Targeted Amex Offer – $10 off $10 at Small Businesses before 11/28


shop small amex offer

American Express has released a new offer that sort of brings back Small Business Saturday. Unfortunately this new offer seems to be highly targeted.

The Offer

Get a one-time $10 credit by using your enrolled card to make a purchase of $10 or more in-store at a qualifying small business on the Shop Small Map by 11/28/15.

Offer Availability

As of now this offer is only available via the American Express website. It can’t be loaded via social media such as Twitter or Facebook.


Please see: The complete guide to Amex Offers

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First year I got in too late and was shutout. Was told the allocation of registrations was filled!

Each year since I got in ASAP and got all my cards registered. Last year we were in DC when the registration started and I got on as soon as registration opened and got all my 5 cards on.

This year I only got the $20 off $100 offer on ONE card. AMEX sure knows how to disappoint loyal customers.


Interesting…this offer was available on EVERY one of my cards except ONE (the one I’m an authorized user on my wife’s account). So, score!?!


This worked when I spent $15 trying to upgrade my iPic theatres membership to Sapphire!


0 / 13. .

Mark R.

I got a ROCK on 3 cards.

will s

0 for five in my house, incl. serve & bb. Have working hunch that those who took advantage of sbs’s in the past will get shut out or throttled from this “highly targeted” promo. oh yes, we’re still getting inundated with offers from the high end retailers and diamond importers…. more reason to despise amex. Maybe if amex hears enough complaints, they’ll widen the target zones. More likely, they’ll get adored by the trump class for keeping out the riff-raff.


@will – The offers you see come from paid ads, so Amex will show you ads from their paying clients. It’s not their fault that cheaper brands/companies choose not to advertise with them. There’s super high margins on all the companies that I have offers for, so they can afford those advertising dollars and pay commissions to Amex.


Got it on 1 of 5 for my cards and 1 of 4 for my wife. And for both of us the only card that got it was the HHonors $0 AF card. Nothing for Serve either.


I don’t see it on my cards. I will be so disappointed!

Fran P

I did not get this one but had one for Save $20 if you spend $100 at one time only on my SPG Bus card.

Fran P

I did not get this one butI had one for Save $20 if you spend $100 at one time only on my SPG Bus card.