[Update] Marriott gives 55 elite night credits to those with the right credit card combination


Update 1/19/22: Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook Group member Mchl Mrvn reports posting a link to this article in the official Marriott Bonvoy Insiders Facebook group. Interestingly, a Marriott Bonvoy representative confirms that this was an error that only affected some members and seems to confirm that those who were lucky enough to receive 55 elite nights will keep the nights:

The line that sticks out to me is “We will not be adjusting any Elite Night Credit deposits for 2023“. That certainly sounds like they will not be clawing back the extra elite night credits from those who were lucky enough to receive them. Unfortunately, it also means that there is likely no secret sauce to get in on this deal — either you got lucky and hit the mini-Marriott-lottery for 15 extra elite nights or you didn’t. The original post follows.

What crazy thing has Marriott Bonvoy done this week? Some members are reporting that they have received 55 elite night credits based on their credit card holdings — and now Marriott has sent an email seemingly confirming that this is intentional. If this is indeed the way that Marriott intends to handle Marriott credit card elite nights, it is exciting news indeed for those with the right card combination — and it certainly may influence strategy moving forward for those acquiring Marriott cards. I’m still a bit skeptical, but I’m far more hopeful for those who received the elite night credits since Marriott has put the confirmation in an email to members.

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Stacking Marriott Bonvoy elite night credits from credit cards

In years past, it has been possible to earn a maximum of 30 elite night credits from having the right combination of Marriott credit cards. Prior to the changes last fall to the Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant card, it was possible to receive a total of 15 elite night credits for having 1 or more Marriott consumer credit cards and a total of 15 elite night credits for having 1 or more Marriott business credit cards for a grand total of up to 30 elite night credits if you had 1 or more consumer cards and 1 or more business cards. Elite nights from multiple consumer or multiple business cards did not stack.

When the Bonvoy Brilliant card underwent sweeping changes last fall, one of those changes was that the card now comes with 25 elite night credits annually. Stacked with 15 elite nights from a Marriott business card, cardholders last year earned a total of 40 elite nights. The rollout of the extra nights was a bit messy for existing cardholders — Tim detailed his experience getting the additional nights credited here.

But this year, things are a lot more interesting….

Do elite nights from multiple Marriott consumer credit cards now stack?

We don’t yet know the full details of which card combination is the magic set to stack extra elite nights, but some cardholders have received 55 elite night credits this year. Greg reported receiving 55 elite nights in our Frequent Miler Insiders Facebook group a couple of days ago.

Now it seems official. Marriott has sent the email above to cardholders like Greg (a reader shared the email above, but Greg has confirmed that he received the same email). As you can see in the email, it says that Marriott is adding an additional 15 elite night credits on top of the 40 he’s already received for the year since he also has a Marriott business card. It goes on to say that You can continue to receive a total of 55 elite night credits each year you maintain two eligible cards.

That choice of wording is a little awkward: it sounds like the 55 elite nights come from having two eligible credit cards. That doesn’t quite add up since there isn’t an individual card that offers 40 elite night credits. I think that what’s probably happening here is that cardholders who have the Brilliant card and also a non-Ritz Marriott consumer card are somehow receiving stacking nights on consumer cards (25 from the Brilliant and 15 from the other Marriott consumer card) in addition to the 15 elite nights from having a business card.

Unfortunately, not everyone is receiving 55 elite night credits. Which card combination gets 55 elite night credits?

We haven’t quite figured out the finer details here. For example, Tim has the Brilliant card, a business card, and a Ritz card but has only received 40 elite nights (which is what would be expected). I have a business card, a Ritz card, and an the old Marriott Bonvoy Premier card and I have only received 30 elite nights (which is what I’d expect without the Brilliant card).

Greg has received 55 nights, but he has the Brilliant card, a business card, and (I believe) a Boundless card. Based on data points so far, I think getting 55 elite nights requires having a consumer card other than the Ritz card plus the Brilliant card. Update: See the comments for all sorts of conflicting data points. We truly just don’t know what card combination is getting 55 nights or whether it has something to do with the age of accounts, etc.

There is obviously some magic combination of factors triggering 55 elite night credits for some cardholders. The most interesting thing is that Marriott has put this in print in an email. That certainly makes it seem like it is not a mistake and like it will not be limited to this year.

It would be awesome if you could get this every year

Of course, it would be great news if you could somehow get 55 elite nights out of holding the right credit cards for a number of reasons.

First, that’s more than enough nights for Marriott Platinum status, which is Marriott’s free breakfast / lounge access status (though note that you do need to consult a matrix to figure out whether you’ll actually be eligible for free breakfast).

Furthermore, it would be more than enough to receive a 50-night choice benefit. Options could include either 5 suite night awards or 5 additional elite night credits. Someone who takes 5 additional elite night credits would then have a total of 60 elite night credits — starting the year just 15 nights short of Titanium status.

Note that there is not yet access to choice benefits since those who earned 50 elite nights last year still have the chance to select their choice benefit for a couple more days. If you go to the choice benefit selection page, you’ll be looking at selecting for last year. Wait a few more days and we should see that those with 55 elite nights should then be allowed to select this year’s choice benefit if they would like.

Keep in mind that these credit card nights also count toward lifetime elite status.

If it is possible to actually get 55 elite nights each year, that would be pretty desirable. Time will tell whether this sticks.

The difficulty of course will be being eligible for each of the cards. That also requires consulting a matrix:

As you can see in the chart above, those of us (like me) who have the Ritz card or have had it within the past 30 days are not eligible for the welcome bonus on the Brilliant card. This has been the main reason I haven’t entertained applying for the Brilliant card. However, if I could end up with 55 elite nights each year, I might be willing to entertain the possibility of dowgrading my Ritz card long enough to get the Brilliant and then upgrade again to the Ritz. I’ve been hesitant to do that because I am grandfathered in to a $395 annual fee on my Ritz card, but I might be willing to entertain paying the higher fee in the long-run if it means starting each year with Platinum status. Maybe. Maybe.

More likely, I’d see if we could downgrade my wife’s Ritz card and do the dance with her Marriott cards, getting her annual easy Platinum status. That’s because she will already face the higher $450 Ritz annual fee.

Bottom line

Marriott Bonvoy is giving some members 55 elite night credits based on the combination of credit cards they hold and they have sent an email confirming as much and that it is a benefit they can keep each year if they keep the associated cards. We’ll see whether that holds up, but as things stand, we are not yet a full week into the new year and many cardholders have already earned enough elite nights for Platinum status and a 50-night choice benefit along with an easy path to Titanium status. Happy New Year, indeed.

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I know this thread is old but here’s a new DP. I never received my 10 extra EQNs for 2022 after a new app & approval in November for the Brilliant. I had 30 ENs from 2 other cards plus 10 stays and needed the 10 for my Plat Choice Award.
While escalting this issue, Bonvoy clawed back my extra 15 for 2023. I was a lucky one who got 55 for 2023 and they clawed it back without any explaination. I still havent receieved my 10 for 2022 either.
I got Bonvoyed real hard. Not sure what I should do next.

Aaron Barnes

I received 40 credits and hold two consumer cards, Brilliant and the old AmEx SPG card that turned into AmEx Bonvoy. Still haven’t figured out why I got the extra 15 credits.


They should just give it to everyone!!! Feeling jealous over here!!! Lol


Gonna add this data point, just bc it’s ridiculous. I had 19 nights show up in my account. I have only the Boundless card. I have no idea why they gave me the other 4.


Wondered same. I had an offer for 5x on gas for 60-90 days or so. Spent around $700 on it. We did have a stay from 12/25-12/28 (Salzburg! Beautiful btw). But it properly credited to 2022 status (it landed me on 50 nights on the dot). Confirmed, bc I made the my choice pick first week of January.

Last edited 8 months ago by Mike
Repeat Offender Captain Greg

You get titanium status! And you get titanium status! And you get titanium status! EVERYBODY GETS TITANIUM STATUS!!!


Besides the extra 25% bonus earn it’s not worth much more Platinum

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

Well, it can also be worthwhile for United Silver status and the 40k free night award as a 75 night choice benefit.

Billy Bob

I didn’t win that billion dollars either. That’s two misses this week!!


Wow I’m glad some people lucked out, but it also seems incredibly odd to pay for Brilliant and Ritz and get 25 nights total which is less than half of 55.

I don’t really understand the logic of allowing business card nights to stack but not 2 personal cards’ nights.

Joe Bleaux

One good reason, from Marriott’s perspective: Far fewer people will hold a personal card and a biz card than people who hold two personal cards (or who would do so if the nights stacked).

Jerry Udell

I have the Ritz Card and Amex Bonvoy (Canadian). Only got 30 nights. Was Titanium last year. Only got 30 nights!
Why do I feel like I screwed up? Any suggestions?



Interesting Bonvoying of late. First the soft landing issue where those who didn’t qualify were offered status and those that did were offered nothing. Then the EQN thing.

For the record, I was Titanium last year and qualified for Platinum for 2023. I have the regular 30 nights in my account (biz and personal cards).

No soup for you!


I received 33 elite nights and I don’t have any Marriott cards. Does anyone know how to not have any Marriott cards 4x? I figure I can get to Ambassador .

Billy Bob

You should try not having even more.

a w

Amex Brilliant and Amex Bonvoy Biz, only 40 nights. Sad.


Has the combination been confirmed yet?

I have Chase Ritz, and on the Amex side Bonvoy (plain), Business, and Brilliant.

Only received 40 nights. 🙁

Al K

Any idea if they will count foreign consumer and/or business card on top of the US ones too? My 4 cards combo: Ritz US + AMEX Biz Bonvoy US + AMEX Canada Bonvoy Personal + AMEX Canada Bonvoy Business = 30 EQN this year.

[…] those holding “the right” Marriott credit card combination, some Bonvoyers will begin the year with as many as 55 elite qualifying nights. That’s a strong […]


AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant + Chase Bonvoy Boundless + Chase Premier Plus Business = 55 elite nights this year for me.

Paul L Davis

Chase Premier Plus Business no longer available to new subscribers. I wonder if you can convert a present chase card to that one?

Paul L Davis

Have you yet identified clearly what combination of cards produces the 55 nights? Is it only the Chase Premier Plus Business that triggers it?

I’ve got the Amex Brilliant, the Amex bonvoy business, the Ritz Carlton and the chase bonvoy boundless. If that data point helps, I got 40k posted.
Thanks. I very much enjoy your posts!


Did Greg get the Brilliant without the SUB? I thought he had the Ritz card. Just asking because I have the Ritz card and would be interested in Brilliant but my understanding is you can never get the SUB if you hold the Ritz

Greg The Frequent Miler

I got all of the variations before the crazy rules were in place. When I got the Brilliant card it was SPG Lux


Thank you! Racking my mind if there’s a way to downgrade for a month but it seems 1Y is the minimum. Didn’t know if I was missing something.

Kirk Pope

Amex Bonvoy Brilliant
Amex Bonvoy Business
Chase Bonvoy Boundless
Total Nights: JUST 40

Last edited 8 months ago by Kirk Pope

Exact Same for me .

So this theory is invalid. It will be helpful to get answers why we got only 40 and not 55


Bonvoy Boundless Visa & Bonvoy Brilliant Amex – 40 nights.

Bernardo d

You might be one of the people this article is talking about. Add the AMEX Bonvoy Business for the additional 15 ENC


My DP is 40 elite nights with:

Bonvoy Boundless
Bonvoy Business Premier
Bonvoy Amex
Bonvoy Business Amex
Bonvoy Brilliant

SM Bartle

I was denied a second Chase Marriott card because I already had one so this doesn’t seem to work with trying to have two cards totally confused…


Nice to get the elite night credit at lower levels but to get to Ambassador (which I lost this year after 4 years) they require $20k in spend. So getting 55 nights isn’t all that helpful unless you are spending $1k/night on your remaining nights.

Jack Walls

I literally own a business marriott American express and a personal marriott Amex as well as 2 Chase Marriott cards and I was only offered 40 nights. I have also been Ambassador and at least Titinium for 5 consecutive years. I don’t understand how I am not receiving the 55 nights yet others are.




I posted in FT that my wife received 40 nights from just personal cards.

My spouse never had, nor does she have a Marriott biz card, so that can’t be a contributor.

Your guess is as good as mine as to how Marriott arrived at this but I will detail below what she still does possess and you can posit what was the deciding card for this situation.

1). 1 Brilliant card; and

2). 1 Bonvoy Amex card, that is a downgraded Brilliant card; and

3). 1 Chase Bold card, that was a former 35K cert issuing card.

I should add that she is LT Gold and obviously Platinum from holding the Brilliant card.

Thus, it would appear that the combination of an AMEX Bonvoy card and an AMEX Brilliant card rendered this situation, but one never know what goes into Bonvoy’s thinking!

Good luck.

Last edited 8 months ago by HADLEY V. BAXENDALE
Qi Wan

I have only the AMEX Biz card (Old Starwood) and I got 30, just checked after reading this. No consumer card at all.


Amex Bonvoy Brillant, Amex Bonvoy Business, Amex Bonvoy ($95 fka SPG), Chase Ritz, and Chase Bonvoy Biz …. 40 nights. Lifetime plat so not too concerned. Staying at Marriotts so rarely I’d likely not likely make titanium even if I did get 55 nights.

Treba Spears

AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant (SPG at signup)
AMEX Bonvoy Business
Chase Bonvoy Premier (Visa)

40 elite nights

For you “lucky” 55 night folks………
Prepare to be “Bonvoyed”!



[…] HT: Frequent Miler […]


Guys, the key variable might not be the specific cards one holds but one’s tier status.

Two people have the same cards. One receives 40 and the other receives 55. Makes no sense. So, perhaps, there’s another variable in play.

Or, it just might be a matter of time for Marriott to work through the system. Or, another artifact of Marriott IT.


Well, if that is a determining factor, anyone with the Brilliant card gets Platinum status.

Kimo C.

I am LT Gold. Another 55 nighter was LT Gold and Titanium. Perhaps the LT status is the additional variable.


Just further dilution of status. Why would folks cheer? If it gets easier to achieve don’t you think Marriott will then water down benefits?
I earned LTP the long hard way and now I’m sure it’ll be pointless in the coming year(s)


Kind of makes sense. Marriott status is totally worthless. Why not give away elite my credit? When I give credits, it’s been literally years since I got an upgrade as a lifetime platinum. Screw Marriott


I’m Plat myself and I find the best strategy to getting an upgrade these days is to know what’s available at check-in by looking at the app, and ask. I’d say it works most of the time.

You’re right that automatic upgrades don’t always happen these days, but asking works more often than not when there’s availability.


ambassador for 4 years and rarely was there an automatic upgrade. Always have to ask, sometimes several times


I find it depends on the area. This might sound strange but my best upgrades have usually been in Niagara Falls (Canada) – mostly during off-season. Don’t think I’ve ever had to ask at either the Four Points or Sheraton – even years ago when I was SPG gold. I know with the Four Points it’s usually a matter of whether you want a falls view or a jacuzzi – I prefer the latter, room 719 in particular if I’m very lucky.

Strangely enough I was also upgraded at the Element in NYC – and normally they are exempt from doing this. I guess I got there at the right time and the only room they had was on the top floor. That said, their elevator system sucks and sometimes getting down was painful. I’m supposed to be staying there this weekend and I’ve already requested to be placed on floor 2 or 3 so that I don’t have to deal with the elevator.


I have every Marriott card available except for boundless, though I do have the Ritz cardz and only for 40 nights, so doesn’t seem to make sense.

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

No way this works out for the people with 55. I hope I’m wrong, but this is bonvoy after all.


I have 40 night credits from these 3 cards:

Amex Bonvoy Brilliant
Amex Bonvoy Business
Chase Bonvoy Boundless Visa

Reading the comments, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to this 40 vs 55 thing.


I have the exact same 3 card. 40 nights for me. Not sure if it matters but I signed up for the Brilliant after they changed the benefits to 25 nights and a higher AF.

JW in GA

Same cards and same result here.

Patrick Simcock

Same 3 cards here… 40 nights.

Billy Bob

Chase Biz
40 nights


I have ritz, bonvoy brilliant, bonvoy and bonvoy business. Only have 40 so far.


40 EQNs

Chase Boundless
Chase Biz
Amex Biz
Amex Brilliant
Amex Bonvoy

Today I got the email above about getting “a total of 40 EQNs”


Same here on the 40 EQN email today. My mix is:

  • Ritz
  • Amex Brilliant
  • Amex Biz

I know you all will yell at me, but I reached out to Twitter Marriott bonvoy and asked if I can get 55 nights. Lol. They said the chase Marriott RITZ card rewards will be coming!! So who knows!

Last edited 8 months ago by Theresa

What does that mean? I have a Ritz and would like to know what other card to get to get the 55 nights.


I have amex brilliant, amex biz Marriott, regular amex bonvoy, and chase Ritz. Only got 40 nights. WTF!!

T. Jones

I see a lot of DPs in the comments that talk about what card combination they have. At least two of the commenters had the same card combo with different EQN outcomes. I think it may be worth considering a certain card combo in addition to some other qualification trait.
So correct card combo = 40 EQNs.
However qualification trait + correct card combo = 55 EQNs.
That’s my guess, anyway.
Perhaps one might need to have lifetime status in addition to the right card combo in order to get the 55 EQNs. I don’t know. That’s just one possibility, but you get the idea…


i’m lifetime gold with 2 personal (Ritz and Brilliant) and 1 biz card and I got 40 EQNs

Points Adventure

This is fun. 40: Amex biz, Brilliant


Data Point:
AmEx Biz (old Starwood)
Visa Boundless
AmEx Brilliant
55 nights
My EQNs from the Brilliant have not posted for last year even though they should (either the extra 10 or the full 25, whichever they decide. I got the Brilliant 11-2-22 so it has been >60 days)


Looks like it is all over the place?
DP: Ritz, Brilliant, Amex Biz and Chase Boundless
40 nights.
And I thought mine is a superset of what Greg has.


I have the AmEx Brilliant and the Chase Boundless. I’ve had them both for at least 6 months. I have 25 credits only. :/


Looking at all the other posters and your current configuration, it sounds like you can get good value out of the Amex Biz.


It’s funny that nobody’s DP includes a bevy. What were they thinking….

Last edited 8 months ago by Dan

Haha, the safest way to get 55 is Amex Biz, Amex Brilliant and a credit card issues in China by CITIC bank. The last one comes with hefty annual fee (~$1000) but will give you additional 15 elite nights that are stackable. There is a mid-tier card that costs ~$150 per year which gives you 10 elite nights. Unfortunately these cards are only available to Chinese residents.


But isn’t it even better when you add a Boundless and receive 70N each year? Practically auto Titanium.


55 nights: Amex Business, Amex Brilliant x 2, Chase Ritz
I hope Marriott’s IT is crappy enough to not be able to fix this.

Jonathan S

Every data point here with 55 has some sort of combination that includes the Amex Bonvoy Biz.

(Though not all with the Amex Bonvoy Biz have 55.)

Bernardo d

40 EQN’s, Ritz, Boundless, Business

Jonathan S

40 without a Brilliant?


Eek you’re right or I mistyped. 30

Jonathan S

40 nights only for both myself and my wife

I have:
Chase Biz Premier Plus

She has:
Chase Biz Premier Plus


Only 40 nights so far: AMEX Biz, Amex Brilliant, Chase Boundless


LOL to all the clowns chasing Marriott “status”

How about just pay me the 1000s you spend to get a free water at checkin, I kick you in the nuts and we call it a day.




Not realizing how stupid you sound? SMFH

Joe K

40 nights: Amex Business, Amex Brilliant, Chase Boundless.

Kimo C.

55 nights: Amex BX, Amex Brilliant, Chase Ritz


Interesting. That’s my combo and I got 40

Last edited 8 months ago by JoeSchmo

55 nights: Amex Business, Amex Brilliant, Chase Boundless.


Same combo, 40 nights.

(Only lifetime silver, in case it matters)


Same cards. But I only have 40 nights.


I think this is an error that will end up getting reversed. We all know they have no issue reversing these.

The email template is not set to highlight that you will get 55 nights, it’s just supposed to highlight the 15 – see below for how it’s probably set up on their end:

“Because you have both a Marriott Bonvoy® Business Credit Card and an eligible Marriott Bonvoy personal Credit Card, you are now receiving an additional 15 Elite Night Credits, on top of the [insert number of elite nights already in the user account here] you already received this year.”

Likely their system is not enforcing the limit on elite nights for certain cards and they’ll surely get around to fixing that.


Based on the conflicting DPs. I think you’re probably correct it’s an IT issue. Same with a 12.31.24 expiration awarded on the 75-nt choice benefit. The email they sent out contradicts itself between 2023 & 2024 as well the app.


I looked at my account on January 2nd; at that time it showed me as having 40 nights (which I expected, as I have AX Biz (ex-SPG), AX Brilliant, and an old Chase Visa that I got back in 2017). Today I get the email quoted above, but it says “on top of the 25 you already received”.


40 EQNs: Brilliant, Ritz, Amex Biz

Kimo C.

That is very strange. We have the same exact card combination and i got 55 nights. I have Brilliant, Ritz and Amex Biz.

Al C

Trying to find the pattern – for both of you, were your Amex Biz cards originally SPG Biz cards?

Kimo C.

My Brilliant was originally SPG Amex -> Bonvoy Amex. My Amex Marriott Biz was post merger.


Yes, my Amex Bonvoy Biz card was originally the SPG Biz card. My Brilliant was originally a Brilliant.




55nts – brilliant, ritz, amex biz


Chase Personal Bold
Chase Business premier

30 nights.

Got emails saying I get 15 more for having
Business card. “Because now you have an open business Marriott Bonvoy™ Credit Card and an open personal Marriott Bonvoy™ Credit Card, we’ve deposited an additional 15 Elite Night Credits into your account.
Since you’ve already received 15 Elite Night Credits this year, you’re now 30 nights closer to your next Elite status.“

Probably has to do with having both Amex and Chase cards.


I’ve got Amex personal (old Starwood) and Amex Bonvoy business. I got the email for each card but it didn’t reference 15 additional. I have 30 total so no difference.



Old school personal


But just today I got two emails saying I’d been given 15 nights bc I hold a card. Only one of those 15 posted and it posted a few days ago.

Billy Bob

Same. I got two emails about 15 nights but I only have 40 total:with
Chase Biz


I have Boundless, Ritz, Amex Biz, and Brilliant. So far only 40. I have a feeling people are going to get Bonvoyed on this one. Plus still waiting on my missing 10 from last year. They emailed me on 1/1 saying it’s up to Amex how many elite nights I get. Marriott is such a pain.

Last edited 8 months ago by Matthew

It seems like the business card is generating interesting results. I have Ritz, Chase and Amex Brilliant and have received 25–the number I should have received with Brilliant alone.


Same. Ritz + Brilliant = 25.

The 55s have to be a bug they’ll fix. Otherwise if stacking is a new policy mine should go to 40.



Amex Business Marriott
Amex Personal Marriott

40 nights

Because you have both a Marriott Bonvoy® Business Credit Card and an eligible Marriott Bonvoy personal Credit Card, you are now receiving an additional 15 Elite Night Credits, on top of the 25 Elite Night Credits you already received this year. As a reminder, Elite Night Credits are awarded each calendar year.

Limitations apply per Marriott Bonvoy member account. Benefit is not exclusive to Cards offered by American Express. Terms apply.You can continue to receive a total of 40 Elite Night Credits each year you maintain two eligible cards.*Log in to your account to see how 40 nights help you achieve higher Elite status even faster — or maintain the elevated benefits you love.

Last edited 8 months ago by clayfu

I may have to snag another Boundless if that’s the reason why I got the 55. Once there are enough DP, I am sure it will be clear what combination gets it.

Ritz (product change from Boundless mid Dec 22′)


Nights: 55

Last edited 8 months ago by Chi

2 Ritz cards, 2 Brilliant, 1 Amex Biz. 40 nights, sadly.


My DP:

AMEX: Marriott Brilliance
AMEX: Marriott Business

Chase: Marriott Boundless

Nights: 40


I have the Brilliant, the consumer non-brilliant Amex, the Ritz, and the Boundless (so no business card but several consumer cards). So far, I only have 25 nights showing up in my account.


My DP:

Premiere plus business


Nights: 40

Last edited 8 months ago by Josh

Odd you have all of Greg’s cards but 15 less credits


that’s what i’m thinking! 😀