(EXPIRED) Roll Dell credits into a monitor + more credit

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Dan’s Deals highlights what could be a great deal at Dell for those with Business Platinum credits to use: get a 27″ gaming monitor and a $125 Dell promo eGC for $199.99 That can be a great deal for those with the Business Platinum card and its associated statement credit to use for Dell purchases (up to $200 in statement credits between January and June and up to $200 in statement credits between July and December), especially if they also have an Amex Offer to stack.

The Deal

  • Dell is offering a 27″ gaming monitor + $125 Dell Promo eGift Card for $199.99 (model G2723HN)
  • Direct link to this deal (our affiliate link, but you can go through a portal for cash back to stack)

Quick Thoughts

This can be a terrific deal first and foremost if you have a use for the monitor. There are current Amex Offers available on some cards for 10% or 20% back at Dell, which can stack if you have that offer on a business Platinum card. That means this monitor could cost a net ~$180 or ~$160 (plus tax on $200) — meaning that it would be free if you have one of those Amex Offers and the full $200 Business Platinum credit to use. In that case, you would end up with a 27″ monitor and a $125 Dell Promo eGift Card for $0 out of pocket, which seems like a pretty stellar deal.

Stack with a shopping portal for even more back (potentially). Most portals have very low rates for Dell right now, but I still see 15% back through Capital One Shopping. I recently bought this portable external monitor (our affiliate link) on sale for $270 to use with my laptop when I’m out and about and the 15% back tracked just fine through Capital One Shopping.

Be sure that you see the $125 eGC still advertised on the product landing page as I don’t know when this will end. Always take screen shots. I believe that the promo eGC may not be reflected in the cart, so keep screen shots to follow up with support if necessary.

Even if you don’t really want/need the monitor, you may be able to sell it and end up with some profit and a $125 gift card or donate it and end up with some good karma and a $125 gift card. Either scenario seems decent.

Keep in mind that Dell promo eGift Cards have a short shelf life: they arrive via email 10-20 days after the monitor ships and then are only valid for 90 days from the day they are emailed. You need to be on top of your game and make sure you use the eGift Card.

I’d also caution readers that when you earn more in cash back than you spend at Dell, Amex has sometimes been known to claw back some credits. It would be wise to make an additional purchase or two from Dell to make sure that you spend more than you’ll earn back in credits. In other words, if you were to only buy the monitor for $200 and receive both $200 in statement credits on the Business Platinum card and $40 in statement credit from the 20% back Amex Offer, that has sometimes resulted in a claw back. Better to find a way to spend another $41 so you end up spending at least $1 out of pocket for the half-year.

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I received my 3 x EGift cards from Dell – much faster than the 20 days they had promised. Now, let’s ee how to best spend them. XBOX?


Does anyone know if I can buy XBOX gift cards with these Dell eGift cards?


has anyone received the 20%amex offer on a platinum card?


I got my 10% offer


I still see 15% back through Capital One Shopping.”

do you have to use capital one card to get the cash back, will AMEX work?


Thank you! I went to your earlier posts and found the answers – great helpful post!


after looking at the dell portable monitor you mentioned I received an offer from Cap1 shopping for a whopping 30% reward, which came out to be $89 (already shown on cap1). coupled with 10% AMEX offer + $200 bus plat credit it became a negative cost. thanks for the very helpful advice to all.

tim grable

With Dell you can use three credit cards per order. Is there a data point of using three credit cards plus egift cards? Is it possible to use three cc’s and 1 or 2 egift cards on the same order?


Word of caution: I did one of these Dell egc promos for Cyber Monday. Took screenshots since, like this deal, it didn’t show up in the cart. Gift card never came and multiple attempts to get Dell support to honor the offer failed. They insisted the offer never existed… even with the screenshots.

Joseph Giorgianni

I used my Dell credit to buy a 2TB Western Digital SSD interior hard drive. Dell web site lists it at $219.99. After credits it was essentially free. However, listed on eBay at $139.99 with no bids. I would love to hear suggestions of better items to buy with the credit and then resell. Thanks.

Joseph Giorgianni

Thanks, Nick!


I did a lot of these types of drives last year (internal and external SSDs) with better success on eBay. Problem is that I am expecting a 1099 from eBay. In one sense I lost money (difference between what I paid Dell and what I received from eBay). But what will the IRS say?

I had no trouble with the sales on eBay despite this being my first foray into that quagmire – no returns. But eBay charges quite a bit.

I got a few of these monitors now (thanks Nick) and I see the offer is still available. Monitors are costlier to ship, so I may try Craigslist and sell for cash. If I really can’t sell them I will donate them to a local school or ask my local library if they can use them.

I have taken screenshots of the $125 eGift card offer and have also been on chat sessions and email with Dell who assured me in all cases that I will get these 20 days after the item is invoiced. If it doesn’t come there will still be time to return the monitors if necessary. I certainly don’t need or want them.

Joseph Giorgianni

Thanks, Frank!


My monitor arrived dead on arrival. My last Dell purchase also crapped out. I’m starting to think my 50% of face value valuation of Dell credits was too high.


Bought it, no sign of any egift card. Screenshot taken and submitted to support via email. Will call them tomorrow if I do not hear back


Followed up via chat asking where is eGift and they confirmed email from cashstar after 20 days


Maybe a great deal. But where do I sell this?


Makes sense. I’ve just never sold anything so big on ebay. Was worried about shipping costs etc. and how that would eat into anything and how much I could get back but will take a look into these in the future.


Sounds great, but nothing extra was in the cart besides the overpriced monitor.


That’s absurd. Take a screen shot of Dan’s screen and expect Dell to honor it?


Frank, in Nick’s article, there is a link: “Direct link to this deal.” Click on it. It will bring you to the DELL offer on DELL’s page. On your computer, not Danny’s computer, take a picture of the DELL offer on DELL’s page. If you purchase this item using the DELL offer on DELL’s page and DELL fails to honor the deal, you’ll have a picture of the offer to present to DELL. Taken on your computer and not Danny’s computer. Capito?


Si. I did not see it on the Dell site at first. But I do now, and bought one (so far).

Unfortunately Dell has not yet “approved” the order – so let’s see if this is real or a repeat of December’s orders.


Sorry, now I see it. I could swear it was not there before. Bought one, let’s see. I could go all in with 7 cards but … maybe this will last a while. Could maybe get $100 for it.


Keep in mind that if you are categorized as a Dell consumer purchaser, as opposed to a Dell business purchaser, you will be limited to six purchases in a rolling time window.


Thanks Lee,
Yes, I have both personal and business Dell accounts now. We had a big fight earlier this month about that. They said I could buy only 5 items in the previous quarter and so they cancelled my orders. I pointed out that I had only 1 order in 2022 Q4 for a single disk drive, then they changed and said I had too many orders in 2022 total!. I said they were not for resale, but I was forced to make a business account (no name required even) and then the orders went through.

Then, of course, all the XBOX orders that they cancelled suddenly were fulfilled – crazy.

The first order I did with Dan’s Deal today gave me a purchase ID but that is now in limbo – presumably because it went through my personal account as I wanted to use my stash of Dell credits: Amex acknowledged it as the 10% back offer but the order is nowhere on Dell’s site, so I guess my Dell credits are useless.

P2 now tried it with the business account and we will see – so far Amex recognized it for the 10% offer.

Just another day in paradise.


Final tally of my 2 Dell orders via Dan’s Deals: Both shipped !!

The one ordered on my “blocked” personal account earned me $6 Dell credit plus a small portal bonus plus the Dell 10% offer on an Amex Biz card and I was able to use the expiring Dell credits from previous orders

The one ordered on my Dell so-called business account earned a small portal bonus plus the Dell 10% offer on another Amex Biz card.

And I hope to get the 2 eGift cards of $125 each from Del (yes I have screen shots as always). And, of course the 2 x $200 Dell rebates to come from Amex, though I consider these part of the offset for the $695 fees on all these Biz Plat cards.

Success !! Thanks to Frequent Miler, and to Lee above for the encouragement to keep at it.

Now, what to do with 2 monitors? eBay is now sending out 1099 for > $600 in sales (and knowing eBay I suspect it will include all fees/taxes, etc).


When in your cart, click on “Show savings”. A little misleading because it only shows the $60 without clicking but it’s there. And was there when I placed an order last night. Thanks for the heads up!


Already used mine, anyone need an Xbox? : )