rewards = 600 miles (150 miles per Reward)
  • 3 Rewards = 400 miles (133 miles per Reward)
  • 2 Rewards = 250 miles (125 miles per Reward)
  • 1 Reward=  100 miles (100 miles per Reward)

To give you an idea of the value here, 7 Rewards can be redeemed for $10 off groceries. Our Reasonable Redemption Value for Alaska Airlines miles is 1.3cpp (although you can do significantly better than that), so 1,300 miles on that basis is worth at least $16.90. While redeeming Rewards for gas savings might provide even greater savings, redeeming 7 Rewards for 1,300 miles is still a surprisingly decent return.

There’s a limit to the scalability of these redemptions because you’re limited to redeeming one of each set of rewards each week. That works out to be a limit of 22 Rewards for a total of 3,500 miles or at least 88 Rewards per month for a total of 14,000 miles per month. Limits reset every Wednesday, so for months with 5 Wednesday in them you could redeem up to 110 Rewards for a limit of 17,500 miles. 110 Rewards might sound like a lot if you only earn them from grocery shopping, but if you’re a gift card reseller you could easily hit 110 Rewards within a purchase or two depending on the promotion. The great thing is that you’re not restricted to only redeeming Rewards for Mileage Plan miles – you can max out on the Alaska redemptions if you want, then redeem for savings on groceries and/or gas.

I’m not sure how risky it would be to try to scale with more than one Safeway account linked to the same Alaska account. I suspect it would be more likely to be picked up on the Alaska end than the Safeway end, so it’s up to you as to how hard you’d want to push this redemption opportunity. If you have a partner, you could safely have a Safeway account for each of you and max out Alaska redemptions to both your Mileage Plan accounts.

If changing your local store address to one in Alaska, it’s important to change it back to your actual local store after making the redemption. That’s because Just For U digital coupons and redemptions are regional. If you leave your local store to be one in Alaska and clip digital coupons on your account, they won’t necessarily work at whichever store you then go to shop in.

If you have a Just For U account with a store other than Safeway or Carrs, that doesn’t mean Alaska Airlines isn’t a redemption option for you. If, say, you only have Albertsons stores near you, you should still be able to change the zip code of your local store to a Safeway or Carrs store in Alaska in order to redeem your Rewards for Mileage Plan miles. It looks like you can link your Alaska account using any chain that uses Just For U – simply add /customer-account/loyalty-partners.html to the end of their domain name, such as

Update 12/21/22: CMorgan has shared in the comments below that they have several friends who have had their Carrs and/or Safeway accounts closed for redeeming for Alaska miles by changing their store to Alaska even though they don’t live there. I’m not sure if this is due to Safeway/Carrs picking up on people changing their store location back and forth and redeeming for Alaska miles, or if Mileage Plan is picking up on these redemptions on accounts with an address not based in Alaska.

If it’s the latter reason, one possible solution would be change the address on your Mileage Plan account to one in Alaska – perhaps the address of a long-term stay hotel there which could be conceivable. It’s up to you as to how many games you want to play with this though.

Thanks to Shay for helping me research these options.

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Mikey T

Stephen, have you been working this angle lately? The transfer ratios have been 3X for the past month or so. When they last had 2X it was noted as a promo with an expiration date, but there’s no such information this time. In any case, I’m maxing it out for as long as this lasts. Potential for 25,800 miles per month on $4,400 gift card spend.

Mikey T

Had you heard about the 3X? Just wondering if you had any inside info on how long we might expect it to stick around.


Has anybody seen the miles deposited into their Alaska account?


The terms and conditions say from 4 to 6 weeks (or something like that).


Mine finally posted! Have been checking pretty frequently, took 3-4 weeks to post.

taco lover

Does anyone know the phone number for 1-800-


Does anyone know how to UN-link my Alaska number to my Safeway rewards? Reading the update now and obviously don’t want to lose my AS miles.

Carl P

Just keep your zip code to what it SHOULD be and you are likely ok




Just an FYI Safeway / Carrs has been shutting down awards accounts and zeroing out points for people in non Alaska states who are putting in AK zip codes most likely due to pressure from AS. I have several friends this happened to who live in WA State who were using Anchorage zip codes.

Carl P

Good to know as this is all news to me and I live in NW WA State. Local Just 4 u stores are all over town here, too, dangit.

Carl P

No offense,, but IMHO, it might be better, and safer for folks, that this post disappears.

Too much danger of people losing points versus value potential.


Reposted for CMorgan. Sorry for wrong comment

Last edited 30 days ago by Eric
Andrew Valen

My Safeway for U got shut down in California for trying athe Alaska zip. I thought I was the only one.


CMorgan, was the Alaska Miles account shut down or Both the Safeway Rewards account? I just noticed the update but did already two transfers woops.


The Safeway accounts were closed


Thank you Stephen Pepper! This is awesome, and I agree, very thorough! Grant’s tip of including the redemption is also super helpful! I am near SEA, so this is esp useful. Also great for topping up an account, or keeping a derelict account active!


“To give you an idea of the value here, 7 Rewards can be redeemed for $10 off groceries.”

Note that 12 rewards can be redeemed for $20 off groceries. And if you have a 25 gallon fuel tank, 12 rewards would be worth $30.


Forgot $1 max per gallon rule. So 12 = $25 in above 25 gallon fuel tank example.


The $1 max is because max 10 points can be redeemed at the same time, so 10 = $25 in that example.


You can also redeem 1 point for $2 in the bakery and 4 points for $7 meat, both are higher value than the $20 for 12, but pretty limited.

For gas, the discount is $0.10 per gallon per point, you need 10 points to stack to $1 per gallon, same value; and in my area it’s only Safeway stations allow 10 rewards in one go; if they are out of the way from your usual area, Chevrons only allow 2x / $0.20, and if there’s another gas station with lower price, it will degrade or even nullify any value pretty fast.


No joy for Shaws shoppers.


Thank you Stephen and Tim!!! Linking Alaska account was not working. The page was hanging and would not load. I just used Tim’s link and was able to link.

Thanks again guys!

Ivan Y

there is still a particular open loop card that counts points. It worked as of this past Saturday.


Mind sharing ?

Carl P

Very true,, but somehow I have yet to learn what an Open Loop Card is. Definition please, if not too revealing a fact.

Carl P

Ok,, thanx! For some reason I had not yet run across the term. Maybe I just needed more coffee before reading this morning? Haha! Appreciate the help. Always learning.

Parts Unknown

I’ve tried a dozen different SKUs, any hint?


Awesome find Stephen! You should also put the math of how many miles you will get per 1 Reward for this table:

  • 7 Rewards = 1,300 miles
  • 5 Rewards = 850 miles
  • 4 Rewards = 600 miles
  • 3 Rewards = 400 miles
  • 2 Rewards = 250 miles
  • 1 Reward= 100 miles

I redeemed all 12 of my rewards for 1,300 + 850 AS Miles 🙂


Do you see the miles in your Alaska account? I was reluctant to redeem more rewards until I saw the miles.


I don’t see the miles right away, but I assume they will post in the next few days.


did you end up getting your AS miles? Hopefully they didn’t shut you down..


No AS miles as of 12/31, I will keep checking though.


How did you ever figure this out? Plus what a thorough explanation. I think you deserve at least a gold star.


This is great news.


Fantastic find! Thanks for sharing.


Great tip Stephen! Question: do you get 2x Safeway points per dollar for Visa gift card purchases, or just 3rd party merchants?


Just 3rd party.


Very interesting to read this. I had no idea about this but I don’t live in Alaska either


People in Alaska have nothing else to do during the Winter