(EXPIRED) Slide App: Earn 4%-5% Cashback On Gift Cards, Earn Additional Cashback Via Portal

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A few months ago Raise launched a new app called Slide which sells first-hand gift cards, offering 4%-5% cashback on all the brands available in the app.

TopCashback recently added Slide as an eligible retailer, so you can now earn 3%-4% cashback in addition to the cashback from Raise.

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The Deal

Quick Thoughts

In case you’re not familiar with Slide, it’s an app recently launched by Raise which sells gift cards. Note that it runs separately to Raise and only sells first-hand gift cards, so there’s no risk.

Raise sells both Discount (second-hand) and Cash Back (first-hand) gift cards, with their Cash Back cards offering different cashback amounts depending on the brand you’re buying.

Slide works differently. Rather than offering different cashback rates by brand, they offer a flat 4% cashback rate for every brand sold in the app. You can increase that to 5% by pre-funding your account before making any purchases.

In some cases this can be a good deal. For example, being able to get a guaranteed rate of 4%-5% on brands like eBay and Apple/iTunes is a decent deal. That can be particularly helpful seeing as Slide issues the gift card details instantly and you can buy a gift card for however much the transaction is for (e.g. $21.79).

In other cases though, it’s not such a good deal. For example, you can earn 7% cashback buying first-hand Bass Pro Shops gift cards from Raise, so 4%-5% from Slide isn’t worth it. You can also get significantly higher discounts on second-hand gift cards listed on Raise, particularly for restaurants. For example, Slide offers 4% cashback on Buca di Beppo gift cards, whereas Raise offers up to 27.1% off for second-hand Buca di Beppo gift cards.

Another downside with Slide is that they’re missing quite a few gift card brands. While looking up some example cashback rates for this post, I noticed that brands like Delta, Cabela’s, Reebok and Cold Stone Creamery aren’t available in Slide. Having said that, all those brands can be bought for a better discount/cashback rate on Raise, so that’s not necessarily a huge loss.

Once you’ve earned $15 in the app, you can withdraw it via PayPal or Venmo. As an alternative, you can apply the cashback you’ve earned to your next Slide purchase, reducing the amount you have to pay.

What can make Slide a little more worthwhile is that TopCashback recently started offering cashback on Slide purchases. At the time of writing this post, they’re offering 4% cashback for new users and 3% for existing users. That means you can earn up to 9% cashback for your first purchase (if you pre-fund your Slide account for the 5% rate) and up to 8% cashback for all subsequent purchases.

The Dollar Dig shopping portal is offering 1% cashback, so we’ll hopefully see other shopping portals offering cashback for Slide purchases soon. What would be particularly nice is if Rakuten was one of them as it would mean you could then earn Membership Rewards on top of the 4%-5% cashback from Slide.

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Look at how topcashback changes the term & condition of Slide to refuse to pay you cashback……..

I saw the promo cashback rate for Slide on Nov 9th which was 31% for new customer, so I opened a new slide account and made $400 purchase via topcashback link. The cashback amount should be $400*31%=$124, but I have not received the promised cashback. The customer service said this is because “adding funds to the account before purchase” and “in essence meaning that loading the account is seen as the first transaction”.

I read the term & condition before the purchase at Nov 9th, at that time topcashback said cashback amount is based on final PURCHASE amount and did not even say a word about adding fund. I think anyone read this T&C would think this means purchasing a product, right? Today I found topcashback changes the T&C as “funding account counts as a first transaction but not eligible for cashback” . That is ridiculous! THIS IS NOT MENTIONED IN THE ORIGINAL T&C WHEN I MADE THE FIRST PURCHASE. Topcashback cheats customers by changing the T&C just in order to decline the promised cashback. It is such an unprofessional behavior for a big company like TCB and Slide. New T&C only applies to customers after that, rather than purchases before the change! Who the else would take the risk to use topcashback link if topcashback can change or re-define the T&C at liberty, AFTER YOU MADE THEPURCHASE?

TCB is dishonest and not a trustable portal for this.


TCB has increased its earning rate to 5%. Combined with USB AR that means 14.5% cashback total. Excellent return if some of these GC make sense for you — Lowes, eBay, REI, Grubhub, BBB…especially since you can go back through portal and triple dip or do your purchase in store.

Recently added YouTube TV.


How do I link my Slide account to TopCashBack to get credit for the purchase? I already have the app on my phone. Do I delete it and re-download it to get the cashback credit?


click through to slide app on the topcashback app. it should work. note you can’t link it permanently and have to do it every time you want to make a purchase. i would even avoid wantonly opening the slide as who knows how long the cookies sustain.

also: you get the CB on buying the gift card and not just reloading your account. YMMV.