Security fast track at JFK Terminal 1 with Priority Pass via VIPOne Lounge


One Mile at a Time reports on an exciting development: Priority Pass holders can now access the VIPOne landside lounge at New York JFK Terminal 1 and get access to VIPOne’s “Fast Track Security Lane” service for the cardholder and guests. This terminal is served by a number of foreign carriers, including Turkish, Lufthansa, Air France, Brussels Airlines, ITA Airways, and quite a few more. I could see this benefit being quite useful for many Priority Pass cardholders.

a screenshot of a room with chairs and a sign

The Deal

  • VIPOne Lounge at New York JFK Terminal 1 is now available to Priority Pass cardholders and their guests (as per guest access on your chosen card). Complimentary access to their dedicated security lane service is included.

Key Terms

  • Landside
  • International flights only
  • Maximum 3 hour stay
  • Must show same-day boarding pass for entry
  • Children under 2 years old are admitted for free
  • Priority Pass access includes both the landside lounge and dedicated security lane service

Quick Thoughts

Apparently VIPOne has been offering paid access to its security fast track lane for some time, with packages ranging from $45 (basic access) to $200 (which includes curbside assistance as well as guidance through check-in and being escorted to the lounge / gate depending on the package purchased). I could actually see their Silver ($45) or Gold ($100) packages being appealing to certain travelers, but the exciting development here is that they now have a lounge landside and you can use Priority Pass for access to the lounge and complimentary dedicated security lane service.

The rules for entry indicate that you can have a maximum stay of 3 hours and cardholders and guests need to show a boarding pass with confirmed same-day travel to access the lounge, but that’s all fairly standard operating procedure. You’ll want to be sure to use a Priority Pass from a credit card that includes guest access if you’re traveling with others.

According to Wikipedia, Terminal 1 is served by:

  • Air France
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • ITA Airways
  • Korean Air
  • Saudia
  • Air China
  • Air New Zealand
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Egyptair
  • EVA Air
  • Lufthansa
  • Swiss International Air Lines
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Air Senegal
  • Air Serbia
  • Azores Airlines
  • Cayman Airways
  • Flair Airlines
  • Neos
  • Philippine Airlines
  • VivaAerobús
  • Volaris

The lounge is open 8am to midnight daily and is located behind counters E and F next to the TSA Check point.

I have not been to VIPOne Lounge, but pictures in the Priority Pass app look nice. Still, I would be surprised if they offer both good food and drink and access to a dedicated security lane, so I’d probably set expectations that the star of the show is a (hopefully) shorter security line. I don’t imagine that their security lane will be shorter than TSA PreCheck given the fact that more cards give access to Priority Pass than to reimbursements for those paid services, but time will tell. Hopefully it’ll make for a shorter security wait and a place to relax in a lounge before heading through security — or a shorter trip through security so you can get to the lounge you want to visit rather than spend an hour standing in line. Either way, I could see this being popular…..until it becomes too popular.

I actually have a trip in a few weeks where we are scheduled to depart from Terminal 1. We have CLEAR thanks to credits from Amex cards, but I might consider checking this lounge out in order to be able to report back on the experience and to maybe compare with the time it takes for someone else in my party to clear CLEAR. As pointed out by Azee in the comments, Terminal 1 does not have CLEAR, so we’ll definitely be testing out this lounge.

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i was there two months ago as i had an alaska flight from terminal 7 and the lounges are only in terminals 1 and 7. i was originally planning to go to lounges pass security but utilize this fast track security line through VIP one but staffs said i have to have boarding pass from terminal 1 to use that fast track security. also they insisted me showing all three of our PP cards, despite i mentioned twice that mine include 2 free boarding passes. they dont take venture x directly, they have to see my physical or digital PP card…. we ended up having a quick breakfast at VIP one itself but i am wondering if what i encountered, the security line thing, not PP card thing, are the norm ,,,

Last edited 1 month ago by cindy

Disappointed at how VIP One services are conducted at JFK Terminal 1. Because they don’t have their own dedicated lane or system for travelers who have paid for expedited service, they continuously ushering guests through a side door, interrupting the flow of passengers already in line for security screening.
Despite being made aware of the disruption they were causing, the VIP One staff exhibited an unapologetic attitude and continued to prioritize their guests at the expense of other TSA Precheck passengers.
While I understand the concept of expedited services, it is unacceptable for such services to impede the progress of other passengers, especially those who have also paid for and obtained TSA Precheck status. If VIP One wants to offer such a service then arrange to have a dedicated lane.
I implore your Terminal 1 management to thoroughly investigate this matter and take appropriate measures to prevent such disruptions caused by VIP One. More distressingly, the conduct and demeanor of your staff were shockingly deficient in basic customer service etiquette. Their sense of entitlement, rudeness, and a blatant lack of professionalism in engaging with passengers is wholly unacceptable in an industry that relies heavily on customer satisfaction.


I used this facility a few months ago (via LH F) and it was very convenient to cut right in front of every one through the secret door. I remember the lady there was wearing a serious black coat. The entrance was very close to LH check in counter. Now with PP the the service is probably going to feel less exclusive now.

Jed b

Terminal 1 doesn’t have PreCheck

Have used VIPOne multiple times. There’s no lounge in there – it’s just a way to cut the obscene T1 lines


Have used this service before and paid, it’s great. They put you literally at the front of the screening line, so you leapfrog everyone. If you have PreCheck too you still get the benefits of that because in Terminal 1 regular and PreCheck are commingled in that specific line.

Very excited for this development as we have 4 flights out of T1 next year.


Don’t think JFK terminal 1 has CLEAR. It has TSA PreCheck lite but you have to wait in regular line. Your best bet might be this new lounge.