SoFi Money Giving 40% Off Netflix, Not 20%


SoFi Money is making it rain stream. We previously reported that they were offering 20% cashback on Netflix until May, then they came out with a new promotion offering 20% cashback on many different types of streaming entertainment, as well as DoorDash.

I’d assumed that the first promotion had simply been rolled into the second one, extending the expiry date of the Netflix offer to June 30. It turns out that I was wrong and that these two promotions stack for total savings of 40%.

SoFi Money Netflix

The Deals

Key Terms

  • Offer 1 – Enrollment was required by February 20, 2020 & expires 3 months later. (Other terms apply, see post above.)
  • Offer 2 – Expires June 30, 2020. (Other terms apply, see post above.)

Quick Thoughts

John is the one who tipped us off in the comments on the original offer. He enrolled in the first promotion (I don’t think enrollment was required for the second one) and just had his Netflix payment taken for April. Rather than only receiving a statement credit for 20% back, he received 40% back:

  • 20% for “Money Netflix Promo”
  • 20% for “Money Subscription Promo”

That’s a great deal and is a situation I hadn’t expected. I’m not sure if they intended it that way, but it’s a great result if you switched over your payment method to SoFi Money.

Unfortunately it’s too late to enroll for the initial offer, but if you enrolled and hadn’t gotten around to changing your payment method, it might be worth doing that now as you might still get to take advantage of a couple of months of doubled cashback, depending on what day of the month your payment is taken.

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[…] Update: This stacks with the other SoFi Money deal for Netflix. That means you can save 40% on Netflix overall. […]

[…] Update: This stacks with the other SoFi Money deal on streaming entertainment. That means you save 40% rather than only 20%. […]


“I don’t think enrollment wasn’t required for the second one.”
Do you mean “I don’t think enrollment was required for the second one.”?

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For the 2nd offer that includes Amazon Prime, since it is paid annually, you will have to prepay the next year if your year does not end by 30 June. If you subscribe to other channels on Amazon (HBO, Showtime, etc.) and those are monthly fees, will they get the credit?

Any DPs on this?

[…] was listed as nicely. I assumed it was simply increasing the unique Netflix provide. However Frequent Miler studies that each reductions stack for many who have registered, acquired a complete of 40% off your […]