(EXPIRED) Stack Craftsy Offers For Small Profit + 4,050 American Airlines Miles & Loyalty Points

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There are three stackable offers available for Craftsy that can not only make you a small profit, but will also earn you more than 4,000 American Airlines miles and Loyalty Points which can help in your quest for AAdvantage status.

Craftsy SimplyMiles 45x

The Deals

Key Terms

  • First time members only.

Craftsy Citi Offer 97% back

Quick Thoughts

While this is a profitable stack regardless, it’s a particularly useful set of deals if you’re working towards American Airlines status seeing as it’s a way to get you closer to the next status level while making money rather than being out of pocket.

A Craftsy subscription costs $89.99 which is why both the SimplyMiles and Citi Offer make reference to that amount. You need to load the Citi Offer to whichever Citi card you want to pay with, then make sure that card is linked to your SimplyMiles account and load the SimplyMiles offer to your account.

The Citi Offer gets you 97% back as a statement credit which means you get $87.29 back for a net cost of $2.70. At the time of writing this post, the MaxRebates shopping portal is offering 20% cashback when clicking through to Craftsy and paying for a subscription, so that’s $18 cashback. Subtract the $2.70 net cost and you’ll come out $15.30 ahead cash-wise.

What makes this even more worthwhile is what you earn from SimplyMiles. The 45x earn rate means you’ll earn 4,050 AAdvantage miles along with 4,050 Loyalty Points. Gold status in the AAdvantage program only requires 30,000 Loyalty Points, so even if you’ve ignored the Loyalty Points games so far this year, 4,050 Loyalty Points can give you a good start seeing as you currently have another six months to earn enough Loyalty Points for the current status year.

Something worth being aware of is that with Craftsy being a subscription, you’ll have to cancel it at some point. As per the Craftsy website:

If you would like to cancel automatic renewal, call customer service at: 1 (888) 891-7203 or click here . Your membership access will continue through your expiration date.

Their FAQs lists an alternative method of cancelling:

We are confident you will enjoy your Premium Membership. If for any reason you want to cancel auto renewal please contact us by email at craftsy@program-director.net or you can go directly to your account online. You will continue to have access to Craftsy through the remainder of your current term.

I’d recommend waiting until you’ve earned the statement credit, AA miles and Loyalty Points and had the shopping portal cashback become payable (rather than only tracked) before cancelling just in case cancelling before a certain point invalidates one or more of them.

h/t Harrison

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How much was the MaxRebates sign up bonus supposed to be?


MaxRebates is a total scam… they just flag all orders as invalid and pocket the money.

Randy B

Doesn’t look like this offer is in my SimplyMiles. Oh well.

Bill K

Maxrebates credited me for the cash back and then reversed it a few days later. Their terms say you can’t combine their cash back with other offers


I didn’t get my AA miles from simply nor my rebate from citi merchant. Anyone know why? Charges posted 9/18. I also don’t have PayPal and charge showed up as PP..

Any advice? It’s been a month and I will dispute this charge


I’ve been on email support hell with SM. Apparently they retroactively changed the expiration date to remove the offer.

Ryan Judy

I got the same response with them, and am having trouble getting any kind of escalation path.

They responded with something like “we reserve the right to end an offer at any time” but I’m not sure how they can argue with screenshots showing the offer was active when the purchase was made.

I wrote to AA customer relations but guessing that wont get me far.


I got the same Max Rebates message:

Hi Taylor,

All of our data are from the merchant. The merchant determined this order is invalid. And Craftsy doesn’t support order inquiry. That means no cashback for this order.

Best Regards,
MaxRebates Customer Service Team


Should I inquire as to why EVERYONE did not get their points? This looks like a scam.


Just got an email this morning from CapitolOneShopping that says

Congratulations! You earned $10.79 in Shopping Rewards!

I was lazy to set up with new rebate programs and it worked as a nice surprise.


My aadvantage miles/loyalty points posted this morning. To recap, I got 4,293 miles/points for $2.86 thanks to the Citi merchant offer. Looks like Maxrebates was a bust and I won’t bother using them again.


Same DP. Miles also posted for me today. Not bad for less than $3.


Yep, got my 4374 points this morning as well. Bummed about Max Rebates sucking, but not too upset. Very happy with this for $3.


Same for me. Received the Citi Merchant offer. Miles posted to Simplymiles, but not AA. MaxRebates showing invalid. Have emailed both and we’ll see where it lands, but not overly hopeful, as I’m sitting 29 days out from purchase.

Jordan Jones

Did just receive an email from Simply Miles stating that the 4050 miles would post with AA within the week. I’ll keep you updated.


I got the same message overnight, so we’ll see


Ditto – looks like we finally have some movement. Nothing in account yet but this gives me some confidence. Did get the credit from Citi and always assumed wouldn’t get anything from MaxRebates so if the loyalty points post I’m happy. Will put me over for Platinum


Likewise re: simply miles message.


Yep, I finally got the same email confirming the miles from SimplyMiles overnight. Said should post in 3-5 business days but can sometimes take up to 15

Jordan Jones

4,050 points posted to AA this morning!


Same issue for me – MaxRebates posted “invalid” and they are saying that Craftsy does not support a missing cashback claim.


I am in the same situation with Citi cashback having posted, AA miles showing in Simply Miles but not my AA account, and MaxRebates showing “Invalid order.” I’ve contacted SimplyMiles. What are folks doing about the MaxRebates issue?


I contacted Max rebates over the weekend. Will update if I hear anything.


Me too. I emailed max rebates at contact@maxrebates.com 4 days ago and am awaiting reply


Max Rebates wrote me back:
Hi Brett,

All of our data are from the merchant. The merchant determined this order is invalid. And Craftsy doesn’t support order inquiry. That means no cashback for this order. I am sorry for the inconvenience. 

Best Regards,
MaxRebates Customer Service Team


I forwarded Max Rebates decline email to Craftsy at craftsy@program-director.net and asked for an explanation. If I have a valid membership, and it was tracked through Max Rebates, why am I not getting the promised Cashback? Will advise….


Any update?


I just received the same.


I also emailed Simply Miles and asked how come my 4,050 miles from my 09/05 Craftsy transaction still aren’t in my AA account, now 16 biz days later


After using the Contact Us feature on SimplyMiles site on 9/24, asking about the Craftsy miles, I received the usual SimplyMiles “thank you for using your offer” email on 9/28, saying the 4,050 miles would be credited to AA, and I checked today and they were. Only remaining piece of this puzzle is Max Rebates ~$15….


Following up, I also contacted them at contact@maxrebates.com on 9/24. I am currently waiting for a response.


Simply Miles tracked and posted on 8/31….still NOTHING in my AA account as of 9/21.


Same. I wrote to them (given that we’re at 15 business days now). Not sure how they can get out of paying this.


wrote them them morning as well. we’ll see what happens next


Same thing happened to me. Same date too. I just contacted them. Have you heard back yet?


Have not heard back & miles still haven’t posted.


They wrote me back saying the miles “will get transferred to your AAdvantage account with [sic] 7 working days,” but I am not confident they actually will be. I didn’t bother with MaxRebates. I won’t cry if I lose $2.70, but there is no justification for not giving the points, so I intend to press further if needed.


They haven’t even emailed me back.

Ryan Judy

Did you ever get a response from simplymiles? I got a denial stating that they reserve the right to end the program at any time and had ended it.


yes i received the miles


its more like lose $15~ though


I meant that I am only out of pocket $2.70. That should also be true for you. You may have expected to gain ~$15, and I understand how not receiving that expected gain can feel like a loss, but you are not out of pocket $15 dollars.

Last edited 1 year ago by Matt

Maxrebates shows “invalid order.” Citi offer worked and SimplyMiles appears as though it will work (shows on the SM side, hasn’t hit AA account yet).


same here. also wrote back to SimplyMiles again since it’s beyond 15 days, with screenshots of SimplyMiles earnings and Craftsy receipt. SimplyMiles hasn’t responded back. still nothing posted AA account, and haven’t heard anything back from MaxRebates either.


Has anyone’s miles posted to their AA account yet?


Mine have still not posted to my AA account either. Made the purchase on 8/30. I wrote to simplymiles customer support but have not heard anything yet. Would love to know if the author of the article has any guidance.


Stephen is not likely to be tracking this since he is traveling overseas on the 3 continents/3 cards challenge. I think our fellow posters are the best chance for an update.


The terms say it can take up to 15 business days, so reaching out to SimplyMiles is probably still premature.


my craftsy citi merchant offer is not showing on my account after the purchase. its not showing in available offers, enrolled, or redeemed. Strange.