(EXPIRED) SiriusXM to be removed from eligible services for Amex Digital Entertainment Credit

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The Amex Platinum card has a Digital Entertainment Credit that offers up to $240 per year in statement credits for qualifying digital entertainment services doled out as $20 per month. Enrollment in the benefit is required in order to receive the statement credits. An eagle-eyed reader noticed a change in terms for those credits: As of May 8, 2024, SiriusXM will no longer be an eligible service for this credit.

a hand holding a credit card

A reader shared the following screen shot of the change in terms that showed up in the fine print on her recent card statement:

As you can see, SiriusXM is due to be removed from the list of qualifying services on May 8, 2024 and purchases at SiriusXM made on or after May 8, 2024 will no longer be eligible for the benefit.

If you’re a Platinum card holder who has been using the card to subscribe to SiriusXM, you’ll want to consider whether this changes your desire to subscribe and/or whether it changes which card you want to use to pay for the service.

It is interesting to note that Amex has removed the two services focused on listeners (first Audible and now SiriusXM). I imagine that is a blow to commuters who prefer those subscription services in order to take a break from looking at a screen and listen to entertainment instead.

Those changes highlight a sure downside in these digital entertainment credits: if you either switched your preferred service to utilize the benefit or subscribed just because it was rebated, it might be hard to change your habits. I’m sure that the various streaming services are hoping this is true. I’m also glad that I didn’t switch from Spotify to SiriusXM knowing what I know now.

Hopefully, we’ll see Amex add some sort of non-screen-based service to make up for these losses, though there has been no communication about that at this point.


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[…] it will lose SiriusXM as a digital entertainment partner May 8, as first reported by Frequent Miler.You will not see the change anywhere if you use the digital entertainment credit on anything […]

[…] However, it will Misplace SiriusXM as a digital entertainment partner May 8, as first reported by Frequent Miler. […]

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[…] of May 8, 2024, the Amex Platinum cardholders will no longer be able to claim SiriusXM as a part of their digital or streaming entertainment […]


The good thing is that there are plenty of other digital entertainment credits to choose with the AMEX Platinum card.

[…] of May 8, 2024, the Amex Platinum cardholders will no longer be able to claim SiriusXM as a part of their digital or streaming entertainment […]

[…] Nonetheless, it should lose SiriusXM as a digital leisure companion Could 8, as first reported by Frequent Miler. […]


Is there any way to make an one-time additional payment to SirirusXm, if your monthly billing date falls after May8?

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Paolo DLR

I’m only with Sirius because it’s $6 a month and the AmEx credit covers it. It’s never good to lose benefits, but I won’t miss the service itself.


This stinks. First Audible, now Sirius. What’s next, Hulu? What ticks me off is when you renew a card and hand over $695, you are presumably making an informed decision based on the benefits you receive. But this is a bait-and- switch scam. If Amex really wants to give a digital benefit, they should make any streaming service eligible.


They need Spotify or Youtube Premium for this credit to really move the needle


Just call Sirius – I downgraded my plat to gold earlier this year and was paying somewhere around 35 for a double subscription to XM. When I told them I wanted to just switch to a streaming subscription, they kept throwing plans at me until I maintained the same subscription for 12 a month – they kept finding “deals” until it hit a number I was happy with. If you want to keep XM, just be persistent on the phone and you’ll get to a number you can live with.


Amex has become a joke with their pathetic coupons and popups.


Some people love Amex. Albeit fewer people these days but some continue to receive NLL offers on the Business Platinum and Business Gold and are raking in the points. Others continue to receive additional user offers . . . up to 99 per card . . . using their own name and Social Security number as the “employee” . . . and are raking in the points. Then, liquidating via a Schwab Platinum. One guy on Flyer Talk *netted* over $200k last year from Amex alone. This guy is laughing at that *joke* all the way to the bank. Seemingly, Amex’s RAT doesn’t mind.