Save Up To 25% On Round Trip Greyhound Tickets Up To December 15


Greyhound has launched a sale that’s offering discounts of up to 25% for round trips taken by December 15, 2019. While that sounds like it could be useful for trips over Thanksgiving, those dates are sadly blacked out.

Greyhound discount

The Deal

  • Save 25% on round trip Greyhound tickets of 1,439 miles+ or 10-20% on rides of less than 1,439 miles.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • This offer is only valid on non-refundable roundtrip bookings for travel wholly within the U.S. booked via or via the Greyhound mobile app.
  • The discount applies to the return fare which must be at least $10 to qualify.
  • Trips over 1439 miles are discounted 25% and trips under 1439 are discounted 10% to 20% when purchasing a roundtrip ticket during this promotion.
  • Tickets must be purchased between November 5 and midnight, CST December 1 and travel is valid between November 5 and December 15 (excludes travel between November 22 – December 1.) If return travel falls on November 22 – December 1, no discount will apply.
  • No promo code is required to receive the discount. Fares will automatically display with the discount applied when booking roundtrip travel.
  • At least one portion of the return must be booked on Greyhound Lines, Inc.
  • The fare discount under this promotion does not apply to taxes, applicable fees or additional costs.

Quick Thoughts

My initial impression of this offer was pretty positive as I figured it was being launched so that people could take advantage of it for travel to see family or friends over Thanksgiving. As the terms note above though, travel between November 22 and December 1 is excluded from the discount, limiting the promo’s usefulness.

Having said that, I took several Greyhound rides during 40k To Far Away as they were significantly cheaper than flying and took me into city centers rather than landing at an airport on the perimeter of a city. While this promotion wouldn’t have been good for those rides as they were one-way tickets rather than round trips, I had a good experience on the rides and would have no problem using Greyhound again for similar trips. Having said that, I’m not convinced I’d want to take a bus ride for 1,439+ miles in order to get the full 25% discount, but discounts of 10-20% for shorter round trips are still good.

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