Sears 9X via Aadvange eShopping portal!


It’s been a while since we’ve seen an offer this good at Sears

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Well, rather than using Citi TY points and waiting on sears gc’s to arrive, just decided to get gc’s at Kroger with Amex Blue (with unlimited 6% still) and earn that cash back, plus fuel points, plus 9x AA while it lasts.

Hope this lasts for the rest of you!

Frequent Miler

Unfortunately, I have no idea how long this promo is for.


Yes, that’s my question too. Any indication as to how long? Considering buying a big Craftsman tool chest that’s $1500. Would be a nice kick back to get 13.5k AA miles!


How long will this be going on for? Time enough to purchase and use physical GCs?


Conflicting data in the lab on BUYING sears gift cards thru the AAdvantage Mall to get miles. FM says no. A reader reported yes. I’d be inclined to assume no.

As far as spending Sears Gift Cards though, it appears yes. Obviously if you have an issue with miles posting of course and didn’t use an AA Credit Card, you presumably have no way to complain.

Frequent Miler

I don’t know if it will work for buying gift cards. It definitely used to work (for physical gift cards anyway), but Sears may have closed that opportunity. I’ll update the Lab once I try it. Yes, using gift cards at Sears always works fine.


Will this work for sears GC?